The Alley Cambodia

Being originated in Taiwan, The Alley has traveled and set foot in many major cities in the world from Asia to America. It is not that long ago though that The Alley Cambodia has opened its door and it is just the same as The Alley anywhere else. It is still holding the crown of being the Instagram worthy drink. All thanks to the dynamic marketing strategy that The Alley team has built throughout the year. But is it just the marketing or is it something else that makes The Alley popular?

The Alley Cambodia

Why The Alley Cambodia?

-The Alley Cambodia

Like The Alley in other countries, when The Alley Cambodia first store was open, the hype was real. People are literally lining up just to get a taste. But soon after it has been here for a month or something, the hype is slowly dying. The store still has people coming nonstop but it was crazy as that of the first two weeks. It is understandable why there was such a hype. It is The Alley. “Quality is our guarantee.” The statement is written on top of The Alley Cambodia website. This is to prove just how much effort they have put into serving the best bubble milk tea.

Type of Drinks

-The Alley Cambodia

The Alley Cambodia is proud to make their brown sugar pearls and syrup. As a matter of fact, the majority of the drink ingredients are homemade. Each and every cup from The Alley Cambodia makes up of tea leaves that are taken care of thoroughly from first being planted to being harvested.

Source: Facebook “The Alley Cambodia”

Then it comes to the infusion of flavors to the selection of ingredients and their ratios, this is to ensure that each cup of tea has its own determined aroma and taste. Apart from the tea process, pearl is another main focus at The Alley Cambodia.

-The Alley Cambodia

Do you know that the tapioca pearls at The Alley Cambodia are also homemade? This is one of the reasons why we think it is not just the marketing magic, it is actually the hard work that they have put into their drinks that makes it such a name. With that being said, higher quality also comes with higher price. You might also want to check: Chatime Milk Tea, Phnom Penh | Cambodia!!

Majority of customers there, are middle income or rich people. A very basic tea at The Alley Cambodia starts at the price of 1.7$. It will shoot up based on the size you choose, and type of flavor and toppings you wish to have.

-The Alley Cambodia

The Alley Cambodia is the top bubble tea place that we automatically think of when we crave for milk tea. Their Brown Sugar bubble tea has got us weak on my knees. The melting foam of the milk, the sweet stringy brown sugar, and the chewy pearl fill our mouth with joy. We would not mind another cup right after we just finished one though. But well, watch out for your sugar level too. Do tell the staff there at the order about how much sugar you want in your drink. They sure can customize it for you.

Basic Detail

Location: The Alley Norodom (address: 160A, Norodom Blvd)


The Alley 222 (Address: No.8, St. 222 Phnom Penh, Cambodia
(9:00 AM to 9:00 PM)

Starting Price: 1.7 $

Working hour: Mon-Sun

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