Everything You Need To Know About Singapore Zoo

Tourism has a significant impact on Singapore’s economy. Why shouldn’t it? After all, Singapore is built for tourists with many attractions to visit. One of these attractions is the Singapore Zoo. The place gets 1.6 million visitors every year. The other parts of the Zoo include the River Safari and the Night Safari. If you love animals, you will enjoy visiting the Singapore Zoo. The Zoo is an excellent habitat for wildlife.

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Everything You need to know about Singapore Zoo


The great thing about the Zoo is that the animals get a massive place for themselves. The animals are free, and the humans are inside a protective barrier. The Singapore zoo ensures the animals feel great. That’s why they have taken proper steps towards animals of the polar region.

You can both walk and experience the Zoo at your own pace, or if you don’t want to walk, you can take the tram. The tram covers most of the ground area. You can find a lot of amazing animals from different parts of the world here at the Zoo.


The Singapore zoo houses the largest colony for Orangutans in the world. That part of the Zoo is beautiful. You can see the orangutans moving freely. They have a vast forest area all to themselves. What’s a zoo without the king of the jungle? The Singapore zoo has lions too. The lions are kept behind a glass barrier. Like the orangutans, the lions also have a vast landscape to tread. The tall, beautiful animals, giraffes are here too. They are graceful creatures with a considerable amount of colors on their fur. The giraffes also have a spacious space to roam freely.

It is not every day you see a white rhino out of the wild in Africa. The white rhinos are the largest species of rhinos to walk on earth. There are two types of white rhinos, the southern, and the northern. The northern white rhino is a much rarer species. In the Singapore zoo, you will see the white rhinos. You will find the calm and enjoying the environment they are placed in. You will find the zebras in the Zoo. Fun fact, despite the stripes, they don’t have the same pattern as the other. They are a black animal with white stripes. Typically, the Zebras have vertical stripes on their body and horizontal stripes on their rear and legs. These stripes help the zebras hide from predators and act as a visual indicator.

The Zoo features African penguins. The African penguins have many names, including “Jackass penguin” and “Black-footed penguin.” The name jackass penguins come from the strange donkey-like sound they make. These penguins are adorable. You will find the giant tortoise at the Zoo. These tortoises can be 1.5 meters long and weigh as much as 300 kilograms. You will discover such tortoises mostly on tropical islands

White tigers are a rare sight. But lucky for you, the Singapore zoo has white tigers. These are some of the main attractions of the Zoo. Moreover, you can get these tiger fed! White tigers are an endangered species. There are very few of them, and most of them can be found in zoos. Without a doubt, these tigers are very majestic.

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The sea lions at the Singapore zoo are sure to melt your heart with its cuteness. These cute sea lions will dance for the visitors too. Proboscis’ monkey or long-nosed monkey is also found at the Singapore Zoo. Like the white tigers, there are also an endangered species. With the long nose, these are very funny looking monkeys. In the Zoo, these monkeys are called by their Malay name. The monkey’s Malay name is “Dutch Monkey” or “Dutchman.”

You will see Meerkat in the Zoo as well. These are mammals living in the wild in Africa. These mammals live in groups. Their group is called a mob, gang, or clan. Each mob has 20 members, and superfamilies contain 50 Meerkats. They’re known for their standing pose. However, this pose is for guarding and keeping an eye out for predators.

You can find Iguana at the Singapore Zoo. Iguana is one of the giant lizard species. They are mostly seen in southern Brazil and Paraguay and on Mexico and the Caribbean islands. Owing to its calmness and its bright colors, it is also a pet. But, these iguanas need special care with unique lightning and much space. Komodo dragons are the most giant living lizards on planet earth. These lizards grow up to three meters long and weigh up to 70 KGs! However, these are also listed as endangered animals. The first sighting on the Komodo dragon was in 1910. You will find Komodo dragons in the Singapore Zoo.

The giant panda is also available at the Singapore Zoo. The pandas are kept in a vast green garden with suitable temperatures. The white pandas share their space with the red pandas. The red pandas look almost like a teddy bear, and it is adorable. Like the giant pandas, the red pandas live off of bamboo as well. Aside from these, there are more animals to see at the Zoo. These were some noteworthy mentions.

River Safari

River Safari

The river safari is just a two-minute walk away from the Singapore zoo. The entrance and the ticket counter for the river safari are the same as Singapore zoo. You can enjoy a boat ride in the river safari part.

Night Safari

Night Safari

The night safari starts from 7:15 every evening. You will ride a tram and see the nocturnal activities of the animals. It is a truly unique experience.


You can get the tickets both at the Zoo and online at the Singapore Zoo Website. Purchasing the tickets online will remove the hassle of standing in a line.

Singapore zoo is a fantastic place. You must visit it if you’re there. There are so many things to see and do in the Zoo. Especially for kids, they will love that area. It’s a fun place for everyone.


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