10 Best Theme Parks to Visit in Southern California

Southern California may be widely known for its sun-soaked beach holiday offerings, but the excitement of a day in the theme park surpasses everything else. Especially if you are traveling with family or friends, a quick visit to the nearby theme parks is a must. As each theme park has its own unique attractions, you may require a closer look into the scenario.

In order to help you out in picking the perfect theme park, we have selected 10 best amusement parks scattered across Southern California. Take a look and see what you have been missing out on.

Best Theme Parks to Visit in Southern California

1. SeaWorld San Diego

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Focusing on both the study of undersea creatures and the entertainment factors, SeaWorld San Diego offers some of the most thrilling rides and activities in the region. While it may seem like a more suitable place for the nature lovers, in reality, the park is crowded by hundreds of kids due to its amazing maintenance in every aspect.

Roller coasters, log rides, kids’ play zone, water world, etc. are some of the most attractive offerings of the SeaWorld San Diego. The ticket prices for both the adults and the kids range from $91.99 to $86.99 but you can keep an eye on different websites for occasional discounts.

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2. Disneyland

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Even on this day, it is hard to find someone who is not secretly fascinated by Disneyland. Established in 1955, this is the very first Disney theme park that still attracts millions of visitors. It has a large number of rides along with the popular Disney characters dressing up to entertain the younger visitors. If you become hungry after all the laughing and screaming, the variety of restaurants located in the area will fill you up right away.

3. Universal Studios Hollywood  -Theme parks in Southern California

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Featuring a combination of movies and rides, Universal Studios Hollywood is the perfect traveling destination for a movie lover. The Hollywood themed park is all about the glam and glitz of classic and modern movies. Whether you a fan of Jurassic Park or Harry Potter, you can find yourself lost in the fantastic worlds of the duo.

A studio tour in and around Universal Studios Hollywood Park will introduce you to some of the best productions of the entertainment industry. To give your tired legs a break, sit in the café or a restaurant and enjoy a delicious snack to boost you up right away. Once you feel recharged, enjoy the thrilling rides that come with their excitements.

4. Six Flags Magic Mountain

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If you are looking for an amusement park filled with rides that cause a tremor in your heart, then Six Flags Magic Mountain should be on top of your list. Consisting of a large number of thrilling and captivating rides, this Southern California theme park in all about screaming and crying on top of your lungs.

Along with extreme rides like the Batman the Ride or the Twisted Colossus, there are plenty of jaw-dropping activities for both the adults and the children. If you enjoy roller coasters dropping in a high speed, hanging upside down, or spirals that put your stomach to test, then give this crowd-favorite place a go.

5. Legoland California  -Theme parks in Southern California

Theme parks in Southern California
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While Legoland may seem like an ideal place for younger visitors, in truth, the majority of its fans belong to a higher age group. Considering that almost every kid has grown up playing Lego, it is not surprising that the establishment receives thousands of enthusiastic visitors every year. One of the most striking features of Legoland California is that Lego is widely featured in its overall design. While there are some exciting activities, water slides and play fountains for the kids, adults can also enjoy on their own while being reminiscent of the childhood days.

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6. Disney California Adventure Park

Theme parks in Southern California
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Located a bit across the original Disneyland, Disney California Adventure Park in a newer addition to the establishment. Along with the parent amusement park, the California section features some of the best inclusions in the entertainment industry. The Incredibles, Cars Land, Bugs Land, Guardians of the Galaxy, etc. are some of the most popular rides. There are enjoyed by the visitors of every age. If you need a short break from all the festive activities, you can also try out some Disney themed exquisite food items from the adjacent restaurants.

7. Aquatica San Diego  -Theme parks in Southern California

Theme parks in Southern California
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Covering more than 33 acres of land, Aquatica San Diego is a popular waterpark that attracts a large number of crowds. Topped with its very own sandy beach, the park houses a wide selection of thrill rides, water rides, and a marine park. Visitors can not only soak up the summer warmth while enjoying the water slides but also interact with flamingos, dolphins and numerous sea creatures.

8. Knott’s Berry Farm

Theme parks in Southern California
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Today it is marked as one of the top travel destinations in Sothern California. Knott’s Berry Farm originally began as a small family-owned berry farm. Situated near Disneyland, the theme park is popular among the visitors for its high-speed roller coasters. It is massive thrill rides and of course, mouthwatering food items. If you plan a daylong trip to Disneyland, be sure to visit it.

9. San Diego Zoo -Theme parks in Southern California

Theme parks in Southern California
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San Diego Zoo is a safari-themed park that is home to 4,000+ well-known, rare and endangered species. It may lack the thrilling amusement rides. But a day in nature and its inhabitants may be just the thing you need. Popular among children, San Diego Zoo also caters to the needs of its adult visitors. Regardless of the season, a tour in the area along with interactions with animals may be a perfect family outing.

10. Great Wolf Indoor Water Park

Theme parks in Southern California
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Located at a short distance from Knott’s Berry Farm, Great Wolf Indoor Water Park offers some exciting ways to cool off after a long day in the scorching heat. The park is popular for its waterslides, water play zones and small water fountains. During the summer season, the water park in Garden Grove remains packed with locals and tourists. If you enjoy such active and eventful day tours, keep Great Wolf Water Park in mind for your next trip to SoCal regions.

Now that you are familiar with the most popular Southern California theme parks, hop on your car and spend a carefree day with your favorite group of people.


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