Suhring Restaurant: Well-known German restaurant in Bangkok | Thailand

Suhring Restaurant Bangkok

Suhring, a well-known German restaurant, located in Bangkok, Thailand. Operated by the famous twin chefs, Thomas and Mathias Suhring, they use the inspirations from childhood memories and family recipes to create remarkable dishes that combine the essence of traditional dishes with contemporary Central European influences. Suhring has received much love and support from the customer, and they hold not one but two Michelin stars and placed as 4th on the list of Asia’s best restaurants. Dining at restaurant Sühring allows you to taste German fine food in a way you never have before. Everything this place offers is exceptional ranging from the creative food, the high-quality wines, the quick and pleasant service to the elegant interior.

Suhring Restaurant, Bangkok | Thailand

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Environmental and vibe

Suhring settled down in a charming 1970s villa. The charming vintage villa was remodeled to have the glass concept, yet the soul of the house remains the same. The house is now surrounded by a wild garden giving the fairy tale and tropical forest vibe.

Suhring Restaurant
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Suhring offers many types of dining, if you prefer a romantic one, the seats in the living room of the glasshouse should be a good choice. With the see-through glass concept, you will be able to have a lovely dining spot overlooking the beautiful garden. On the other hand, Watching the Chef’s work their craft with precision, care, and patience yet with a level of communication like an orchestra is also an incredible joy.

Suhring Restaurant
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If you prefer such an experience, a seat at the counter table overlooking the kitchen is also available. You will be able to observe how the amazing chief produced dishes that bring such sensations to the palate that one can only relate the description of heaven. Nevertheless, Suhring also offers a private room suitable for a group dinner, if you prefer to have a little privacy. Booking beforehand is recommended, so you will get your preferred seats.

Suhring Restaurant
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Additional Information:

  • Price range: 90$+ per person
  • Business hour: (Dinner) Monday-Sunday 5:30pm – 9 pm, (Lunch) Saturday- Sunday 11:30pm-12:30pm
  • Type of place: Fancy
  • Location: 10 Soi Yen Akat 3, Chong Nonsi, Yan Nawa, Bangkok 10120, Thailand
  • Type of food: Germany

To experience the authentic german culinary, Suhring is not one to be missed. They offer the perfect traditional german food with the modern touch that would make your eyes roll back in your head as you savor its taste. Suhring also creates each dish out of fresh ingredients. Their main dishes change according to the seasonal ingredient assuring you would not have to taste the same dish coming here twice or trice. If we are talking about their price, it is pretty affordable considering the savoring taste and impeccable service. Also, each person got served up to 12 courses per meal, so it is a pretty good deal. In short, Suhring is a perfect spot to cozy up with friends, some good wine, and music.

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