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Speaking of Siem Reap, our cultural pride and tourism joy, there are more to offer than just strolling around. Other than its cultural heritage and natural landmarks in this former capital, you can also gain rewarding experience for food lovers. In addition to the infamous traditional Cambodian cuisines, street food in Siem Reap is also a well-known trademark activity to check off your list too. One way or another, trying these out would definitely enrich your experience in the magical land of former Khmer empire’s capital too.

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Street Food in Siem Reap

1. Insect – Street Food in Siem Reap

- Street Food in Siem Reap
Source: Flickr “Kati Knowland”

Insect dishes have seen growing popularity globally, and especially in Southeast Asia. Insects, such as, crickets, grasshoppers, silk worms, and tarantula, are caught alive, devenomed, and freshly cooked into delicious dishes. Likewise, insect dishes like fried crickets and tarantula should be one of the street foods in Siem Reap that you shall not miss during your stay there.

2. Noodles

Source: Flickr “Jonas Hung Trinh”

In addition to the overwhelming Cambodian dishes with white rice, we also love noodles. Stir-fried instant noodles and short rice noodles (Lort Cha) are one of the most popular street foods in Siem Reap, and almost anywhere else in Cambodia. It is usually stir-fried with egg and meat or you can customize up to your preference. Not only that they are also available at most restaurants but the street carts and stalls can also be quite a tourist destination to explore.

3. Beef Sausages

- Street Food in Siem Reap
Source: My Five Acres

For most Cambodian people, it is well-known that sausages from Siem Reap are probably one of the tastiest ones locally produced. Even though pork sausage is popular among majority, beef sausage from Siem Reap also follows closely behind. Freshly grilled on charcoal, topped with pickled shredded vegetables and eaten with warm bread, it definitely should make your list of street foods in Siem Reap.

4. Potato Cakes (Roasted Mashed Potato)

Source: Twitter “Hotel Xoai”

If you are tired out by a day of cycling around Angkor heritage park or just want a slow day of strolling around, this dish would make a particular companion. A mixture of mashed potato, flour, coconut, and sugar, the potato cake is usually in round shape and roughly the size of a palm. It is almost available on every street in Siem Reap, or anywhere else in Cambodia.

5. Coconut Rice Cakes (Nom Krok)

- Street Food in Siem Reap
Source: Youtube “Yummy Yummy – Asian Khmer Foods”

Sold on most streets in the former capital of former Khmer Empire, Num Krok is one of the most popular street foods in Siem Reap. The dish is a mixture of rice flour, coconut milk, chopped shallots, then cooked in a special pan on a low-heat and eaten with seasoned fish sauce, giving both savory and sweet taste.

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6. Balut

Source: Twitter “@Darun_knw”

Identical to one of Filipino national food, Balut or fertilized duck egg is one of the most popular street foods in Siem Reap, and you can find it as easily anywhere else in Cambodia. It is also known as a good energy food after an exhausting day, and it definitely makes a great night snack as well.

7. Fruits served with spices

Source: Kohsontepheap

If you stroll around cities in Cambodia, it is a common sight to see food carts or street stalls that have a variety of fruits served with different type of spices. It is particularly one of Cambodian favorites. You can have both fresh fruits or the pickled ones, and served with different spices according to your preference.

8. Cambodian Sandwich (Nompang Sach)

Source: Comstock’s Magazine

Commonly seen in a mobile street carts or local restaurants, baguette served with minced meat or widely known as Cambodian sandwich is one of the street foods in Siem Reap that you should try. The dish consists of warm baguette coated in minced meat sauce and served with meat loaf (Pate), topped with pickled shredded vegetables. Rather than a light snack, it can also substitute a meal.

9. Sweet Potato and Bananas – Street Food in Siem Reap

- Street Food in Siem Reap
Source: Sabay Der

Cambodians love bananas and potatoes. We can turn them into many different types of food and desserts. One of the common one you would see is deep-fried bananas and potatoes. It is cut into smaller pieces, deeply coated in white flour, and then deep fried in high heat. It is one of the simple but very enjoyable street food in Siem Reap that you can check out.

10. Barbeque Beef Skewers – Street Food in Siem Reap

- Street Food in Siem Reap
Source: vmixe

If you enjoy strolling around in the evening and looking for a light snack just before dinner, then this is the one for you. Specially seasoned beef mixed with various vegetables on skewers, then grilled on charcoal, can definitely make your evening. You can either enjoy the beef skewers served with pickled shredded vegetables alone, or you can also enjoy the combination with baguette as well. It can be found easily at food carts or food stalls in the lingering street of Siem Reap.

In a nutshell, Siem Reap, besides a city of heavenly cultural and natural heritage, is also a potential food lover paradise too. Surely, it is compulsory to taste the traditional cuisines in the magical land of Angkor, but it also has more to offer for authentic taste. We recommend coconut rice cakes, balut, and barbeque beef skewers for you try. These foods not only can give you the authentic taste of Cambodia but you can also enjoy it while immerse in the beauty of the city.

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