Sundown Social Club, Phnom Penh | Cambodia

Sundown Social Club

Sundown Social Club is a rooftop vegan bar owned by an Aussie couple. Located on the top floor of an apartment with an amazing view overlooking the Russian market area, Sundown Social club is the best spot to chill with a couple of cocktails in the evening. This rooftop bar has received a lot of attention for having the perfect spot to enjoy the sunset in Phnom Penh, and it is mostly packed with customers even on weekdays. Their retro Miami cocktail and vegan junk food are to die for.

Sundown Social Club, Phnom Penh | Cambodia

Sundown Social Club
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Getting to Sundown Social Club’s an adventure in itself. Nestled just next to the busy Russian Market, you’ll need to weave to a slightly hidden flight of stairs to get to this lovely rooftop bar. Sundown Social Club is a lovely little rooftop bar with a retro tropical vibe. The whole place has been decorated with a lot of greenery plants, which is one of its charming points, and beautiful neon lights above the bar. Their Astroturf flooring and furniture also give out a strong retro Miami vibe. The overall atmosphere Sundown Social Club has is fresh and relaxing. When the sundown, the place is filled with relaxing music and laughter of the customers having fun while enjoying the spectacular view and atmosphere.

Drink offers:

Sundown Social Club
Source: Instagram “sundownsocialclub”

Most of the cocktails served in Sundown Social Club are about 5 $ per glass, and their punchy flavor food is ranging from 3$ to 10$. They open 7 days a week from 5 pm until midnight. It is a cozy rooftop bar with an affordable price. This place is suitable for those who want to grab a drink and chill in a nice ambiance with some nice relaxing business, and Sundown Social club is more of the late afternoon and evening spot rather than a midnight avenue.

Extra Information:

Source: Instagram “phillyfoodnatic”

Their address is #86 Street 440, Toul Tom Poung, Phnom Penh, 12310. It serves western’s favorite street dishes and varieties of drinks including cocktails, draft beer, etc. Their must-try dish is Fish Tacos with a spicy chipotle sauce in the tortilla, it is a killing dish. Their most popular drink is the cocktail jug, which serves four glasses. They come in several varieties such as tequila, peach ice tea, lychee gin, and a classic Pimm’s. Surprisingly even though their dishes are mostly junk food, they are mostly vegan . Also, do not worry; their vegan dishes still taste amazing.

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Sundown Social Club with its neon light and Astroturf food bring Miami vibe to the Russian market area. Sundown Social Club is one hell of a place to end off a great day in Phnom Penh. The view, which overlooks the Russian Market area, is spectacular and easily one of the best spots to watch the sunset within the city. It’s the ideal vantage spot to watch out over the hustle bustle city while the sun goes down with some cocktail pitcher. Explore their tasty $5 food menu and a retro Miami Vice-style cocktail; your experience will be worthwhile.

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