Sala Rim Naam, Bangkok | Thailand

Sala Rim Naam, Bangkok Thailand

Sala Rim Naam is a restaurant located across the river from Mandarin Oriental Bangkok hotel that offers Thai cuisine. This restaurant offers ray selections of delicious Thai dishes including Lon Poo Talay (crab meat boiled in coconut milk), Yaam Talay (flavoured seafood salad with spices) and Mussamun Nuea (Beef curry using Southern cooking style with sweet potatoes and onions).

Guests can also delight in a gourmet set dinner menu or a Thai buffet lunch if they want to. Not only that, it is also for vegetarian guests friendly. The price ranges from 950 baht up to 2,884 baht per dishes. Sala Rim Naam dressing code is casual Dining so visitors are to abide by a smart casual dressing code. Closed shoes and elegant attire are a requirement. The operating hours for lunch are from 12.00 pm to 2.30 pm while dinner are open to business from 7.00 pm to 10.00 pm.

Sala Rim Naam, Bangkok Thailand

Sala Rim Naam, Bangkok Thailand
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Signature Dishes:

Sala Rim Naam, Bangkok Thailand
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Some of the signature dishes that are Sala Rim Naam’s menu highlights include stir-fried blue river prawn with chilli jam and sweet basil, baked duck leg covered with tamarin sauce, assorted herbed and crispy perch with tangy sauce wrapped in leave and Thai’s signature dessert; coconut ice cream with caramelized banana. For lunch buffet, the signature dishes include Goong Pad Prig Daeng (fried prawn with garlic and chilli sauce) and Khanom Jeeb Thai (steamed Thai chicken and peanut dumplings).



There are cultural performance and dance shows that usually take place inside the restaurant to entertain the guest from 7.45 pm to 9 pm. So this meant guests can indulge in delicious Thai cuisine accompanied by the outstanding dance shows and cultural performance. Not only that, if guests dine in the restaurant during lunch, there’s a spectacular river side terrace view that Guests can admire. Guests are able to book a table in advance on the mandarin oriental Bangkok hotel website if they wish to and it’s often recommended that you book a table in advance since the restaurant is often crowded.

Vibe at Sala Rim Naam:

Sala Rim Naam, Bangkok Thailand
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Sala Rim Naam is housed in a richly decorated pavilion combined with traditional Northern Thai style. It built to offer the perfect unique cultural experience setting. It is the perfect place for tourists to experience traditional Thai food and culture in an authentic Thai setting. Sala Rim Naam is different from other Thai Restaurants.  It does not only offer delicious Thai cuisine but it also provides entertainment as well.

Author’s Opinion

Visitors should definitely give Sala Rim Naam restaurant a try once during their stay in Bangkok as the restaurant not only offer tasty authentic Thai food, the location sits right across the river bank from the hotel. It will surely be a pleasant experience with the beautiful surrounding of the Sala Rim Naam. Most guests often leave the place with proud moment and the exquisite experience that was provided by the exceptional restaurant.

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