Top 10 Best Snowboarding Pants | Comfy pants for snowboarding

Are you planning a trip to the mountains where it is bitterly cold, Perhaps you have already selected your base layer for your snowboard trip, but what about your snowboarding pants?

The truth is that selecting the best snowboard pants is just as important as choosing your base layer. We are here to help you avoid making the same mistake over and again.

So whether you are heading to the slopes in spring or winter, you can find a perfect pair of pants for snowboarding here.

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Best Snowboarding Pants in 2020

10. Volcom Freakin Snow Chino

Volcom Freakin Snow Chino


The snowboarding pants have a modern and slim design that is perfect for the slopes. You get a great package and affordable price when buying these pants. A must-have available in the pants is the zippered inseam vents to wear in a broader range of weather. You can even wear them as regular pants. The breathability is 5,000gm and the waterproofing is 10,000mm. The only problem we found is the critical seam taping and not full seam taping. You can even purchase it as a set with a jacket. Furthermore, the pants offer you all season riding.

  • Made from Polyester
  • Has a zippered closure with two-layer shell and breathable lining
  • You can only dry clean the pants
  • Designed with zip tech to attach to a jacket
  • Has mesh-lined zippered vents with a triple reinforced rise
  • Six sizes with five different color options available

9. Burton Cargo

Burton Cargo

Burton Cargo makes some of the best snowboarding gear available online. You get extra cargo pockets to stuff them full of supplies. You can buy it in 14 different color styles and sizes. Furthermore, the pants are waterproof and have an inseam zip with boot gaiters. Overall it has the best design for snowboarding on the list.

  • Made from Polyester, Nylon, Tricot, and Taffeta
  • Designed with extra cargo pockets
  • Available in fourteen colors and different sizes
  • Has a waterproof design with inseam zip and boot gaiters

8. BZS Snowboarding Pants

BZS Snowboarding Pants

The Oakley Arrowhead pants offer you more insulation when out on the icy slopes. You get 60g heat generation insulation that is ideal for low-stress days or mid-winter wear. However, the pants are not made for wearing on sunny days as you will overheat. Furthermore, it has two inseam zippered vents to dump excess heat. Therefore, you can wear them in the coldest weather to spring weather. Moreover, the pants come with cargo pockets, gaiters, and an adjustable velcro waistband.

  • Made from Polyester
  • Has an adjustable elastic waistband with leather-trim rivet belt loop
  • YKK pocket zippers with inner thigh venting
  • Designed with biozone shell lining with fully taped seams
  • Has double snap waist closure with boot gaiter
  • Available in two colors and two sizes

7. Volcom Ventral Pant

Volcom Ventral Pant

The snowboard pants have generous exterior storage for cruising down the slopes. There are a wallet and cargo pocket to keep essentials close. Furthermore, the pants are waterproof and feature an inseam vent zip with waterproof taped seams. Therefore, you get all the critical features you need for snowboarding. You can pick from five colors in different sizes making it one of the best snowboarding pants.

  • Made from Polyester
  • Has ample pockets for keeping small items
  • Comprise a waterproof construction with inseam vent zip and waterproof seams
  • Available in five colors
  • Designed with zip tech pant to jacket interface

6. 686 Authentic Infinity Snowboarding Pants

686 Authentic Infinity

If you want to take insulation to the next level when snowboarding, you will love these pants. The insulation liner you can remove when the weather warms up. With flexibility, it offers you can wear it from warm to icy temperatures comfortably. The seams are taped and comprise of waterproof fabric available in a wide selection of colors. These are the most relaxed looking camo snowboarding pants you can buy.

  • Made from waterproof fabric
  • Comprise tons of pickets with integrated gaiters
  • The waistbands adjustable and have an adjustable inseam zippered vent
  • Removable insulation liner

5. Columbia Ridge

Columbia Ridge

One of our favorite companies for outdoor gear is Columbia Ridge. You get the best snow gear at affordable prices with them. Furthermore, it comes with Omni-heat tech to increase the warmth of the pants. The twill nylon fabric is strong and durable on the inside. Even the boot cuffs are durable and robust. The Ridge 2 Run snowboard pants you can buy in 12 stylish colors. On the other hand, it has two inseam zippered vents with loads of pockets. So if you want the best budget snowboard pants, these are the ones to buy.

  • Made with a combination of fabrics
  • Machine washable
  • Designed with Omni-heat thermal reflective material
  • Waterproof and breathable with a fully sealed seam
  • Has leg venting with adjustable waist tabs
  • The knees articulated and there are zippered hand pockets
  • Has cargo pockets with reinforced cuff guard with internal leg gaiter

4. ARCTIX Snow Sports Cargo Pants

ARCTIX Snow Sports Cargo Pants

Similar to the Ridge 2, the ARCTIX has robust nylon construction with abrasion pads between the boot cuffs. You have four pockets with adjustable elastic waistband making it able to wear with a belt. The bootlegs are zippered and adaptable to wear with your ski or snowboard boots. While it has integrated gaiters, it does lack ventilation as the insulation is 85g. Therefore, you will not be able to wear them in warm weather. Furthermore, you can buy the pants in seven colors. So if you need a pair of cheap snowboard pants, these are the ones to buy.

  • Made with 85g ThermaTech Insulation and 600 Denier Ballistic fabric
  • Designed with adjustable waist and boot zippers
  • You get cargo pockets with O-ring for your keys
  • Comprise boot gaiters with grippers and seamless integration to keep you warm and moisture-free

3. Geval Fleece Snowboarding Pants

Geval Fleece Snow Pants

The snowboard pants from Geval are made from polyester with a zippered closure. The fabric is breathable and waterproof at the same time. Furthermore, it has an inner layer of polar fleece with two zip pockets for carrying stuff. You can wear it for winter sports from skiing, hiking, to snowboarding.

  • Made with polyester
  • The material is waterproof and breathable
  • Has a zippered closure
  • There are two zip pockets
  • The inner lining is polar fleece
  • Available in seven colors and styles

2. Boulder Gear Pinnacle Bib Pants

Boulder Gear Pinnacle Bib Pants

The snowboard pants from Boulder Gear you can wear in the back-country to the slopes. With the pants on, you can stay dry during your winter pursuits. The waistband adjusts for a comfortable fit and it has venting zippers to help regulate heat. Furthermore, it comes with boot gaiters and internal snow cuffs with rubber grips.

  • Made with 5000mm/5000g fabric
  • Water and windproof with a breathable design
  • Made with hydrophilic coating and a DWR finish
  • Has a critical sealed seam
  • The waistbands adjustable and you have venting zippers with boot gaiters and internal snow cuffs

1. Winters Edge Snowboarding Pants

Winters Edge

The Avalanche Snow Bib offers you great features at an affordable price. The snowboard pants are comfortable to wear and great for any winter occasion. The pants have nylon, polyester design with tension lining and taffeta filler. The suspenders adjustable and comes with front zippered pockets. The scuff guards reinforced and the fabric is water-resistant. There are lower leg zippers with a wind-resistant snow bib.

  • Comprise of nylon, polyester, tension, and taffeta material
  • Has adjustable suspenders with zippered pockets
  • Reinforced scuff guards and water-resistant
  • Has lower leg zippers with a wind-resistant snow bib
  • Available in one color

Snowboarding Pants Comparison Table


Snowboarding Buyer’s Guide

When you buy pants for snowboarding, there are several factors to considers in choosing the right one. You need to think about waterproofness, durability, and insulation among other things. So before you head out and buy just any snowboard pants consider the following:

  • Strength – the most durable pair of snowboard pants is made of nylon. You can find other synthetic fibers but they are not as durable as nylon. We recommend you look for thick or heavy denier nylon patches on the cuffs and knees or hip area.
  • Insulation – here, we recommend you buy two pairs of pants, one for cold and one for spring conditions as you have seen the insulations measured in gram weight value such as 80gm. All it means is the weight in grams in a square meter of material. The higher the number the more insulation you get. When it comes to the waterproofness, it is measured in mm. A typical waterproof pant has 5000mm of water resistance and the higher the value the more water it keeps out.
  • Zips and vents – these features are critical when it comes to snowboarding to keep you cool and warm. We recommend zippered leg vents and prevent snow from getting inside the pants and removes built-up heat as well.
  • Waterproof – the feature is not always a must-have and depends on where you plan to wear the pants. If you are planning to snowboard in wet snow, we recommend you look at waterproof pants to prevent the water from getting inside the pants.

Different types of Snowboarding Pants!

Before you go shopping for the best snowboard pants, you will need to decide which style of pants you want to buy. There are four different types of pants made for snowboarding:

  • Un-insulated pants – this type of pants has no insulation and comprise only of water or windproof shell. You use the pants as part of your base layer to wear underneath your other clothing. Furthermore, they usually are made of nylon to make it durable to last a long time. Moreover, you can also buy the garment in two to three layers and is more expensive as well.
  • Insulated pants – these types of pants are not very versatile to wear, and when snowboarding one part of the body that seldom gets cold is your legs. You can buy them with different warmth and thickness ratings. The important thing is if you choose this garment, purchase one with ventilation to help regulate your temperature.
  • Softshell pants – the big problem with this type of pants is that it does not have a durable nylon outer shell and lightweight to wear. These pants are great for wearing in warm weather for protection from the wind.
  • Bibs – this is an excellent option as the suspenders keep everything in place. You can wear up to five layers of clothing underneath the bib to keep it in place.

Furthermore, it helps if you consider buying one with boot gaiters. These are must-haves and stretches over your boot to keep the snow out.

The Best Snowboard Pants

The truth is that all of the brands on the list offer you the best snowboard pants to wear. Burton is an excellent option and has been around for a while. Volcom offers you a wide selection of snowboard pants and is a solid line at a reasonable price.

Furthermore, the Oakley may be a newcomer, but their snowboarding pants are excellent while the 686 is a leader for winter sports gear. Only you can decide which of the snowboard pants works best for you. Hopefully, we have given you an idea of which features play an essential role when choosing the right pair.

Always take the location, time of year, and snow conditions into consideration when picking a pair of pants for snowboarding. Once you have selected a couple of pants, why not look at the best snowboard helmets reviewed while here. Have fun and be safe!

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