Places Where You Can Find Street Food in Phnom Penh

Just like how every country and cities have their own culture and way of living, their food also bends like a river. Each place has unique food and cuisines that can not be replicated anywhere else, or they can try! Just like Korea have their own version of street food, Phnom Penh also has its own version of street food. Do you know what’s amazing about street food? Well the variations, taste and most importantly PRICE. We don’t know about you guys, but street food in Phnom Penh is bomb. Literally you can find street food in Phnom Penh anywhere and everywhere. To find street food in Phnom Penh will be as easy as breathing with this article to aid you! In addition to its amazing taste, it also helps our local people as most of them thrive on this sector and indulging in street food does help our people. To add on top of this, going to a place without trying their local cuisine is a crime and we are making sure that you will be committing this unforgivable crime. Follow us and keep on reading to see where to find street food in Phnom Penh.

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Places Where You Can Find Street Food in Phnom Penh

Where to find street food in Phnom Penh?

Phnom Penh Street Food
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Our famous traditional markets are home to some of the best street food in the world! It is not only cheap but made with effort and love. One plate simply isn’t enough, you need to eat everything. We will be covering where to find street food in Phnom Penh by dividing the categories into food, dessert and other things. So hold onto your weighing scales for you are sure to gain weight after this article.

Find street food in Russian Market

Russian Market Street Food
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Russian market also Toul Tompoung is home to one of the best street food stalls in Phnom Penh. These stalls are called Torp in khmer and usually is a business that has been operating for years passing for parents to children. As such, everyone knows everyone here and people are extremely helpful and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you are lost. However be sure to get there early as some of these stalls are extremely popular among locals and can be very crowded and hard to find a seat.

Environment: Due to its natural state of being a market, it is always buzzing with people and energy as well as a hint of urgency.

Open and Close time: 6am to 6pm.

Kuyteav Yey

Personally one of our faves, this stall has been around for more than 20 years and its flavour has not changed one bit. This is located at the entrance of Russian market’s east entrance. Because of the human congestion, it is extremely hard to miss this popular stall. Kuyteav Yey as most people called it, serves the local cambodian breakfast which is rice noodles with pork, beef, organs and many more. When visiting cambodia, you must definitely try the local’s breakfast for it is robust with flavours and bursting with culture at every bite. Furthermore, a big bowl will only cost you $3 and will leave you feeling so so full.

  • Time: 6am to 11am.

Nhom Ban Chok Somlor Curry

Nhom Ban Chok Somlor Curry
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Another one of our famous breakfast food is the nhom ban chok somlor curry which is located a few stalls from Kuy Teav Yey, the old lady here sells hands down the best somlor curry. Her nhom banjhok always sells out before 8am every morning! That’s how popular she truly is, so be there or be square. Honestly very affordable and healthy as you have to eat it with lots of herbs and vegetables. A bowl of somlor curry costs $2 and a bowl of somlor khmer will only cost $1.50.

  • Time: 6am-9am.

Bay Yi Sim

As you walk further, you will find street food in Phnom Penh that is the Bay Yi Sim. Yi sim sells rice (white rice or yellow rice) with an assortment of toppings such as chicken and its organ, pork and eggs. What we really like about this rice is the yellow rice typically rice that has been cooked with chicken fats. Hence you get a plate of steaming fatty goodness and a healthy combo of rice and choice of meat. Although this is a bit pricier than the other two stalls for a plate of chicken rice will cost you $3.75! But with a price comes great quality so invest in it people!

  • Time: 6am-12pm.

Mi sur Yi Tea

More of a lunch menu, this stall serves different types of noodles such as glass noodles, rice noodles, fresh noodles, packaged noodles, banh kanh with fried fish meatball, pak lov and chicken. Because of this, Yi Tea pak lov noodles is quite famous amongst the locals and foreigners. Pak Lov is braised pig’s organs that ranges from braised pig tongue, intestine, stomach and ears! Might look daunting but extremely tasty. Therefore if you want to find street food in Phnom Penh during lunch, we suggest going to this place. Depending on the topping, a bowl typically cost $2.50

  • Time: 11:30-2pm

After lunch, comes dinner and we have got you covered with where to find street food in Phnom Penh around Toul Tompoung area. In the evening, people will set up stalls at the parking lot and the whole area transforms into a feast. Stalls with porridge, bread, meatballs, mi cha and more are lined up neatly and accordingly.

Borbor Moin

Borbor Moin
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Perfect for a dinner choice, this torp is managed by two sisters and is a family run business. They use a huge pot for their chicken porridge and it always sells out every night. A popular choice to pair it with the jak kvai (deep fried doughstick) and sugarcane juice. Therefore making a killer combo. The toppings that are serve include chicken and its organ, chicken feet and eggs! Despite its quantity, the price is extremely cheap and usually starts from $1.50 per bowl.

  • Time: 5:30pm to 8pm.

Borbor Sor Khor Jerng Jruk

Borbor Sor Khor Jerng Jruk
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Last one in this category before we move onto the next market, we will be introducing the Borbor Sor Khor Jerng Jruk aka White Porridge with braised pig leg. White porridge is traditionally consumed as a breakfast food or dinner depending on each household. This stall sells the best borbor sor for they paired it with braised pork leg and intestine that is steaming hot and infused with flavours. As a contrast to the plain porridge, the seller adds in condiments such as the jatpov or jrok with the braised pork! A bowl of plain porridge and one box of braised pork costs $5.

  • Time: 5:30-8pm.

Where to find street food in Psar Thmei (Central Market)

Central Market
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Psar Thmei also offers a lot of choices to choose from in terms of street food. There are dishes and desserts that are quite popular and reflects our cuisine which we will go into more depth about.

Steamed meatball and pig organ

Steamed meatball and pig organ
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First up on our list is the infamous steamed meatball with pig organ. This stall serves pig ear, pig tongue, stomach, liver and meatball serve with pickled papaya. What makes this stall unique is their food choice and how they charge their customers. Customers are charged by how many sticks they can eat and not the type of food they eat! Consequently people spend around $5-$7 there.

  • Time: Morning till evening


Source: khmerdesserts

Central market is also home to one of the tastiest treats such as traditional cambodian dessert and maju. Maju is just fresh fruits such as mango, guava, pek kork, pineapple served with chili salt! So sour yet juicy and a perfect refreshing treat after dinner. In addition, they also sell nhom jak kachan and nhom pom which is really good and cheap. A box of the cookie costs $2.50 and the nhom pom costs $0.50.

  • Time: Morning till evening

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Sometimes people associate the price range to the quality of the food and this causes them to miss out on opportunities to grab really tasty food. As a consequence, we hope that this article of where to find street food in Phnom Penh will change your view about street food. For they are honestly a blessing and extremely affordable too! Be sure to visit some of these places to get first hands-on experience of the taste and quality of it! To find street food in Phnom Penh can be extremely overwhelming because of the large range of food available. Therefore you need a guide or local who’s intimate in this area to bring you to a good street food place. Which is why we hope our article on where to find street food in Phnom Penh will be able to provide you with a starting point to a new food adventure for you!

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