The Bambu Stage, Siem Reap Cambodia

The Bambu Stage, Siem Reap Cambodia

Imagine a grand gateway to a cultural haven. Imagine being present in a room full of passionate and talented people. Wouldn’t you want to listen to talks, watch great and interactive puppet shows and feast on fine Cambodian food? 

If your answers to all those questions were “yes,” you must experience the Bambu Stage. It is a fine tourist attraction in Siem Reap in Cambodia. Once you set foot in this place, you would understand why it is so popular. 

The Bambu Stage is not just for the wanderers who like entertainment and like to meet people in a cultural environment. Its paths filled with sparkling lights to uplift your spirit in unexpected ways with what it has to offer.

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What is Bambu Stage?

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The Bambu Stage was created in 2013. The idea is to create an accessible space that Khmer people can use as a performance platform. They perform shows for both local audiences and also tourist international audiences. 

The Purpose

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We know that as a traveler, you’re visiting the Bambu Stage of Siem Reap to experience the nightlife of Cambodia. But it does not only fulfill the traveler’s wanderings but also ignites their hearts with a desire to discover further. It ensures that you crave to know more about the roots of the culture by getting connected to the people and the music. 

It gives tourists an authentic experience, talking about important and impactful issues that represent Cambodia to the rest of the world. The people work hard together to put up a show for travelers at the Bambu Stage. Make sure that you take something insightful and valuable to share with the wider world. It is not solely to feed you Cambodian entertainment but to fulfill a greater purpose.

The Atmosphere

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The idea of having fire and lighting at night creates a very special atmosphere. It is quite similar to that of a village. This is the perfect atmosphere for traditional types of shows.

Opening Hours

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The Bambu Stage has its doors open for you every single day of the week from 6:30 pm till 9 pm. All throughout the week, it has different types of show running. These usually start from either 7 pm or 8 pm, depending on which show you are getting tickets for.

The Main Shows

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So what should you get tickets for? Let’s learn a little about the mystical stage showcases. 

The Bambu Stage runs four shows a week. All throughout Mondays to Saturdays, you get to watch a delightful show of the “Shadow Theatre” from 7 pm. You can also book tickets for the 8 pm show, “Forbidden Rhythms”. It is probably the most popular of all the events. 

On Tuesdays, you get to see “Decoded” which projects everything about the temples in Cambodia. Last but not least, you can take a tour through 150 years of photography on Fridays, at “Snap!” from 7 pm until the night ends.

Photography Show

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Travel back in time through the different decades of Cambodian history as you witness photography of Angkor Wat. Whether you are accompanied by the best people or you’re alone, a fine glass of wine in your hand in this wild atmosphere would take you to the past. You simply wouldn’t notice if time flew past and left you wanting for a more in-depth tour of the photography show.

A Stage of Surprises

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The shadow puppet show is a wonderful program to get tickets for. Not only does it delight with wonderful story-telling but it is also a unique experience. Shadow puppet was introduced as an interactive session in this beautiful space in a garden. The atmosphere is friendly, village-like and very down to earth. 

If you want a break from the usual sightseeing and understand how the people keep the culture of Cambodia alive, book your tickets now. You can watch and listen to the show, touch the puppets, and learn the art of making shadow puppets.

Decode Cambodian Temples

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This particular session feeds curious historians and aspiring architects by talking about temples. You can learn valuable facts about the temples that were ancientand Chinese-inspired in their architecture. Angkor Wat’s remarkable history makes you informed of its remarkable region. 

The instructor is well informed through his in-depth talks on the subject of the temples, their architecture, inspiration and the course of their change. Your next experience while visiting temples would be impacted if you have already learned how to decode with the local experts.

The Pub Street

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If you want to make the night more interesting beyond just watching a couple of shows, then you should sign up for some great wine from the bar. You’re getting the full-on experience. These people surely put up a great show but it gets better when there is alcohol in the open air of the Bambu Stage.


If you are a tourist at Siem Reap, you can sign up for different types of tours and book show tickets. You could find yourself learning how to cook a new meal or be in a pottery class. There are many places to visit and even more things to try out. 


Visiting the Bambu Stage would be a change of scenario for anyone looking for something different. It would delight you with its friendly people, great ambiance, fine meals, and informative sessions. Collect jungle wild memories with friends, family or just by taking yourself out on a self-date!


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