10 Best Self Inflating Camping Mats Of 2020

The reason behind choosing this particular type of self inflating camping mats are the comfort, the safe insulation it provides. These portable mats are generally lightweight and can be a great addition to your travel pack. Camping out in the wild isn’t the safest of things to do in the world, and you need to be careful before heading out for one. The precautions are necessary because the situation might get dire in no time. But under any situation, one thing will remain constant: your self-inflating camping mat- your only hope for a good, peaceful sleep.Go through the top ten list to know more about them!

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10 Best Self Inflating Camping Mats Of 2020

10. BERGOVER Inflating Camping Mats- Self Inflating Camping Mats

Many people find it difficult and sometimes annoying to inflate the mats, especially when it takes a lot of time. Thankfully, it isn’t the case with this durable camping mat. Besides, the mat offers total comfort by supporting the pressure points of your body.

Design and Quality: The mat is made from premium quality fiber for durability and has a waterproof TPU coating.

Product Features:

1. Lightweight, compact and easily portable

2. Easy to inflate and very comfortable
3. May occur to users as a bit thinner than most mats

9. OlarHike Camping Compact Sleeping Mat Self Inflating Camping Mats

Durability is a very important feature in sleeping mats, and this camping mat here excels on it. Made from quality fabrics, it sure is wear-resistant and waterproof. They provide you with patches too, in case there’s a leak.

Design and Quality: The mat is made from 40D Nylon materials ensuring ample durability.
Product Features:

  1. The air-filling method is pretty convenient
  2. Compatible with beaches, deserts, and rocky areas

     3. Two-year free warranty and guarantee provided

8. Femor Inflatable Camping Mat

Imagine a camping mat that can be as small as a water bottle while carrying and as big as your size while inflated. Interesting, right? This here is unique with the honeycomb design and straight shape, but it will never compromise when it comes to comfort. Never.

Design and Quality: The fabric of this mat is 20D ripstop nylon, so the tear and wear-resistant features are available.

Product Features:

  1. Very easy inflation system with 10-15 breaths
  2. One of the most compact and portable mats to carry with

     3. Lifetime warranty provided

7. An Outdoor Self Inflating Sleeping mats- Self Inflating Camping Mats

It’s thick, lightweight, and comfortable. This is a very good choice for serious hikers and campers because the ergonomic shape and egg-nest design will make sure you get the comfort no matter how rough the surface is.

Design and Quality: This self-inflating camping mat is made from environment-friendly and waterproof materials.

Product Features:

  1. Very compact size and lightweight product
  2. Easy inflation and deflation system, the ergonomic design is very comfortable

    3. Is a bit expensive considering similar products on the market

6. Overmont Self Inflating Mat

Are you so not interested in using your mouth to inflate your camping mat? We have options for you too. This one comes with a foot-pump for inflation and is tall enough for most sized people to fit in.

Design and Quality: The fabric is made from 80D standard polyester pongee.

Product Features:

  1. This here is a fully waterproof and floatable mat
  2. Very lightweight and compact

     3. Extra thickness and comfort provided

5. HONEYBULL Sleeping Mats- Self Inflating Camping Mats

After all, the whole point of a self-inflating camping mat is a comfortable sleep, and this brand excels in this particular area. A very portable mat, you will be satisfied with the added pillow and traveling back. 

Design and Quality: The nylon material used here is multi-layered, making sure it will last a long time.

Product Features:

  1. Ultra-light mat with quick inflation ensures a stress-free comfortable sleep
  2. Waterproof with decent thermal resistance

     3. Lifetime warranty provided

4. VENTURE 4TH Sleeping Pad - Self Inflating Camping Mats

This one is unique in various ways, but it’s probably the only product that asked for a patent for its air-cell design. It doesn’t end there, however. It’s unbelievably lightweight and has one of the fastest deflation times.

Design and Quality: A carry and storage bag is provided to keep the sleeping mat safe.

Product Features:

  1. Ultra-light, foldable and fully portable
  2. Easy inflation and deflation system

     3. You might need to reinflate the mat at night, twice.

3. Freeland Camping Sleeping Mats-Self Inflating Camping Mats

Another self-inflating camping mat that doesn’t require your breath- air pumps do the deed for now. The unique part about this is that even though it’s ultra-light in size, it is surprisingly sturdy and durable. Its ergonomic shape oozes comfort, to say the least.

Design and Quality: 40D nylon and TPU fabric will certainly ensure maximum possible durability.

Product Features:

  1. Features an ergonomic shape for supporting the body
  2. Built-in air pump and head support provided

     3. It doesn’t hold on to the air for long.

2. VENTURE 4TH Tear Resistant Mat

- self inflating camping mats

Heavy usage can be an issue with regular campers, with regular use usual self-inflating camping mats gets worn and torn, but it isn’t the case with this one. The air-cell technology in this one is a discovery of their very own!

Design and Quality: 40D high-end nylon is used here, making it resilient like never before.  

Product Features:

  1. Extremely lightweight and tear-resistant
  2. Inflation valve provided here for a decent performance

     3. Very sturdy making with high-end materials used in construction

1. Semoo Self Inflating Camping Mats- Self Inflating Camping Mats

While searching for the best self-inflating camping mat, we came across a few criteria like product weight, dimensions, and insulation. Luckily, our first pick suits all of them. What’s amazing about this is, it’s super comfortable!

Design and Quality: This one is made from 20D woven nylon and a high-end TPU lamination.

Product Features:

  1. Very easy inflation and deflation system
  2. Thermal conduction is minimized
  3. Lightweight product that gives us ample comfort possible.


To conclude, this was our list for the best ten self-inflating camping mats. Best of luck on choosing the best one!


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