Top 10 Best Stand Up Paddle Boards in 2020 | Get Ready For Summer!

Stand Up Paddle Boards

Do you need the best stand up, paddleboard? We have a wide selection of stand up paddleboards here for you to choose from. Whether you are a man or women we have you covered. So if you are in the market to replace or buy your first stand up paddleboard, we can help! Here you can find the best stand up paddle boards available with a buyer’s guide to getting you started.

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Best Stand Up Paddle Boards Reviews | Get Ready For Summer!

1. ISLE Versa Epoxy

ISLE Versa Epoxy

Whether you are a beginner or intermediate paddleboarder, you will find the ISLE Versa Epoxy a great model. The board is long and great for getting started on small to flat waves. The 32-inch width is excellent and it has a volume of 175 liters.

Furthermore, it is lightweight, versatile, and stable to use. Therefore, the SUP board is easy to paddle and carry. There is a carry handle with carbon fiber paddle included with a 9-inch fin for tracking.

  • Best For Intermediate Users
  • Construction: Made with Thermal Molded Epoxy
  • Includes: Removable 9-inch center fin with carbon fiber adjustable paddle
  • Max Weight: 275lbs
  • Size: 10’5” x 32” x 4.5”
  • Sup Weight: 27lbs

2. PEAK Escape Soft Top SUP Board

PEAK Escape Soft Top SUP Board

For one of the best stand up paddle boards with a gorgeous design, you will love the PEAK. With the large traction pad, you get flexibility and great for Yoga as well. The SUP measures 32 inches wide and ideal for beginners to intermediate users. Also, the center fin you can remove and provides excellent tracking. Included in the front of the board is the bungee cord rigging to attach the PFD. Furthermore, it has a wooden stringer with side rails. There is a recessed handle for carrying and comes with two paddles included.

  • Best For Beginner/Intermediate Users
  • Construction: EPS Foam Core/Wooden Stringer
  • Includes: Two-piece aluminum paddle with deck bungee cords, removable fin, and leash/smartphone case
  • Max Weight: 250lbs
  • Size: 10’6″ x 32″ x 4.5”
  • Sup Weight: 23lbs

3. iRocker

For performance, the inflatable SUP board offers you the same results as using the epoxy model. The weight limit of 400 pounds is high and ideal for taking passengers with you on a ride. Furthermore, the 33-inch width offers you stability and great for people starting with paddling. Furthermore, you get everything included to inflate the standup paddleboard from the paddles to a leash and carry bag. For ease of transport, the paddle breaks down into three sections and even blowing the board up is a breeze with the included pump.

  • Best For: Fun with more than one person on it
  • Colors: Five
  • Construction: Inflatable PVC
  • Includes: Dual-chamber pump, leash, backpack, three-piece fiberglass paddle
  • Max Weight: 400lbs
  • Size: 10’6″ x 33″ x 16”
  • Sup Weight: 23lbs

4. BIC Sport

BIC Sport

Here we have a stand-up paddleboard with a classic design made of polyethylene plastic. You can buy the SUP in different colors and sizes. Furthermore, it comes with a built-in deck pad to keep goods and has a dolphin fin. There is a leash plug with deck rig anchor as well. So if you need a perfect SUP board for kids, this is the one to have.

  • Best For Beginners and Family
  • Colors: Three Color Designs
  • Construction: Molded EPS Foam Core
  • Includes: Removable center fin with deck attachment points
  • Max Weight: 240lbs
  • Size: Three Sizes Available
  • Sup Weight: 41lbs

5. ISLE Cruiser

ISLE Cruiser - Stand Up Paddle Boards

The SUP is a standard model made for the whole family to use. The deck has a soft texture to give the best traction to stay on top of the surf. You can use it in small waves or where the water is flat. In addition to that, you get a durable, stable board with the EPS foam core and triple stringer system. The extra-wide width of 10’5” is non-slip, and you even have room to take your pet for a ride. On the other hand, it has a durable carry handle as well.

  • Best For All-around SUP
  • Construction: EPS Foam Core with Triple Stringer System
  • Includes: Removable center fin with carbon fiber adjustable paddle
  • Max Weight: 235lbs
  • Size: 10’5” x 33” x 5”
  • Sup Weight: 28lbs

6. NIXY Newport

NIXY Newport - Stand Up Paddle Boards

Here we have our 2nd inflatable SUP with Fusion lamination making it lightweight to use and carry. While the weight limits 300 pounds, one can exceed it a little. You get a complete package to inflate the board with a wheeled carry bag. There is also PFD for your cooler. Along the front and rear of the SUP, there are eight stainless steel D-rings with bungee cord rigging. To add to the excellent features, you get a two-year warranty included. Furthermore, you get up to five stylish colors to choose from.

  • Best For All-around SUP
  • Construction: Inflatable PVC
  • Includes: Leash, wheeled carry backpack, dual-chamber pump, and three-piece carbon fiber paddle
  • Max Weight: 300lbs
  • Size: 10’6” x 33” x 16”
  • Sup Weight: 23lbs

7. BIC Sport ACE-TEC

BIC Sport ACE-TEC - Stand Up Paddle Boards

For an all-around SUP board, you can buy this model in a wide selection of colors and sizes. Furthermore, it has a lightweight epoxy design with an EVA deck pad. The center fin you can remove and comes with a carrying handle. So if you want to surf flat water or small waves, you will love this stand up paddleboard.

  • Best For Small Waves and Recreational Surfing
  • Construction: EPS Foam Core and Molded
  • Includes: Two deck attachments points with a removable center fin
  • Max Weight: 240lbs
  • Size: Three sizes available
  • Sup Weight: 30lbs

8. PEAK Yoga SUP

PEAK Yoga SUP - Stand Up Paddle Boards

The PEAK SUP board is one of the best yoga inflatable boards you can buy. Not only is it a decent board but it comes with fantastic goodies included. With the hand pump, it does not take a long time to inflate and made with durable PVC. Furthermore, it has a non-slip deck pad to keep you standing secure, especially if you are a beginner.

  • Best For Beginners and Yoga
  • Construction: Inflatable PVC
  • Includes: Three-piece aluminum paddle, travel bag, smartphone case, leash, and a hand pump
  • Max Weight: 275lbs
  • Size: 31-inch wide deck and measures 10-feet in length
  • Sup Weight: 29lbs


ROC SUP - Stand Up Paddle Boards

For the best stand up paddleboard for women, the ROC comes to our mind. You can use it at any skill level and even comes with cool graphic designs. The material has a high-quality build to withstand rocks and more in the water. The deck measures 32 inches wide with a 275-pound weight limit. Furthermore, you get everything you need from a leash right through to the pump.

  • Best For Beginners
  • Construction: Inflatable PVC
  • Includes: Waterproof bag, backpack, leash, pump, and alloy paddle
  • Max Weight: 275lbs
  • Size: 10’5” in length with a 32-inch wide standing pad
  • Sup Weight: 17.5lbs

10. SereneLife

SereneLife - Stand Up Paddle Boards

The inflatable stands up paddleboard is great for men and women to use. The platform is 30 inches wide and made for experienced paddles with confidence. The top has a non-slip structure for standing or lying down. You can even use it for yoga if you prefer. Furthermore, it has three bottom panel fins to make steering simpler and gives you excellent control of the water.

  • Best For Experienced Users
  • Construction: Inflatable PVC
  • Includes: Storage bag, paddle, air pump
  • Max Weight: 275lbs
  • Size: 10’5” in length with a 30-inch wide standing pad
  • Sup Weight: 17.5lbs

Stand Up Paddle Boards Comparison Table

ISLE VERSA EPOXY 10’5” x 32” x 4.5” 274LBS
IROCKER INFLATABLE PVC 10’6″ x 33″ x 16” 400LBS
NIXY SPORT INFLATABLE PVC 10’6″ x 33″ x 16” 300LBS
ROC INFLATABLE PVC 10′ (L) x 31″ (W) 275LBS

Stand up Board Buyer’s Guide

Paddleboarding is fun and exciting at the same time but if you do take it up as a recreational sport, you need the best one. In the guide that follows here, we answer important questions to begin your search.

As you know, paddleboarding is all about balancing, observation, and your powers.

Different Type of SUPs

There are five different types of stand up paddleboards you can choose according to your paddling skills.

  • All-around Board – the SUP is ideal for beginners to use and made for staying close to the shore or in calm waters. You can even use it for fishing.
  • Touring Boards – also known as the race board with its pointed nose. The board is narrow and made for experienced users that can balance their body when standing. Furthermore, this standup paddleboard can reach high speeds.
  • Kid SUPs – the board is designed for children with a lightweight and broader standing platform.
  • Family Board – the board has a soft-top with a wide nose and stable tail and perfect for the whole family to use.
  • Yoga SUPs – these boards have a lightweight design with a narrow or broad middle and make for the best SUP for women to use.

What do you need to consider when buying a Stand Up Paddle Boards?

The first important thing is the length of the standup paddleboard. With a shortboard, it is easier to turn and maneuver compared to a long one. Here is a list of different lengths of SUPs:

  • 10-Feet – ideal for surfing as it has a short-range and suitable for kids to use
  • 10-12 Feet – this is a typical size and excellent for beginners to intermediates
  • More than 12-Feet – these are touring boards that are fast and made for long-distance use. The SUP tracks better and maneuvers well but they are difficult to transport and store.

The next consideration is the width of the SUP, as it makes maneuvering more accessible, as well. With a broader board, you get more stability and handling with speed.

However, they are slower compared to some other boards with a width ranging from 25 to 36 inches. Some are between 30 to 33 inches. When choosing the best stand up paddleboard, you need to take the width and height into consideration matched with your body type.

So if you are short, we recommend you choose one that is narrow as it will be easier to maneuver in the water. Are you unable to balance and taller/heavier choose a wider one instead?

Two other essential factors are your skill level and style of paddling. For experienced paddlers, using a narrow board is excellent. However, if you plan to tour with it for hours using a full board is better.

Another crucial thing is the thickness of the board. Once you determined your width and length, the features prominent. Having a thicker board gives you more buoyancy and can hold a higher weight capacity.

Should You Choose a Standard or Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

Over the years the inflatable models have become popular with paddleboarders as it takes up little storage and is great for transporting. The board has a durable PVC structure with an inflated 10-15 PSI rating. Moreover, compared to the standard one, you can enjoy a comfortable yoga exercise on it with a durable core.

On the other hand, the stable SUP offers you stability and it is faster with comfortable maneuverability. You get a wide selection of sizes available as well.

The performance of the SUP is better for touring and speed. Lastly, the board will last you longer than an inflatable design. In the end, it all comes down to preference.

As you can see, there are different factors to consider when buying the best stand up paddle boards? Before you pick just any one thing about where you plan to use it.

Whether it is on the ocean or flat waters in small rivers, you need to make the right choice in choosing one. Furthermore, you can find a SUP with diverse designs to use in flat to rough water at the same time. On the other hand, choose one that fits in with your body style.

A narrow board will go faster, but you may have problems finding your stride. So if you are a beginner, we recommend one with a broader construction.

Lastly, if you are uncertain about the board being able to hold, you pick one that is twice your weight. Here is a paddleboard size chart you can follow:

  9 TO 10.5 FEET 10.5 TO 11.5 FEET 11.5 TO 12.5 FEET >12.5 FEET
<100 Pounds X    
125 – 150 Pounds   X    
150 – 175 Pounds   X  
175 – 200 Pounds   X X  
200 – 225 Pounds   X X
225 – 250 Pounds   X X
> 250 Pounds       X

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