Singapore ArtScience Museum | Iconic Landmark of Singapore

Singapore is a futuristic city with many futuristic attractions for its visitors. You can see many of this attraction in the Marina Bay Sands area, especially with the Garden by the Bay. Just like Garden by the Bay, there’s another area that is fun yet educational, and mind-blowing. That spot is the ArtScience Museum of Singapore.

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Singapore ArtScience Museum | Iconic Landmark of Singapore


ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands is an iconic landmark of Singapore. What makes the place unique is the architecture of the site and the exhibitions that take place. The museum is big enough to hold twenty-one exhibitions inside without cramming. A lotus inspires the building’s architecture.

The ArtScience Museum of Singapore is where culture, art, and science come together in a beautiful union. The exhibitions of the museum are forever changing and evolving. As of now, you can enjoy four shows at the museum. One of these exhibitions is the “Future World: Where Art Meets Science.” No matter when you go, you will be able to enjoy that exhibition.

Marvel Studios: Ten Years of Heroes – ArtScience Museum

Marvel Studios: Ten Years of Heroes - ArtScience Museum
Source: placestovisitasia

This is one of the most popular exhibitions at the ArtScience Museum. On the celebration of Marvels tenth year, everything from Black Panther to Avengers is displayed there. You can see the stories and the creation of your beloved heroes over there.

Wind Walkers: Theo Jansen’s Strandbeets

Wind Walkers: Theo Jansen’s Strandbeets

The Wind Walkers: Theo Jansen’s Strandbeets is the fascinating exhibition is the ArtScience Museum. You will experience human-made beats moving around the place. The beasts are made out of plastic and made as functional machines. The beasts are a unique fusion of art, locomotion, and engineering.

Into the Wild: An Immersive Virtual Adventure

Into the Wild: An Immersive Virtual Adventure
Source: ArtScience Museum

In this exhibition, you can restructure a virtual rainforest and see how deforestation and climate change affect this. This way, you can learn how deforestation affects us and how the climate around us is changing. Furthermore, you can give back to Mother Nature by pledging with WWF for planting a tree in Indonesia.

Main Exhibitions

Future World Exhibition – ArtScience Museum

Future World Exhibition - ArtScience Museum
Source: hypebae

Future World Exhibition is an immersive experience with high-tech experience. You can feel your sight, tactile, and hearing senses become alive in this exhibition. This is one of the museum’s permanent exhibitions. In the Future World Exhibition, you will go on a journey nature town, Sanctuary, park, and Space. These are the five segments know as five environments.

Some of the best things to see within these five environments are the “Sliding Through Fruit Field” of Nature, “Sketch Town” of Town, and “The Crystal Universe” of Space. The exhibitions were recently revamped, and additional artworks have been added. With the new installations, you will find a fantastic combination of art, science, technology, and storytelling with a touch of magic. The LED lights, touch screens, and the 360-degree surround sound create an immersive experience for you. Each exhibition has its own set of unique installations.



Here you will find out how you perceive creation and life through narration. You will learn about the different relation each element has to one another. The main attraction of this exhibition is the Waterfall installation. Besides the waterfall installation, the exhibition features two more installations, “Transcending Boundaries: Flower & People,” and “Sliding through the fruit fields.”

Transcending Boundaries: Flower & People” is composed of six artworks. One of these artworks is digital waterfalls. As you take each step, a flower will appear under your feet. And as you get closer, you will find yourself surrounded by butterflies. The “Sliding Through the Fruit Fields” is another new installation. The installation has a sloping pane. This slanted pane represents the flower field. As you slide down the pane and hit on the digital flowers, the flowers will grow and turn into fruits. This is a representation of how sunlight helps plants produce their food.

The Town – ArtScience Museum

The Town - ArtScience Museum
Source: Divesh Raichandani

The Town is another fascinating element that translates the urban world into a digital landscape. Within this element, you will find two installations, “Sketch Prison” and “Sketch Town.” “Sketch Prison” is an installation where you create and play music by drawing different shapes and lines. In “Sketch City,” you get a digital representation f the cityscapes. “Connects Block Town” is another child-friendly installation where you construct your transportation world with rivers and vehicles.

“Media Block Chair” is another installation within Town where you will find a place filled with colorful bricks. You can use your creativity and imagination to build furniture from these bricks. Another Installation is “A Table.” Here you can add an object to the table, and the little creators on the table will start interacting with you.


Park is another fun element where you will be reminded of the importance of recreation. One of the installations of there is the “Sketch People and Animal.” Here you can color animal and human characters. After scanning it, it will be shown on the large screen. In the “Light Ball Orchestra,” you will find color-changing beach-ball-like spheres. Not only that but interacting with the spheres will also create sound.

Sanctuary and Space – ArtScience Museum

Sanctuary and Space - ArtScience Museum
Source: teamlab

After all the fun and games, calm down your soul at the element “Sanctuary.” The walls here are cherry blossoms that bloom and the petals are scattered. One of the installations of the Sanctuary is the “Impermanent Life,” which represents life and death. With the element “Space,” your journey of the ArtScience Museum ends. However, Space is the most astonishing place.

In one of its installations, “Crystal Universe,” you will find yourself surrounded by 170,000 LED lights with 4D vision technology. This creates a scenic beauty which will help you admire the vastness of the universe. Furthermore, you can change the landscape with your smart devices. It is truly a magnificent experience.

The ArtScience Museum is a must-visit, regardless of your age. It doesn’t matter whether you love science, sci-fi, art, and technology or not, you should visit the place. Not only is the venue fantastic for spending time, but it is educational for your children too. It is truly an iconic landmark.

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