Siem Reap Weather You Should Know Before Traveling

siem reap weather

Siem Reap has become a very special destination for many different reasons. One of which is that the city situated under promising weather and a wonderful geographic location. Siem Reap weather and the prosperous whereabouts is the coinciding backbone to why Siem Reap is gaining its popularity. The tropical rainforest of Siem Reap and weather provide the city a very hot and humid sensation during your travels. Traditionally, there are the rainy season and dry season mainly known to the local. But, the three most noticeable weather are the bright hot summer, cloudy rains and the dry cool of December. And knowing the weather of Siem Reap ahead of your plans will help refine you’re your traveling experience favorably.

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Typical Siem Reap Weather You Should Know


How can Siem Reap be in such pleasant weather?

Siem Reap weather
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The city of Siem Reap was not always consisting of massive hotels and restaurants roaming throughout the city. It used to a well-rounded town with cracked roads with poor infrastructure left and right. From being the province with dense forest trees to the rapidly growing town to the center attractions of Cambodia today. Siem Reap was once selected as the great kingdom of Angkor due to the abundant water supply of Tonle Sap located nearby. On top of that, the long wall of Kulen mountain had been the source that supplied the sandstone to almost all of the temples.

Siem Reap weather harmonizes by many favorable geographies that consist of massive lakes, mountains all around, deep forest and the crossing river of Siem Reap. Thus, making Siem Reap overall humidly hot during summer and most of the brightest days of the year. While some nights during the rainy season brings strong wind and cold drizzle to the long night. With most of the days of cloudy, cool breeze and the number of heavy rains from time to time. The consistency of the weather has never made the little city too hot or dry or too cold to snow. Yet, the wetness of the humidity gives quite populations to bugs and mosquitos, so you must be cautious.

When is the best time of the Year people should visit?

The choices are optional, Siem Reap weather can vary on the traveler’s likings, cultural background, and home region. Many Americans or northerners find it difficult to cope with the heat and humidity at the same time because they sweat a whole lot here in Cambodia. Obvious to most, the worst thing to ever happen is not really the heat. It is losing one day of your schedule to endless rain. Even with waterproof outfits and boots, you will somewhat still feel like it is ruining your very trip. Currently, rain seems to be the only disruption so far that it can cut off a day or two from your vacation. And as a vacationist, we clearly would never want that to happen.

There are some suggestions available about Siem Reap weather that is arguable for when is the best time to visit. If you’re the type that likes things quiet and minds your personal space, the low season is the sensible choice. Prices are low, not too many crowds anywhere, only obstacles are the heat and sweat from the enduring sun. Such time of the year starts from early March until late May.

If you don’t mind spending time and money with the crowds and people, thus, the holidays of the high season. Begins from September until late February. Clear from rains, clear from the heat. The weather is generally very nice and comfortable throughout the day and the cool night. More importantly, the days are longer because the sun takes much longer to set and rise during these months. The only setbacks are price range and the number of tourists you will experience plus some traffics in the evening.

Where to spend the best time if you visit in the Summer?

- Siem Reap Weather
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Summertime weather during the dry season can be quite harsh and the most unpleasant weather in Siem Reap. Because of that factor alone and the lack of refreshing breezes, the traveler’s excitement is not at their finest. The beautiful opportunity of bike ride wouldn’t be a good idea because it can over exhaust almost anyone. So what are the options that we can jump into while you are visiting Siem Reap?

First and foremost, Sunrise and sightseeing of Angkor Wat early in the morning is the must-do list. The early aroma of the fresh grassland this early will sooth your stroll along with waking the sun. Second that, Ta Prom temple, hiking at Phnom Bakheng or Bayon temple provides a decent amount of shades for you to still enjoy your sightseeing.

If you don’t mind travel some distant there are a couple of more mountain hiking sites away from town. It could be Phnom Krom, Kbal Spean or if time isn’t a problem, waterfall of Kulen Mountain should definitely be considered. Because Kulen Mountain holds a very rich religion that reflects Buddhism, Cambodia’s culture and history. It is a very sacred and old landmark that remains available for every visit. In the depth of the mountain’s forest, the waterfall, the sacred monument will depict a new discovery of your traveling experience. A worthwhile and pleasant trade-off!

What to prepare?

Since the day can be really bright and sunny and of our tropical weather, it is important to be well equipped. We suggest that you would consider bringing:

  • Sunscreen – facial or body
  • Bug spray or mosquito spray – which you MUST have with you at all time
  • Waterproof pants – the fabric is more durable to cuts and tears
  • Polarized Sunglasses – for the beautiful view of the green nature
  • A well-rounded backpack

What about in the rainy season? How can we enjoy most about the weather?

- Siem Reap Weather

During the rainy season, however, heavy rains at any time can surely turn down your enthusiastic moods as you vacate. The bright side of this possible stormy weather can turn Siem Reap to be very relaxing, gentle and cool. The morning mist and the soft breeze of the wet morning grant a relaxing sensation and aroma of the atmosphere. The sensation that can boost your mood even before your warm morning coffee could get to you.

The low temp weather can give enough shades for the adventure of Angkor bike ride and quad bike tour. If the rain does not swoop in, the shades let you enjoy the delightful sightseeing under the gentle breeze. During this time of the year, visitors can see any amazing temple without having to worry what time gets too hot since most of which days are cloudy and strong winded. Many majestic structures include Banteay Srei, Bayon temple, Angkor Wat and many more without the archeological garden.

Kompong Phluk:

The abundant rains raise the water surface of the Tonle Sap that allows different experiences and activities during the season. You get to have a short boat-ride out on the freshwater lake and wet weather of Tonle Sap in Siem Reap. In addition to this, Kompong Phluk floating village tour will be a fabulous opportunity for such weather and occasions.

The scenery of a unique livelihood of the floating village of their tall stilted housing and residents. Motorboat and a wooden canoe is their daily and short-distant form of transportation. A fascinating alienated sight to some but it is how it is and the locals still continue to live this way. Another fascinating part of the tour is the flooding forest boat ride. Surrounded by arms of barks and branches and the rustling trees, all while riding a boat with the local boat-man.

What to bring along?

Even though it is going to be some drizzle and clouds, the weather is expected to be chilly and cold. Thus, packing waterproof outfits or thick clothing is recommended for such weather, especially for the night.

  • Bug spray or mosquito spray – it is essential at all time
  • Waterproof clothing – keep yourself dry to avoid catching a cold
  • A cap – (If you wear glasses) a helpful headwear to block-out some rain
  • Thick clothing – for the cold night

- Siem Reap Weather
Source: Flickr “Splash L”

Obstacles of natural phenomena are apparent and sometimes inevitable, all we can do so far is a compromise. Sure, whether it’s the unique experience of the dry season, whether it’s rainy season experience. But truthfully, when it comes down to the best time to visit, fall is your answer of choice. Why! Well, the sky is always clear, it’s not as hot while the sun is at its peak, the breeze is strong and cool winded.

But most of all, the sun takes longer to go out which allow us a few extra hours to enjoy the day before it’s going dark. And tourist doesn’t have to wake up too early to see the sunrise. Much of the preparation so far is bug spray and light warm clothing because of the weather very so pleasant already. Regardless of the high season rising price point, Siem Reap weather of the fall should be The weather of your choosing to both nightlife and your daytime visits. Months of the fall is from September till’ February.

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