10 Best Things to Do in Aceh | Indonesia

10 Best Things to Do in Aceh | Indonesia

Indonesia has many stunning destinations however Aceh is one of those places which are less sought after by tourists. Located on the side of the north, it was unfortunately struck by the catastrophic event of 2004, a tsunami that caused the death of about 20,000 people. Aceh has strict regulations as it follows Shariah Law.

Banda Aceh is the major capital and has several wonderful areas which you should visit. Intriguing museums and creative architecture are discovered here, and let’s not forget those breathtaking beaches! Aceh pays homage to a large number of prominent locations in all of Indonesia such as their colorful parks. In retrospect, this part of Indonesia even after the devastations of 2004, is still a great place to explore for trekking, hiking, and camping.

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10 Best Things to Do in Aceh | Indonesia

1. Camping is Nature’s Ambiance 

Camping is Nature’s Ambiance | 10 Best Things to Do in Aceh
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Lhokseumawe is the Aceh Province that has a stunning waterfall that is situated deep into the Sidomulyo Village, it is referred to as ‘Blang Kolam’. The waterfall is characterized as twin cataracts, it soars to a whopping 75 meters high and is covered by lush rainforest. Tourists and locals love to trek towards the waterfall. Here you will enjoy the greenery of the rainforest, with incredible scenery. If you ever feel tired from all the walking then a cool-mist will grace you that emanates from the force of the waterfall.

2. Visit the PLTD Apung

Visit the PLTD Apung | 10 Best Things to Do in Aceh
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This marvelous city has an abundance of attractions that are constructed for the tsunami. If you like vast sea structures like ships, then this place will be an ideal spot for you to witness. During the time of the tsunami in Aceh, this ship was carried inland. The exact location has been used as a landmark, to pay tribute to all those individuals who passed away because of the ferocity of the seas. Visitations to climb aboard the ship are allowed, and you will be able to look at the city’s views from an immense height.

3. Stop by to have Quality Caffeine 

Stop by to have Quality Caffeine | 10 Best Things to Do in Aceh
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Natives are always praising Acehnese coffee beans thus tourists will be delighted with the coffee they’ll be tasting over at Warung Kopi Solong. Throughout the country, Aceh is famous for their brew! This shop has been operating for nearly 50 years and is a great place to relax and enjoy the sights of the province.

It also offers a large array of food, and if you see the baristas grind the coffee beans then it will truly be an authentic experience. You could even buy one of their coffee beans and take it back as memorabilia!

4. Explore the Rainforest in Ketambe

Explore the Rainforest in Ketambe | 10 Best Things to Do in Aceh
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Gunung Leuser National Park begins in the Northern region of Sumatra then extends into Aceh. There are divergent paths to choose from when accessing this marvel, henceforth you should consult with your tour guide as to which road will lead you to the best views.

People are amazed when they visit this park, because of the diversity of species which live here. Beautiful plants and interesting animals reside here which makes up for truly movie-like experience inside the rainforest.

5. See the Local Museums 

See the Local Museums
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Museums are an amazing destination to see if you are willing to seek out more information about this part of Indonesia. If you ask locals about which one to visit, they might point to one known as ‘Negeri Banda Aceh’.

Filled with interesting galleries, it is one of the smaller museums in Aceh. Albeit this characteristic there is still a diversity of artifacts here from the olden days and some native oddities. The Museum is open on specific timings, so schedule your trip accordingly.

6. Stroll around Rumah Aceh 

Stroll around Rumah Aceh
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This area collaborates with a museum thus you can see two places at the same time. In addition to that, the landmark was constructed with a very native architecture that still holds up today. Its previous abode has been transformed and shows how natives conducted their day to day activities of yesteryear, you can see all this at the neighboring museum. If you’re a tourist who is passionate about visiting landmarks with traditional architecture that has a very good blend of an old-style, then this place will be ideal.

7. Chill out at Lampuuk Beach

Chill out at Lampuuk Beach
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One of the most prominent choices for relaxation can be discovered in Aceh. Water sports and surfing are some of the many activities which you can enjoy in these destinations. Lampuuk Beach is just a short drive away from the city and you can make a day trip out of it. The currents are quite strong around Aceh, so these areas are nice to relax by. The beach is located outside of Banda Aceh.

8. Observe the Kerkhoff Monument 

Observe the Kerkhoff Monument
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This city is filled with incredible monuments and among them exists Kerkhoff. It is the final resting place for war veterans. War against the Acehnese in ancient times led to many deaths. This zone serves as a memorial for all the people who passed away in battle. Due to unfortunate events of the Tsunami, the gravestones were demolished. But nowadays it has been replaced by inscriptions on structures made of wood, nonetheless still a valuable area to visit.

9. Be amazed by Mesjid Raya Baiturrahman

Be amazed by Mesjid Raya Baiturrahman
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Locally known as another name this is a must-visit for religious enthusiasts. Referred to as the Main Mosque, therefore knowing that may help you navigate to the area. Among all the incredible attractions here in Banda Aceh, this Mosque is possibly valued as a major stunning one to view. The Mosque ages nearly two hundred years ago, it was constructed by Dutch colonialists, thus it is shielded with intricate designs.

10. Discover Gunogan

Gunogan is considered one of the most amazing attractions in Banda Aceh. History states that this marvel was constructed by a renowned sultan for his significant other. The sultan’s wife longed for her birthplace, thus the order for construction was placed of this landmark.

Finally, Aceh is a wonderful city to explore, and it is truly one of Indonesia’s greats. Don’t be alarmed by the Shariah Law, or the Tsunami catastrophe as this place has plenty of activities to offer.

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