15 Best Romantic Getaways in Minnesota | United States

Minnesota is an unfamiliar place for many people. The state sits at the northern tip of the USA and has some magnificent hidden gems. Therefore, it is the perfect place for couples to escape to and enjoy some time alone. Here are the 15 best romantic getaways in Minnesota for you to enjoy a weekend or a week.

Best Romantic Getaways to Visit in Minnesota, United States

1. Boyd Lodge

Boyd Lodge
Source: resortsandlodges

On the edge of Whitefish and Rush Lakes, you find a cozy cabin at Boyd Lodge. Here you can spend time alone with a loved one to get away from the noise and crowds. Enjoy your privacy with a wood-burning fireplace, equipped kitchen, grill, cable TV, and comfortable setting. You can explore the nature trails or get out on the water with a fishing boat, or canoe made available by the Lodge.

2. Lost Lake Lodge

Lost Lake Lodge
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Get all-inclusive service at the Lost Lake Lodge, where you only bring your clothes and favorite person. The lodge you find in Lake Shore, Minnesota. Here you get the best service with luxury accommodation and decadent dining. Enjoy some Baked Brie with Pistachios or eat some Lobster Fried Rice or local honey. The food and room service is divine.

3. Kavanaugh’s Sylvan Lake Resort

Kavanaugh’s Sylvan Lake Resort
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Enjoy peace in the wilderness at Kavanaugh’s Sylvan Lake Resort any time of the year. Here you can a loved one can enjoy the bliss of quietness. During winter, bring your ice skates to glide on the frozen lake. On the other hand, you and your significant other can blaze down the trails on your skis. If a winter getaway is not your thing, you can always wait for summer to swim in the outdoor/indoor pool, rent a bike, or play a round of golf.

4. St. James Hotel

St. James Hotel
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Between Rochester and the Twin Cities, you find St. James Hotel that has loads of history to offer. Here you can dine in the restaurant or unwind in the spa for some pampering. On the other hand, you can socialize in the lounge or explore the 19th-century buildings in town.

5. The Grand Hotel

The Grand Hotel
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Indulge with your partner the city life of The Grand Hotel in Minneapolis with its elegant design. Here you receive a golden ticket to different places in the city. You can enjoy dining, visit the museums, or do some shopping. Furthermore, you can enjoy a royal romantic getaway when staying at this hotel.

6. Birch Forest Lodge

Birch Forest Lodge
Source: resortsandlodges

The lodge you find at Pelican Lake on the western Minnesota side. You can enjoy an enchanting getaway here. Live along the shore in your cabin and escape the city life for a romantic weekend. The cabins equipped with modern amenities and there are loads of things to do as well. During the summer, you can do water sports or lie on the beach in the sun. Play some volleyball, paddle ski, kayak, and do so much more. You can fish and catch some food for dinner.

7. Grand Ely Lodge

Grand Ely Lodge
Source: grandelylodge

Another one of the best romantic getaways in Minnesota is Grand Ely Lodge. Here you can break away from the hustle and bustle of city life for a romantic weekend with your loved one. View the wilderness and lake to put your minds at ease. During fall, you see the splendor of gold, red, and orange colors surrounding the area. You can hike the trails for the best view, and in winter, it turns into a wonderland with cross-country skiing, ice fishing, snowmobiling and more. For a warmer climate to enjoy a romantic weekend, visit Grand Ely Lodge in summer for boating, swimming, and fishing.

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8. Water Street Inn

Water Street Inn
Source: booking

In Stillwater, you find a whimsical place called Water Street Inn. Enjoy the comfort and luxury of this contemporary place has to offer. The waterfront hotel provides some of the best romantic guest rooms available. Here you can enjoy a leisure whirlpool bath with a fireplace and a balcony. The views breathtaking over the river and you get luxury amenities as well.

9. East Silent Resort

East Silent Resort
Source: Facebook | East Silent Lake Resort

Enjoy a relaxing romantic weekend getaway when heading to East Silent Resort to calm your soul. You find the lodge in the North woods with tranquil settings to find a piece of heaven. You can stay in a lake home, cabin, or the guest suite if preferred. Enjoy nature walks with the forest and water for a weekend or even a week.

10. The Foshay

The Foshay
Source: tripadvisor

Spoil yourself and partner at The Foshay, which is a posh hotel with modern luxury and history. The interior is glamorous with sleek touches of deep reds and polished blacks. Once you reach your room, you see stylish furnishes with an upscale design. You will feel like royalty and the hotel has loads to offer.

11. Alexander Mansion

Alexander Mansion
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Enjoy bed and breakfast at the Alexander Mansion that used to be the home to the elite. All the amenities are updated made for modern travelers. The breakfast tastes divine, and you smell the aroma of coffee in the air. Sit down and feel like royalty with your personal waiter. You can enjoy the surrounding area by strolling through the garden and more.

12. Northern Rail Train car Inn

Northern Rail Traincar Inn
Source: Facebook | Northern Rail Traincar Inn

Get unique romantic experiences living at the Northern Rail Train car Inn? There are 17 rooms available at this hotel, with the main depot converted into a lodge. Furthermore, two of the boxcars have a connecting platform. Each room has a different theme from Safari, Lighthouse, Oriental, Victorian, to Golf Rooms. When outdoors, you can relax with Moth Nature around a campfire and spot some Moose or a bear.

13. Cragun’s Resort

Cragun’s Resort
Source: resortsandlodges

On Gull Lake, you find Cragun’s Resort that is one of the best romantic getaways in Minnesota. The hotel showcases lush forests, beachfront access, and luxury rooms. You can enjoy a romantic weekend package to turn up the heat with the resort. The bundle includes two nights with a lake view fireplace, breakfast, dinner, horse-drawn trolley ride, bonfire marshmallow roast, and a bottle of wine. Nothing gets more romantic than this place.

14. Fair Hills Resort

Fair Hills Resort
Source: business.visitdetroitlakes

At the peaceful Detroit Lake is the Fair Hills Resort offering you rejuvenation, tranquility, and relaxation. The hotel opens its doors from May to September. Here you can rent a cabin with three meals and other activities. Head over to the Fair Hills Hootenanny & Smorgasbord; a festival made up of boat cruises. Enjoy a dinner on the boat with musical shows and local food.

15. Archer House River Inn

Archer House River Inn
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The Inn dates back to 1877 and is a renowned landmark offering hospitality for all to enjoy. There is no need to leave the premises while staying there as everything you need is there. Here is a tavern with an Indian restaurant available on the site. There are two boutique stores off the hotel lobby and relax in your luxurious abode.

Now you know where the best romantic getaways in Minnesota are, start planning a passionate weekend away today.


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