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Snowboarding is an excellent sport that belongs in the hall of fame alongside other adventure sports. So if you breathe and live the adventure, you need the best snowboard gloves to keep your hands warm. However, which pair of gloves should you choose? We can help with the best snowboarding gloves reviewed here. With us, you can find all the information you need to find a perfect pair of gloves to keep you warm.

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Best Snowboard Gloves to Buy in 2020

1. HESTRA Army Three Finger Glove

HESTRA Army Three Finger Glove

The Hestra has a lobster design with three fingers available in single mitten style gauntlet. Therefore, your index finger and thumb has its own pocket. Furthermore, it has a removable inner liner with insulation and helps when exchanging different gloves. Moreover, the glove comprises of goatskin with leather palms offering you a comfortable grip. To keep the gloves soft and flexible, you will need to treat the leather. The only problem we found is that the gloves are not waterproof.

However, you can use SnoSeal to keep out the water if preferred. The model displayed here is for men, and women can find a pair available here.

  • Designed with handcuffs, Velcro closure, carabiner, and snow lock
  • Comprise three-layered fabric of Goal skin and leather palms
  • Interior lining is removable and replaceable
  • Comprise three fingers

2. Outdoor Research

Outdoor Research

The Alti snowboard glove is an all-time favorite for wearing in the mountains. You have an elastic cuff to give a secure fit and keep the unwanted cold out. The palm offers you an excellent grip with the non-slip markings making it easy to hold your map or phone. Furthermore, the cuff is long with a drawstring you can use to cinch over your jacket. Even the altered fingers are a nice touch, and it has a breathable waterproof design. For all-winter use, it is the best snowboarding gloves to have.

Here you can find the women’s pair available as well.

  • You can hand wash the gloves
  • Has a breathable waterproof design
  • Windproof
  • Designed with elastic cuff, non-slip markings, and drawstring

3. Burton Snowboard Gloves

Burton Snowboard Gloves

In the game of snowboarding, the Burton name comes highly recommended by all. Moreover, the glove has a removable liner allowing you to air dry it when not used. Furthermore, the fingertips are touch-sensitive, making using your smartphone easier when on a cliff. However, when it comes to the cuff, it is a bit short and we would have appreciated it if it was a bit longer. Therefore, the gloves ideal for mid-winter use, but the handwarmer pocket has thick insulation making up for it. However, these are men’s snowboard gloves but you can find a pair for your wife or girlfriend here.

  • Made with nylon and leather
  • The lining is removable
  • Has a breathable waterproof design
  • Made with touch-sensitive fingertips

4. Arcteryx Fusion

Arcteryx Fusion

The snowboard glove is the Mercedes of the brands reviewed on the list. The Gore-Tex glove with leather is breathable and waterproof to keep your hands dry. We would have preferred if it had a large cuff to prevent the snow from entering through to your hands but not a significant problem. Furthermore, you get Polartec Wind Pro insulation, and it is removable to air dry if needed. The design of the fingertip is touch screen sensitive to use your phone while on the go. So if you want a pair of high-end snowboarding gloves to keep you warm, the Arcteryx is what you need. Here you can find the ladies pair to buy, as well.

  • Comprise leather and Gore-Tex fabric
  • Has a breathable and waterproof construction
  • Removable lining with touch-sensitive fingertips

5. GORDINI PROMO Gauntlet Gloves

GORDINI PROMO Gauntlet Gloves

The snowboard glove comprises Gore-Tex making it breathable and waterproof at the same time. The cuff length is a bit short, but the wrist and powder skirts adjustable. Furthermore, the price is affordable, and the palms made of leather and are one of the best snowboarding gloves available online. If you are looking for a women’s pair, you can click through here!

  • Made with Gore-Tex fabric
  • Breathable and waterproof
  • Has a leather palm with short cuffs

6. Black Diamond Guide Gloves

Black Diamond Guide Gloves

While the Black Diamond focusses on backcountry skiing, winter sports, and climbing, it works well as a snowboard glove at the same time. The designs leather with breathable and waterproof construction. The insulation you can remove to air dry whiles the exteriors goat skin making them durable to wear as well. The palms are also leather adding protection for the hands from impact. You can use it with multi-sports as it is a high-performance gear to have in your closet.

So if you want a pair for your lady, you can find the best price here!

  • Made with goat leather
  • Has leather palms for the best grip
  • Removable insulation liner
  • Breathable and waterproof

7. Dakine Titan Gloves

Dakine Titan Gloves

The snowboard glove has a DWR polyester treated shell made with Gore-Tex to keep water out. The inner liner is breathable and comfortable to wear. Furthermore, the powder cuff is long, and you have a hand warmer pocket included. Furthermore, the price is moderate and remains a high-end glove to use with winter sports.

Here you can find the ladies pair if preferred!

  • Made with DWR treated polyester and Gore-Tex
  • Removable liner
  • Breathable and waterproof
  • Long powder cuff



The Velazzio is perfect to use with any winter sports. The snowboard gloves well insulated and waterproof at the same time. Furthermore, it comes with zippered pockets for storage and the palms durably made with PU. The gloves have an adjustable buckle wrist strap with a drawstring to keep snow out. The pair of glove is ideal for men and women to wear.

  • Has polyester and DR coating
  • Zippered pocket for small items
  • Pre-curved fingers
  • Adjustable wrist strap with buckle
  • Designed with locking clips

9. Carhartt W.P.

Carhartt W.P.

The snowboard glove has a well-insulated and waterproof construction. The glove consists of a polyester shell with lining to keep your hands dry and warm. You get a full closure with the cinched fleece wrist cuffs to keep out snow and water. Furthermore, the palms reinforced with polyurethane to prevent slippage. So if you need a pair of warm winter gloves, the Carhartt brand is what you need to keep your hands warm.

  • Made with polythene shell with insulation
  • The palms reinforced with polyurethane for a better grip
  • Designed with fleece cuffs and adjustable wrist strap
  • Has a patch on the finger for drying your nose

10. MCTi Snowboard Gloves

MCTi Snowboard Gloves

The following snowboard gloves are comfortable to wear and ideal for any winter sports. The insert is breathable and keeps your hands warm. Furthermore, it has a double tighten design with adjustable wrist buckle to give you the best protection against the cold and water. With the multifunctional wristband, you can hang the pair of gloves anywhere. Furthermore, the thumb is reinforced with PU leather and the palm has an anti-slip structure. Even the fingertips dotted, making it touch-sensitive to use with your smartphone’s screen.

  • Has an anti-slip PU leather design
  • The fingertips touch-sensitive to use on screens
  • Designed with holder wristband
  • Suitable for both men and woman to wear

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Snowboard Glove Buyer’s Guide

Here we have a helpful guide to help you find the best snowboarding gloves to suit your needs. By following our easy process, you can find a pair to keep your hands dry and warm. So what is essential when in need of buying a pair of winter gloves?

The importance of insulation

Insulation is typically measured in grams when you want to buy the best winter gear. Most of the time, when it comes to gloves, the insulation rating is not listed. Regardless of the rating, you can always check the temperature ratings instead. Furthermore, you need to consider the type of weather you plan on snowboarding in as well. So if you are planning to do Spring snowboarding, you need thinner insulation with a breathable design. Another factor to consider is buying one with a waterproof design to keep your hands dry with occasional rain. For mid-winter sports, we recommend a thicker and warmer glove that is waterproof at the same time.

You need to consider your activity level as well!

If you do hard snowboarding, that is fast thinner gloves work better as it generates loads of heat. You do not want to end up with a warm, sweaty hand.

However, if you are a casual snowboarder or beginner, you want a thicker glove to keep your hands warm.

Other features to consider:

  • Powder Gaiters and Straps – having these features is significant but not critical. The important thing is to find a pair with long cuffs to keep the snow out. Alternatively, one with powder skirts works well. Another great feature is retainer straps as the strings clip to your jacket, keeping it secure.
  • Waterproof – no matter what form of winter sports you do outside, you need a pair of durable waterproof gloves.
  • Removable liners – having this feature helps to air dry the liner from wetness caused by sweat and water that happens to creep in.
  • Handwarmer pockets – this feature is helpful if you suffer from cold body temperatures and a must-have for kids.

These are the crucial features to look for when buying the best snowboarding gloves. Furthermore, when you have selected a pair, another vital thing is to take care of them. We recommend you use leather care to keep your gloves in tip-top shape by using it at least once a season. Furthermore, replace the liners if it has one after using it for a season. On the other hand, if you find your gloves have torn, make sure to repair it with patches by using barge cement with it. By taking care of your expensive snowboarding gloves, you can make sure they last longer.

Choosing the best snowboard glove all comes down to your riding and season you plan to do the sports. Some of the essential features are extra-large powder cuffs, removable liners, breathable & waterproof fabric, and Handwarmer pockets. Whether you have a moderate budget or money to spend, you can find a perfect pair of snowboarding gloves on the list. There is no need of overspending as we have provided you with affordably priced ones as well. We hope the buyer’s guide helps you to pick one suited according to your needs. So, go ahead and pick a pair and have fun!


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