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When working at a reasonable height, it is paramount that there is the use of a safety harness. These products are meant to guarantee the safety and health of an individual. It is a simple but crucial thing like wearing a helmet, especially when you are working on a high or raised platforms. Irrespective of the area you are working on, these safety harness selections will assist in picking the one which will deliver as expected or even beyond.

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Top 10 Best Safety Harness

10. KwikSafety (Charlotte, NC) THUNDER 3D Ring Safety Harness

KwikSafety (Charlotte, NC) THUNDER 3D Ring Safety HarnessĀ 

This is a harness made under great caution as it also meets the ANSI/ASSE safety standards keeping you safe and secure while working. It works well with other safety gear such as a helmet and anchorage lanyards.

The product is a heavy-duty and durable piece made from strong and sturdy synthetic materials. Thee is an addition of a fall arrest on the back to hold you in the event that there are slipping or unexpected or unforeseen circumstances. Heat, water, and abrasion are well-protected against as it uses quality synthetic materials in its making.

  • Easy to spot from the yellow and reflective colors it bears.
  • It uses zinc to add longevity while protecting against rusting and tearing.
  • There are impact indicators to warn in the event of a sudden release.

9. Full Body Fall Arrest Safety Harness

Full Body Fall Arrest Safety Harness

Its time to entrust your safety to this high duty and quality safety harness. The unit works perfectly with other safety equipment to keep you well held, even at extreme heights and loads.

It utilizes quality polyester webbing that comes with durability and strength to keep you held firmly but comfortably. The straps are adjustable to give a firm and smooth to fit grip while working on extreme heights. Popularly liked as it meets OSHA and ANSI requirements, thus guaranteeing your safety.

  • Utilizes strong and durable materials to keep the user firmly and securely held.
  • Easy to use with an adjustable grip for better holding.
  • Bright and reflective to assist in rescue in the event of danger.

8. Madaco Roof Construction Fall Protection Madaco Roof Construction Fall Protection

It is a light but high-quality piece to keep you secure without loose parts that could have negative psychological impacts. The materials used also contributes to its applicability by preventing things like wear and tear in the curse of use.

This safety harness makes use of 6 point adjustment to ensure that the user is firmly and securely in position. It manages to keep you intact as the straps are fitting and not easily torn even under extreme weather or heat. The harness is overly light to ensure that it does not feel a burden when worn.

  • Adds insertion buckles on the chest and gommet legs straps for compatibility.
  • Adds an extra point of adjustment to increase the level of safety.
  • Reliable and non-elastic nylon materials used in its making ensure its firmness.

7. Fall Protection Safety Harness Full Body Safety Harness

Fall Protection Safety Harness Full Body Safety Harness

Have every vital part of your body held by this safety harness without limitations on flexibility while working. It is built to the shape of a worker so that they can comfortably slip in and function safely and comfortably.

This unit is simple, light, and highly secure with several straps to hold you in position without creating pressure joints. The straps are heat resistant to support you entirely, even under extreme temperatures. Having been built to the shape of a worker, it factors every movement, thus ensuring a firm and safe grip.

  • The straps and joints accommodate every movement without exerting extreme pressure.
  • Its light and safe at the same time maintaining the worker in a comfortable and secure position.
  • Steel buckles used join the ends offering extra firmness and safety.

6. Happybuy Construction Safety Harness

Happybuy Construction Safety HarnessĀ 

Your safety is adequately guaranteed with the use of this product with extra straps and features. The product creates a free and flexible working environment as it holds you in an excellent position with no restraints.

It works by distributing the force all over your body, achieving all-around body protection. The polyester webbing and steel allow work to repel heat and water. Comforted is added through the use of the ergonomic waist belt. Side hip rings attached are for work positioning.

  • Reflective yellow color for safety and heat repulsion.
  • Sufficient holding capacity to keep you safe and free to work with no creation of pressure points.
  • Durability and strength are seen through the use of robust and quality materials.

5. Full Body Safety Harness

Full Body Safety Harness

This is a highly advanced light harness that directs the weight through the shoulders to offer support.

There is an energy absorption system that swallows the force generated in the event of a slip or fall without injuring the user. It has minimal strappings to reduce the burden of an individual while working, keeping them light and comfortable.

  • Double lifelines to keep you safe and for more effortless movements while at great heights.
  • Uses an energy absorption system to dissipate the force created in case of a slip.
  • Quick-lock made of steel alloy for a better and safer clip.

4. 3M DBI-SALA ExoFit NEX 1113346


Experience comfort and safety when you wear this harness. The making of this product is incredible, using robust and high-quality materials to support the user comfortably and securely.

The shoulder straps use high-grade materials that keep you comfortable while the legs are kept free and well balanced through the use of leg comfort padding. The back and front suspensions utilize robust aluminum in their making for better suspension. Tensile and durable lanyard keepers maintain you in excellent positions without fear of falling unexpectedly.

  • They have a firm but comfortable and well-balanced grip.
  • Extra safety comes from the use of lanyard keepers that counter fall and suspension trauma.
  • Built to stand against sweat, water, and excessive heat that are likely to cause loosening of its grip.

3. 3M Protecta Comfort Construction Style Positioning Harness

3M Protecta Comfort Construction Style Positioning HarnessĀ 

Enhance your safety and comfort while climbing, working at high levels with this pure cotton safety harness. Once you fit it, there is no need to keep adjusting or having the worries of getting loose in the course of working.

It uses pure cotton with an increased surface on the shoulders for extra safety and comfort. On top of the usual straps, two additions fit on the waist and the chest to ensure more safety. Moisture and excess heat are conducted away, keeping the user comfortable and at peace while on top.

  • The hip pad fitted with a mesh keeps you cool and comfortable.
  • Uses 100% cotton, which is durable and resistant to many adverse conditions.
  • There is a 3 m fall protection to keep the user on top even after a slip or accident.

2. DBI/SALA ExoFit NEX, 1113127 Construction Harness

DBI/SALA ExoFit NEX, 1113127 Construction Harness

Other than ensuring your safety while working on considerable heights, this safety harness ensures your comfort. It is engineered to comfortably hold an individual using a mechanism that does not make them overly squeezed or tied.

Apart from the usual D rings to keep you in position, it ha a back lumbar that offers support and comfort while working. The connections work securely to avoid any slipping incidences, especially in wet conditions. A rip stitch indicator functions as an indicator for any damages.

  • Minimized suspension trauma through the use of integrated trauma straps.
  • There are reflective materials built to enhance visibility, especially where there are low light conditions.
  • Extra comfort through the use of hip pad and comfort padding.

1. Guardian Fall Protection 11173 M-L Seraph Construction Harness

Guardian Fall Protection 11173 M-L Seraph Construction Harness

With guardian fall protection, you are assured of a safe and quality time while working on high grounds. The many straps ensure that the user is ever firmly in position with additions of safety such as langer.

It uses six points of adjustments plus extra shoulder straps to hold you securely in position. Work suspension is present in this product for conducive working while also carrying a substantial load, not exceeding 3000lbs. This harness prevents one from falling to the ground in the case of an accident through the use of personal fall arrest.

  • Extra reinforcements through the use of heavy-duty reinforcement tool belt.
  • It has the aspect of stretchability on the shoulders.
  • The additional belt on the waist to keep you in a good position while working.

Comparison table

Item Weight load Materials used Item weight
KwikSafety (Charlotte, NC) THUNDER 3D Ring Safety Harness 140 kgs Zinc, string synthetic fibers 6.6 ounces
Full Body Fall Arrest Safety Harness for Construction 140kgs polyester 4.9 ounces
Madaco Roof Construction Fall Protection Heavy Duty 140kgs nylon 2.75 pounds
Fall Protection Safety Harness Full Body Safety Harness 140kgs Zinc, high strength polyester 1.5 kgs
Happybuy Construction Safety Harness Fall Protection Full Body 135kgs-140kgs Alloy steel and polyester 5.1 pounds
Full Body Safety Harness Tool Fall Protection 330lbs propylene 5.95 pounds
3M DBI-SALA ExoFit NEX 1113346 130kgs-140kgs Repel polyester web 5.30 pounds
3M Protecta Comfort Construction Style Positioning Harness 140 kgs Polyester, zinc-plated steel 5.26 pounds
DBI/SALA ExoFit NEX, 140kgs polyester 10 pounds
Guardian Fall Protection 11173 M-L 5000lbs nylon 5.5 ounces

Each of these products is engineered to enhance your safety. The individual selection might differ on grounds such as the materials used in their making and the weight. However, any of these ones guarantees performance to keep you safe and secure. Some have additions that better their appearance or add to their productivity.


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