Top 10 Best Restaurants in Siem Reap You Must Try

Restaurant in Siem Reap

For travelers who have just been to Siem Reap, it may be challenging to find the best restaurants to dine with your family, friends, and beloved ones. Fortunately, the list of 10 best restaurants in Siem Reap below provide you with enough choices for your delightful meal on your visit to the city.

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The Best Restaurants in Siem Reap

1. Malis Restaurant

Malis Restaurant
Photo by: Cambodia-hotels
  • Location: Pokambor Highway Mondul along the Siem Reap River, five-minute from Old Market
  • Time: 6:30AM -11PM
  • Price: $8-$27

Malis is one of the most well-known restaurants in Siem Reap for both local and expat here. It is originally from Phnom Penh. The front of the place is all in white with plants decorating all around it. Inside, you can see the polished wooden chairs and tables all arranged for a different group of numbers of people. The staff would greet you with warmth seeing by the smiles on their faces. You will be led to your seats with a menu placed neatly on the table.

You can try free-flow breakfast for an $8 per head, particularly from 7 am to 10 am and make sure to taste its signature dish Malis Noodle Soup. But for lunch or dinner, you can order Kampot Crab Fried Rice or Bang Kang Soup with Lemon Grass. After placing your order, all you have to do is wait for 15 minutes. The view inside with the fountain and open dining seats in the center will ease you more into enjoying your meal.

2. Sokhak River Lounge

Sokkhak River Lounge
Photo by: trover
  • Location: Next to Prom Rot pagoda on the same road as Malis restaurant
  • Time: 10AM-12AM
  • Price: $5.5-$17

A very recent restaurant amongst the others on the list, yet the scenery just to be seen from the outside is the subject of admiration by the passerby. It has got two modest floors but with the decoration of traditional Khmer sculptures looking as ancient as they can be. The whole place is cold thanks to well-equipped air conditional. The staff is super friendly to you that you can’t help but visit again and again just to enjoy their company.

With a wide range of dishes on the menu, you should order exotic Khmer dishes like Mikola or their delicious Curry and finish off your meal with the infamous pancake. You can also visit the place in the late afternoon just so you can watch the beautiful sunset from its rooftop which includes a bar and live music in the evening. If that is not one of the best restaurants, what is?

3. Chanrey Tree Restaurant

Chanrey Tree
Source: Ameba
  • Location: On the road to Old market between Sokhak River Lounge and Malis Restaurant
  • Time: 11AM-2:30PM, 6PM-10:30PM
  • Price: $4-$15

It stands in the middle of the two restaurants mentioned above, and it is probably the most beautiful restaurant in town as well as the best one. It blends in the authentic looks of Khmer’s signature house design and the greenery all around it perfectly well. The view is just addicting, and some travelers just walk in as if they were under some sort of spell from the place. You can see the light bulbs hanging from one tree to another. It opens for two meals a day: lunch and dinner.

The waiters will take you to your seat after getting clear information on your group’s number of people. The menu shows a variety of cuisine, but the Khmer dishes are a must-try recommendation. You can order Amok, Fried Seafood, and especially the Hot-stirred Frog Legs. The service is at a moderate pace, but you would feel no rush as you are surrounded by such romantic scenery in one of the best restaurants in the city.

4. Olive Cuisine de Saison

Olive Cuisine de Saison
Photo by: BuffaloTrip
  • Location: A road next to Old market facing the back of Angkor Trade Market.
  • Time: 11AM-12AM
  • Price: $27.5 average

It is a convenient restaurant to spot. The front of the restaurant doesn’t do much to lift up your hope for what to expect particularly due to the moderate space it possesses, but the interior design would just exceed your opinion about the place. With pretty simple decoration, the atmosphere looks very classy. The lighting choices are comfortable for dining and seats to stay away at a length far enough to keep your conversation to yourself. Well-polished wood covers the floor bringing a very fresh face to the diners.

Since you can only go there for lunch or dinner, you should consider ordering Pork Loin, Tomato tart, or Avocado and Tuna tartar for your meal. To be fair this is a restaurant more specialized in the Mediterranean and French cuisine as the evidence of its name. The service is very gentle but nice pacing, so you won’t have to wait too long for your well-prepared order, and the atmosphere is cool all the time.

5. Embassy Khmer Gastronomy

Embassy Khmer Gastronomy
Photo by: Siemreap
  • Location: Road 27 near King’s Road
  • Time: 6PM-10:30PM
  • Price: $28-$35/person

The restaurant is as classy as its extravagant name. The whole place, from the ground to the first floor, is fully furnished in various themes throughout. Some spots tend to look very sweet and romantic while others look very formal. The Khmer cuisine there is very delicious especially with the décor of the food. The vegetarian food is their specialized but if you are not interested in having vegetable only, Crab Curry is the best dish to try. Steak is also recommended but the most standout dish would be their Crocodile Special. Your order will be tendered to your very needs by the services they provide. Even when you finish dinner, the atmosphere just keeps you longing to stay longer.

6. Mango Cuisine

Mango Cuisine
Photo by: Tripadvisor
  • Location: Soksan Road next to Golden Temple Villa
  • Time: 6PM-11PM (Sunday-Friday), 6AM-11PM (Saturday)
  • Price: $10-$36

If you have just arrived Siem Reap on the very early dawn of Saturday and feel a bit hungry, take a drive to Sok San Road. There you will find a restaurant that serves you with a wide range of breakfast. For every other day, dinner is the only meal available. It is a very calming restaurant. No matter how noisy it is outside, the glass window along the whole place keeps the inside peaceful and comfortable.

The service there is very helpful particularly because each waiter is trained to be knowledgeable in a set of food, so letting them pick out your choices is a very interesting way to dine. However you can also go for your own choices, and if you do so, make sure to add steak to your meal list, because it would probably be the best steak you could have in town. Tomato soup is also another great dish and is always available for order. Then you can enjoy a dessert of Kampot Pepper chocolate gelato with mango raspberry.

7. Mahob Khmer

Mahob Khmer
Photo by: mahobkhmer
  • Location: River Road, Traing Village in front of Angkor Reservation
  • Time: 11:30AM-10:30PM
  • Price: $8-$14

The restaurant is not only one of the best but also the real quiet restaurant residing a bit far from the city center. The front gate looks a bit like a kindergarten with some funny painting, but you only get to see the real deal of beauty once you step inside. The whole place is filled with green scenery with all the fresh air and scent from the trees and flowers as well as the beautiful lotus pond amid the dining area. Its main building is a big wooden house decorated accordingly to Khmer culture.

The food there tastes very authentic and strong which is in a good way of Khmer texture in food. They only use the freshest and best local ingredients to create a delicate dish for you. Fried Local Beef with Red Tree Ant is one of the favorites, but you can also try Caramelised Pork Shank, or Mahob Buos especially if you are a vegan. The service is very attentive just to make sure you have a great time there.

8. Cuisine Wat Domnak

Cuisine Wat Domnak - Restaurants Siem Reap
Photo by: Cambodia-hotels
  • Location: Close to Wat Domnak Road next to the Haven
  • Time: 6:30PM-10:30PM
  • Price: $27-$31

The place only opens for diners who wish to have a very special dinner there. It is very prominent with its unique look. There are banana trees and other plants and trees growing naturally in front of the restaurant. Only a path is available for walking into that place. There is also a wooden gate made in very plain yet traditional style. The place contains two floors-the ground brick floor which is considered by some to be a bit too low and the first floor which was made from wood.

You can enjoy the meals there, but there is another specialty about the place. There are only two sets of meal on the whole menu. Each set contains around five to six courses that are organized carefully for you to have a great experience. Furthermore, the sets on the menu also change weekly. The staff is also very welcoming to their customer which is a very good sign of a professional restaurant.

9. Kroya Restaurant

Kroya Restaurant - Restaurants Siem Reap
Photo by: tommyooi
  • Location: In front of Shinta Mani Angkor Resort
  • Time: 6AM-10:30PM
  • Price: $30

This restaurant is a part of Shinta Mani Angkor Resort, but the design of the place can make it a stand-alone dining place. In addition to its uniquely furnished décor, you can go for swinging sofa-like dining table. You can go there for the whole day and enjoy a three-meal there because there is not a single reason to get bored with this place. Moreover, it also provides a wide range of cuisine from different ethnicity. The staff can help you with their knowledge of the kind of dish as soon as you tell them your preference. Beef Salad, Duck Soup, and Vegan Curry seem to be the particular dishes that are buzzing quite much in their menu. Sunday brunch is also an ideal option especially if you are planning to sit and just enjoy a good book.

10. Royal Khmer Cuisine

Royal Khmer Cuisine - Restaurants Siem Reap
Photo by: Phum Kreus Khmer
  • Location: Near Royal Angkor Hotel in Phum Krous Village
  • Time: 6PM-10PM
  • Price: $39

Finally, we are at our last stop on our list of the best restaurants in Siem Reap. Like the latest restaurant mentioned above, this one is also a part of the Royal Angkor Hotel. The whole place is decorated with well-polished wood, and each seating is separated into a small room with no door, so diners can have more privacy as well as intimacy with their family and loved ones. With the Khmer designs, the food there undoubtedly serves a very strong Khmer traditional dish and taste.

Furthermore, it has an open kitchen on the ground floor, and tourists can also take some cooking classes on how to create a Khmer dish by themselves. Prahok Lign, Pumpkin Soup, and Stirred Prawn with pepper are their signature dishes, so make sure to try them if you happen to visit there, and you really should if you are really looking for the best restaurants in this Ancient city.

Writer Choices

All in all, with ten best Restaurants Siem Reap mentioned above, I believe it is inevitable that you are not able to try out all of them, so I would recommend you to go to these three places below in case you have a very short visit and tight schedule.

Chanrey Tree: It provides great service, sharp Khmer flavor of the traditional dish with a beautiful view along with a reasonable price. The place is easy to find and you should at least try it once on your visit here. It is also probably one of the best restaurants not only in the city but the whole country.

Mahob Khmer: The part where it is farther away from other restaurants is already a special element to it. The food is amazing especially with the careful decoration of the dishes. The natural atmosphere and the peaceful place would take your mind off of all the burden the second you step in the zone.

Cuisine Wat Domnak: A very quiet restaurant, but as mentioned above, it is one of the best restaurants in Siem Reap. In addition to well-trained services, it provides two choices of six-meal courses that would always change weekly, which would add you a unique experience to your travel list.

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