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Stone Grill

Stone Grill is one of the luxurious restaurants in Phnom Penh that is well-known of its high quality meat and seafood. Noticeably, the main purpose of Stone Grill is to present a unique and healthy dining experience to their customers. Therefore, Stone Grill restaurant makes sure to bring the best and finest quality of meat, vegetable, and ingredient to use in each food. Not only that Stone Grill serves the best steak but it also serves sets of live seafood, sushi and sashimi as well. You can find various types of food at Stone Grill without having to travel far away from the city. On top of that, the chefs at Stone Grill are extremely passionate about cooking each food to serve their customer. Hence, each dish is delicious and stunning that you will find yourself listing Stone Grill restaurant as your favorite place.

Stone Grill, Phnom Penh | Cambodia

Stone Grill
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Stone Grill restaurant is very huge. The first thing you will notice inside is how splendid it is with the way Stone Grill looks. You are going to be in awe to see how huge yet orderly the restaurant is. On the other hand, the atmosphere inside of Stone Grill will make you feel like you are dining at an enormous and luxurious event.

Stone Grill
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Above that, the theme of Stone Grill decoration is fanciness, therefore, you can see how the designers made the whole restaurant into a breath-taking place for people to eat. Most importantly, despite how elegant Stone Grill restaurant looks, it does not make you feel intimidated. In contrast, Stone Grill makes you feel even more comfortable with how friendly and helpful the staffs are. Additionally, Stone Grill restaurant is very stylish that enables you to experience an entirely different feeling from other restaurants. Moreover, Stone Grill also provides a private and VIP rooms for their customers as well.

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Each room can fit from 10 up to 26 people. Thus, if you want to have a group party, just call in to book the room and Stone Grill will prepare the beautiful room for you. Each room is being decorated carefully. Whether it is a birthday party, private meeting, or any other kind of parties, Stone Grill will make sure to give you one of the most satisfying experience ever.

 Stone Grill birthday party
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Additional Information:

  • Price Range: $4 – $288
  • Business Hour: 11AM – 11PM
  • Type of place: Fancy & Luxury
  • Location: street 169, Boeungkak, Sangkat SrasChrok, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh
  • Type of cuisine served: Western & Asian
  • Official Website:

In short, going to Stone Grill can give you a new experience in dining which you could never forget. The vibe that Stone Grill possesses is very eye-opening that will leave you in awe and want to visit this place again. On top of that, the staffs at Stone Grill ensure you the best service ever. You will always feel welcomed whenever you go to Stone Grill restaurant. Therefore, we definitely put Stone Grill on the top of the list of a restaurant you should visit. You are going to love what Stone Grill has to offer to you.

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