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With over 2 dozens and even more public holidays in Cambodia, our readers are often raking their brains and Instagram feed to find the perfect holiday getaway or vacation spots. Obviously, most people tend to travel abroad and spend their holiday there, however, for some of those who prefer to stay inland, we have got the perfect vacation spot for you. Song Saa Private Island is the first thing that comes to mind when picturing the perfect holiday getaway from all the stress in our everyday lives. In case most of you do not have any idea of what Song Saa Private Island is or where it is located, do not panic. As a matter of fact, this article will cover every important aspect of the Island as well as give some interesting tips and tricks that readers and vacationers can make use of.

Song Saa Private Island is known as a luxurious resort and private island and it is located in Koh Ouen Private Island, Koh Rong Archipelago, Near Sihanoukville. This luxury resort is located on an island only 1km from the Gulf of Thailand.

Song Saa Private Island

How to get there?

speedboat - Song Saa Private Island

As a consequence of its remote and private location, there are several means of transport that will help to transport visitors safely and conveniently to Song Saa Private Island.

Firstly, it is 45 minutes ride by speedboat from the Sihanoukville Port, however, if vacationers prefer other ways, they can get there by car. However, please be aware that it can be quite a duration.

Secondly, Song Saa Private Island is also accessible by a private helicopter and they have three choices of pick-up location: Phnom Penh (takes 1h 15m), Siem Reap (1h 35m) or your choice of pick up point.

Thirdly, Song Saa Private Island also has a scheduled boat ride that can take guest to Song Saa Private Island from 10:30 am to 4:00 pm. In addition, it is available every two hours so do not fear that there will not be any transport for you!


In the case that Song Saa Private Island is a holiday getaway tourist destinations, it, therefore, contains many types of activities that guests can indulge in. Of course, these activities provide as a way for guest to experience adventures and have something to entertain themselves with instead of just sitting around. Firstly, Song Saa Private Island is an eco-friendly and sustainable island and therefore, the activities that they provide does not harm the surrounding environment. Similarly, the the Island management team also thought of activities that really add and help to promote Cambodian heritage and culture. Due to their detailed planning, there are both indoor and outdoor activities provided for every age groups to entertain themselves.

The Different Types of Indoor and Outdoor Activities at Song Saa Private Island:

1. Snorkelling Around Song Saa Island

Source: songsaa

2. Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayaking
Source: songsaa

3. In-Villa Movie Experience

In-Villa Movie Experience
Source: songsaa

4. Morning Yoga

Morning Yoga - Song Saa Private Island
Source: songsaa

5. Sala Song Saa

Sala Song Saa
Source: songsaa

6. Island Safari

Island Safari
Source: travelplusstyle

7. Scuba Diving and Exploration

Scuba Diving and Exploration
Source: visualitineraries

8. Nature Treasure Hunt

Nature Treasure Hunt
Source: songsaa

9. Buddhist Ceremonies

Buddhist Ceremonies - Song Saa Private Island
Source: blog.wego

10. Private Mediation

Private Mediation
Source: theculturetrip

Refreshments and Dinings

Song Saa Private Island, Cambodia
Source: travelplusstyle

As Song Saa Private Island is considered to be a five stars hotel and quite pricey, the refreshments and dinings are a combination of global and national cuisines. Song Saa Private Island prides itself for being a stable provider of fresh and organic food that was grown in their own garden, fresh fish from the locals and imported from abroad. Therefore, they are able to serve with pride and watch their guests eat with satisfaction. There are three main types of dining establishments at the Island: Vista Bar and Restaurant, Driftwood and Destination Dining.

Vista Bar and Restaurant offers a unique dining experience for guests who enjoy international cuisine but also wants that classic Khmer taste to it. Following the concept of ecotourism and sustainability, every dishes are prepared with organic and sustainable produce either locally grown or imported from nearby places. As a result, the taste of each and every dish is unique, different and importantly fresh. In addition, with consideration of their guests’ taste palate, Vista Bar and Restaurant also offer vegan and vegetarian choices for their guests’ comfort.

On the other hand, Song Saa Private Island has a secret hidden bar called Driftwood which features cosy bean-bags chairs situated on the beach where guests can enjoy refreshments and drinks. Moreover, Driftwood is also in-sync with Song Saa Private Island and therefore it features coconuts as the main star of the drinks and these coconuts are sustainably sourced and no trees/nature were harmed in the harvest action of these coconuts. Even the straws are sustainable- made from bamboos!

Lastly, the island also features Destination Dining which is a really cool experience for guests. Should guests choose this choice, they will have the choice of choosing where they want to set their dinner whether it be on the beach, restaurant or any other place, it is all possible! Imagine planning for a romantic dinner with your loved ones! This is a really popular choice amongst guests because it allows space for freedom and creativity.

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Song Saa Private Island hosts four types of events: Private Events, Business Events, Bespoke and Weddings. Firstly, private events refer to creating a party whether it be anniversaries, weddings, birthdays or even a holiday getaway. This is specifically considered as intimate and therefore Song Saa Private Island does have a lot of experience arranging these private events. Whereas, business events can also be hosted on this romantic island such as a team’s retreat, featuring in films and business conferences.

In addition, a Bespoke event is when the guests have an idea of what to do but is unable to come up with a theme, this is where the Song Saa Private Island team steps in to ensure the appropriate event being hosted. Lastly, weddings are one of the most popular events that are being hosted in this Private Island. As it is an important and happy occasion, what better place than Song Saa Private Island which is also known as the Couple’s island. It is both romantic, serene and creates beautiful scenery for your special day!


There are six types of villas being offered by Song Saa Private Island, all of which boasts spectacular views. They are one-bed jungle villas, ocean-view villas, one bed overwater villas, two-bed jungle villa, two bed overwater villas and the royal villas. Song Saa Private Island boasts a number of 24 extremely roomy villas.

One-bed Jungle Villa:

One-bed Jungle Villa- Song Saa Private Island
Source: songsaa
  • As its name has suggested, the one-bed jungle villa is located next to luscious green scenery that is along the shore. In addition, there are multiple things that are offered such as king-size bed, twin-vanity bathroom, oversized sunken bathtub, wardrobe, writing desk, mini-bar, flat-screen Tv and Bose surround sound system. In addition, they also offer Pod and Android docking stations, WiFi, lounge area, outdoor shower, sundeck with daybed, poolside shower and a private pool (26sqm).
  • Starts from $890 per night.

Ocean-view Villa:

Ocean-view Villa
Source: songsaa
  • The ocean-view villa offers more space than the one-bed jungle villa and this time the view is of the ocean. Feast your eyes upon sparkling, glistening crystal-like ocean water. Your eyes will be mesmerized by all the rich colours of the trees and oceans. Song Saa Private Island’s room views never fail to amaze us at all!
  • The amenities that are offered are similar to that of the one-bed jungle villa with the exception of an outdoor dining sala and a private beach deck with sunbeds.
  • Starts from $1340 per night.

One-bed Overwater Villa

One-bed Overwater Villa - Song Saa Private Island
Source: songsaa
  • This type of villa offers a three-hundred and sixty degrees angle of Song Saa Private Island’s clear and blue ocean water. In addition, it offers a sense of peace and serenity and is quite a unique experience in itself.
  • All the amenities and facilities that are offered in this villa is similar to the first two however the location of these villas allows more intimate and direct access to the ocean itself.
  • Starts from $1790 per night.

Two-bed jungle Villa

Two-bed jungle Villa
Source: travelmatters
  • Even bigger than before, this two-bed jungle villa that is offered at Song Saa Private Island hosts a variety of facilities and amenities with new things such as a kitchenette, mojito-making station, both indoor and outdoor shower. Imagine being surrounded by two things that are the most important: family and amazing aesthetics views! It can’t get any better than this!
  • Starts from $2510 per night.

Two-bed Overwater Villa

Two-bed Overwater Villa
Source: steppestravel
  • What’s better than having access to ocean views? How about double the access! It’s true, Song Saa Private Island also provide the two0bed overwater villa which is bigger than the one-bed overwater villa and thus offers double of everything, including the views.
  • Starts from $2690 per night.

Royal Villa

Royal Villa - Song Saa Private Island
Source: songsaa
  • The ultimate symbol of relaxation and luxury, the Royal Villa is located in remote areas to ensure optimum space and authentic experience. In addition, the facilities and amenities are even bigger than before and thus is worth every penny you pay for it. The Royal Villa is the best of both worlds: beautiful views as well as peace and quiet.
  • Starts from $3590 per night.

In our opinion, Song Saa Private Island is quite pricey and out of the budget range of some of our visitors. However, we believe that with the given price tag, the facilities and architecture of the resort do make up for it. In addition, we are also very supportive of the fact that the island is very focused on ecotourism and sustainability. And it is good to see that not only are they taking from the community, but they are also doing things to give back to the community. This Private Island is truly the place that allows for relaxation but also has activities and methods that helps to support the locals and the environment itself. Therefore, we can say that it is worthwhile to stay there!

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