Top 10 Rucksack Backpacks | Best for adventurers

There is nothing more exciting than going on an adventure in the wilderness with your buddies. You can spend your whole day trekking across unending trails, traversing harsh terrains, and becoming wonder-struck at the sight of beautiful flora and fauna.  However, you simply cannot carry a suitcase to these thrilling adventures. You need to bring along an appropriate rucksack that can store all your immediate essentials and help you sustain yourself in the unpredictable wilderness. In this article, we take a deeper look at some of the best rucksack backpacks in the market.  

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Top 10 Rucksack Backpacks of 2020

1. WintMing 70L Rucksack Backpacks

Rucksack Backpacks | Top 10 of 2020

WintMing 70L rucksack is manufactured by one of the top outdoor gear retailers in the country, and its quality speaks for itself. This affordable backpack has been the prime choice for thousands of backpackers, due to its amazing functionality and great build quality. 

  • There are several pockets meticulously placed on certain parts of the bag for additional storage. 
  • The bag has a hip belt that enhances the stability of handling the bag.

2. Hyperlite Mountain Gear 2400 Windrider 

Rucksack Backpacks | Top 10 of 2020
Top 10 Rucksack Backpacks of 2020

Offering users a substantial total capacity of 40 liters, the Hyperlite Mountain Gear 2400 Windrider is one of the lightest backpacks in its class.

  • It comes a distinct roll-top closure system that helps compress all stored items to fit a smaller space. 
  • Packing things into this backpack is quite simple, and it has 3 mesh pockets on its outer layer for quick access to essential items.

3. Nomatic Travel Pack 

Rucksack Backpacks | Top 10 of 2020

The Nomatic Travel Pack originally gained fame due to its successful Kickstarter campaign. Frequent travelers have praised the bag for its spectacular attributes that make it ideal for a short-haul trip.

  • The backpack has a variable capacity between 20L and 30L, which gives you adequate space to store most of your belongings. 
  • It can also be transformed into a briefcase that has a separate magnetic bottle holder and a unique strapping system.

4. Gregory Octal 55 

Rucksack Backpacks | Top 10 of 2020

The Gregory Octal 55 Rucksack is one of the lightest in the line, weighing just over 1 kg. Despite such a tiny stature, it has a lot of room that comes with adequate pockets and separate storage spaces for carrying various large items.

  • The rucksack comes with well-padded straps and belts so carrying this won’t pose any problem.
  • Can even carry an entire tent.

5. Millican Fraser rucksack 32L 

Rucksack Backpacks | Top 10 of 2020

The Millican Fraser rucksack 32L is one of a kind with it old fashioned, vintage feels. It isn’t a surprise that this rucksack holds so many fans. With sturdy aluminum clasps and a heavy-duty “bionic” canvas material, this rucksack screams an explorer’s bag.

  • The canvas portion of the rucksack is also infused in paraffin wax for a better texture
  • The hip belt can be attached or detached as per your preferences. 
  • It’s also 30 percent more long-lasting than regular rucksacks and will be a strong enough companion to outlast whatever may come on its way during your various adventures. 

6. Ortlieb Atrack Rucksack Backpacks

Rucksack Backpacks | Top 10 of 2020

The Ortlieb Atrack is the ultimate rucksack for you if your adventures include a lot of adventures on the water as well. A unique creation on its own, this rucksack doesn’t have an opening at the top.

  • The rucksack has a waterproof zipper, making it suitable for sports like canoeing or kayaking. 
  • The zip is all around its length which helps convert it into a duffle bag whenever you need it.

7. Arc’teryx bora AR 49 Rucksack Backpacks

Rucksack Backpacks | Top 10 of 2020

Arc’teryx bora AR 49 is a highly recommended rucksack backpack, revered for its robust waterproof design and versatility. If you love participating in thrilling outdoor adventures such as mountaineering and trekking, this is the right travel backpack for you! 

  • This amazing backpack can withstand daunting weather conditions and provides users adequate space to store a range of useful items. 
  • The backpack has a concealed side zipper that lets you access all your items while you are wearing it.

8. Lowe Alpine Airzone Trek+ 

Lowe Alpine has been making top-notch outdoor accessories for over 50 years, and they have truly outdone themselves with their Airzone Trek+ rucksack. This travel backpack utilizes a trademark AirZone carry system that improves the rucksack’s airflow.

  • The rucksack offers about 45-55 liters of variable storage capacity and is equipped with an adjustable lid. 
  • It has several pockets all over the rucksack that can always come in handy when you’re hiking in the wild.

9. Deuter Futura Vario 50 + 10 

Deuter is a widely respected company that has been manufacturing mailbags and army accessories since 1989. At present, the company manufactures high-end travel gear, and the Deuter Futura Vario lives up to the company name. The rucksack has a total capacity of 50 liters, but its collar can be adjusted to obtain 10 additional liters of space.

  • The back panel of the rucksack is composed of a durable mesh layer for greater breathability. 
  • The exterior of the rucksack sports numerous large pockets for giving users easy access to important items. 
  • This backpack is perfect for long-distance trekkers.

10. The North Face terra 65L 

The North Face terra 65L is a well-recognized rucksack, applauded for its innovative design and remarkable volume of 65 liters. This is a great choice for novice hikers, and it has all the basic features found in top-tier traveling backpacks. Like many other rucksacks, the storage capacity of the Terra 65L can be expanded by unzipping the lower access zip.

  • The bag comes with a divider that can be used to separate the upper and lower segments. 
  • The rucksack’s chest and hip straps can be calibrated to provide users a custom-fit.


There are several high-quality rucksack backpacks available in the market at different price ranges. Many of them stand out because of their diverse functionality and unique features that can make your hiking or camping adventure more enjoyable. This list should help you choose the rucksack backpack that checks all your boxes!


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