10 Best Things to Do at Night in Seoul | South Korea

10 Best Things to Do at Night in Seoul

Seoul is a bustling capital of wonders both for its locals and all kinds of travelers. No traveler of South Korea is a stranger to how big and powerful this city is!

Seoul is a jaw-dropping city with astounding cityscape views resembling those you only see in movies. Even beyond that, it depicts an awestruck South Korean culture to any newcomers.

The Seoul Nightlife

There are places such as the Starfield Library and the many temples of Seoul that you can only visit during the day time. There are equally out-of-this-world tourist destinations you can experience during the night time.

Seoul’s beauty booms as the sun sets and becomes an entirely different land. The nightlife is more enjoyable because of the colorful city lights, pollution-free air and less crowded streets.

Although tourists actively partake in activities at night time, you don’t have to be on the constant lookout in case trouble may appear. This wonderful city allows you to roam in its streets without worries even past midnight. So, let’s take a look at the 10 best things you can do at night in Seoul!

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10 Best Things to Do at Night in Seoul | South Korea

1. Visit Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market

Visit Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market
Source: 10mag.com

Day or night, this market place is stunning! However, it was built for the night wanderers who love taking trips and bargaining at random stalls. You can literally shop till 5 am in its great interior and appreciate the wide market-friendly space. You can literally make any kind of purchase while munching away on street food snacks.

At Bamdokkaebi Night Market, you can feel the thrill of the city. Witnessing how thriving the nightlife of Seoul is wonderful in its full essence. No tourist should miss out on this activity.

2. Hike Along the Seoul Fortress Wall

Hike Along the Seoul Fortress Wall
Source: commons.wikimedia.org

Can’t imagine hiking at night? Well, it isn’t uncommon at the Seoul Fortress Wall because its gates are open even past sunset. Naksan Park is famous for its night-time wonders alone. There are plenty of gates, each individually royal with a jaw-dropping history.

You can take both the regular or the easier trail to hike along the Seoul Fortress Wall. Either way, you wouldn’t find yourself alone because eventually, tourists end up visiting this place for a pleasant hike.

3. Answer to Chocolate Indulgence at Cacao Green

Answer to Chocolate Indulgence at Cacao Green
Source: rightmantravel.com

Get introduced to an organic cafe, Cacao Green. When you are having 2 am chocolate cravings, its vegan and gluten-free triple choc will give you life! Take that Instagram story and make everybody on your friend-list jealous! The world needs to know about one of the best finds of Seoul’s nightlife! If you also feature this cafe, you would be supporting a great cause for trying vegan-friendly eateries.

4. Put Your Hands Up at Gangnam 

Put Your Hands Up at Gangnam 
Source: travelvui.com

Did you know that most celebrities on a stay at Seoul scream at the top of their lungs at Gangnam night clubs? This would be your chance to break the dance floor with the iconic steps of PSY’s “Gangnam Style”!

Party till there is no energy left in you. Have the best night out with your friends at high-end clubs like the Octagon. It is the place to be for youngsters who love dancing their hearts out to EDM or hip-hop beats.

5. Gamble at Paradise Walker Hill Casino

Gamble at Paradise Walker Hill Casino
Source: seoulkoreatour.net

Feel like throwing down some money and taking a chance? Visit the famous Paradise Walker Hill Casino, but only if you have at least ten thousand to place a bet. The poker room is decent, and overall, the casino experience is wild and gets you even more excited with free drinks!

6. Witness the City Lights from Lotte World Tower

Witness the City Lights from Lotte World Tower
Source: kpf.com

The view from the 120th level of Lotte World Tower is unmatched. It’s no joke! One would have to see it for themselves to witness the marvelous city beneath them, that way you can witness the laid-out skyscrapers and towers hovering over the city streets that cannot be experienced from anywhere else.

7. De-stress at Luxury Su Nuraebang

De-stress at Luxury Su Nuraebang
Source: pinterest.com

Popular for its spacious interior and great facilities for families and the solo travelers, Luxury Su Nuraebang makes for a mandatory visit. You would be easily mesmerized by its glass doors, cozy couches, and its chaotic vibe. Seoul nightlife would be incomplete if you didn’t go into Luxury Su Nuraebang for karaoke. You can absolutely let go of all worries in the world and sing your favorite K-Pop song.

8. Have a Korean Night Dining Tour

Have a Korean Night Dining Tour
Source: thestickmadam.com

Get a local guide who can tour you for a few hours at night. A Korean night dining tour is the answer to your late-night food cravings met over conversations with a pack of strangers with the same passion! The tour is also informative, focusing on the culture and the backstory of Korean food.

9. Recharge in the Ultimate Spa Experience

Recharge in the Ultimate Spa Experience
Source: focusasiatravel.com

We can think of one name for spending a night at the spa – Dragon Hill Spa! You can literally get a relaxing spa with the best head and foot massage. Throw in a relaxing bath after getting scrubbed. Afterward, have a delicious dinner and fall asleep.

10. Go on a Romantic Ferry Cruise

Go on a Romantic Ferry Cruise
Source: http://english.visitseoul.net

The Hangang River ferry cruise is a one of a kind night tour. With your lover’s fingers intertwined in yours, watching the night sky and feeling the wind in your face, sharing a romantic cruise ride sounds like the perfect getaway!

A romantic night out is more private. Overall, it becomes a magical cruise. Make the best out of memories with breath-taking views, delightful fireworks while you listen intently to the on-board melodious performances and a late-night buffet.

To conclude, even if you aren’t in Seoul for a long stay, you can still take so much from its nightlife. You must try a few of the above 10 best things to make the most of Seoul. Rejuvenate your soul and find yourself in new melodies even if the night goes sleepless in Seoul.

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