10 Best Things in Jeju Island | South Korea

10 Best Things in Jeju Island

Visiting Jeju Island to cross it off of your bucket list in 2020? If you’ve never been there before, high chances are you still don’t know what are the exact things you can do. We’re here to help you figure out what to see and do there. When you finally make it to Jeju Island, these suggestions will come in handy. Before you get to, what many call the “Korean Hawaii”, take a look through our list of the 10 best things in Jeju Island.

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10 Best Things in Jeju Island | South Korea

1. Immerse Your Soul in Jeju’s Nature

Immerse Your Soul in Jeju’s Nature | 10 Best Things in Jeju Island
Source: smartshanghai.com

Some call it the world’s most beautiful, and we believe them! Jeju Island is famous for the natural beauty it comprises of. People who visit South Korea frequently usually keep it at the top of their priority list to make it to Jeju. Its breath-taking views, blue waves, sandy beaches, unique attractions both reflect and defy Korean culture.

2. Spend a Day for Your Honeymoon

Spend a Day for Your Honeymoon | 10 Best Things in Jeju Island
Source: livingnomads.com

Take an all in one tour with your significant other to this magical island. Watch your spouse become surprised and squeeze your hand the tightest in happiness. Walk with them on hiking trails and visit different museums and art galleries open across the island. Particularly take them to the Seonimgyo Bridge and take beautiful pictures as the wind blows away your hair. It would be a romantic gesture and you can create more memories together.

3. Fell Zen at the O’Sulloc Tea Museum

Fell Zen at the O’Sulloc Tea Museum | 10 Best Things in Jeju Island
Source: ttnotes.com

Can you imagine a book lover’s paradise in a museum? You won’t want to waste money at any cafe on the weekend! O’Sulloc Tea Museum allows you to enjoy tea, get relaxed and enjoy plantation. Take a wonderful tour or just read as you taste flavorful tea amid fascinating architecture. It’s quite hard to believe that such a place exists in Jeju Island!

4. Take Your Child to The Seogwipo Submarine

Take Your Child to The Seogwipo Submarine | 10 Best Things in Jeju Island
Source: Source: hulutrip.com

Feed birds as you move along the water and give the kids a delightful day out. The Seogwipo Submarine is a unique experience for any person, let alone quite an adventure for children!

See the priceless reaction on your kid’s face when you submerge together in the water. As you go 35 meters deep into the water, you can witness the beauty underneath. The coral and sea plants make your underwater tour fantastic. If you don’t want to come in contact with water, this is the best thing to do! No need for scuba diving or snorkeling when you can stay dry and take pictures of the fishes and coral.

5. Feel Majestic from up the Jusangjeollidae Cliff

Feel Majestic from up the Jusangjeollidae Cliff
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No matter who you’re visiting Jeju Island with, you have to go to Jusangjeollidae Cliff. It is a world heritage site reputed by the UNESCO. It is a wonderful cliff in South Korea that every visitor deserves to witness. Not only are the views spectacular, but you can also have great local food after a relaxing guided tour.

When the waves are constantly crashing with power between rocky openings, you can find a sense of completeness. You will feel as if you have seen the entirety of nature in this reserved park formed out of hexagonal basalt.

6. Walk Through the Manjanggul Caves

Walk Through the Manjanggul Caves
Source: easytourchina.com

Asia’s longest lava cave happens to belong to Jeju. If you’re visiting, you’re in luck to walk through it. Into a large cave of walls that show off the lava as if layers of veins inside the walls of a long snake. We don’t mean to sound morbid or scary, but walking through this cave would make you feel incredible. Although the floor is uneven, they keep it clean and beautiful. You can expect it to be cold, so bring a trustworthy jacket with your shoes.

7. Take Photos at Jeju Loveland

Take Photos at Jeju Loveland
Source: destinationtips.com

Jeju Loveland is one of the most talked-about places you absolutely must visit. It is a fun park where you will see amazing sculptures. They break the norm and shame with displaying exotic and sexual sculptures. Participate in the interactive exhibits at the Art Galler.  Observe the different figurines, the positions and the way they break the stereotype by representing various body types and break away from shyness. Even though Korea has a conservative culture, Jeju Loveland stands proudly with all its portrayals.

8. Get on With Water Sports

Get on With Water Sports
Source: jejuweekly.com

Swimming and running in the shallow waters sound great. But when you’re at the beaches in Jeju Island, there are tons of cool watersports to take up.  Try sailing, surfing or kayaking to test your limits or see how you can align with the waves. You can go scuba diving and snorkel for a great underwater world experience. These are the best summer activities you need to try on your next Jeju Island trip!

9. Hike Mountain Hallasan National Park

Hike Mountain Hallasan National Park
Source: ttnotes.com

Take a taxi to the Mt. Hallasan National Park Korea’s most high-standing mountain that is also a dormant volcano named Mt. Hallasan. Although it is the highest mountain, hiking to the top of it and coming back is easier than you would expect.

Mt. Hallasan significantly identifies Jeju and even from any other part of the island, you can see its peak. It is a popular hiking spot allowing tourists to view Jeju’s best angles from the topmost spot.

10. Follow the Walkways to Cheonjeyeon Waterfalls

Spend a Day for Your Honeymoon
Source: flickr.com/C. Rich Imagery

Surrounded by great jungle-like greenery, Cheonjeyeon Waterfalls is a great attraction. There are three waterfalls, in a short distance from each other led by beautiful wooden pathways. You can take shelter under the shades of the calming trees. Among many other geological marvels found in Jeju, the rocks in Cheonjeyeon Waterfalls are stunning. Even in the dry season, you will appreciate the blue calming waterfalls.

In conclusion, the interesting museums, beautiful sights, and waterways of Jeju Island are the worthiest places to gather experience from. They aren’t just places you visit but also engage yourself in. Connect with the picturesque nature of Jeju Island as soon as you step foot on it. Interact with its spots because it’s the ultimate tourist destination.

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