Top 10 Best Things to Do in Bagan | Myanmar

Myanmar is a country of untapped natural beauty. When visiting Myanmar, you can witness the beauty of Myanmar all through the year. Bagan is located in the Mandalay area. Like Machu Pichu, Bagan is an important archeological site. The town is al a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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10 Best Things to Do in Bagan | Myanmar

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During the 9th to 13th centuries, the city was the capital of the Pagan Kingdom. Before the war, Bagan was a unified state. In the 11th to the 13th century, Bagan housed 4,446 Buddhist temples, pagodas, and monasteries. Today, about 3822 temples and pagodas are still found in Bagan.

The main attraction of the city is Bagan’s archeological zone. The religious places and pagodas of the town are well preserved and restored by UNESCO. Some of these temples and pagodas contain big or small carvings of Buddha. Despite the growing crowd, the place still feels like a new and untapped place of beauty.

Bagan is a scorching area. Therefore, it is best not to visit the city from March to May. During this time, the temperature hits a high of 43 degrees Celsius. However, the best time to visit Bagan is from November to February. During this time, the temperature sits around 30 degrees Celsius.

1. Catching the Sunrise – Things to do in Bagan

- Things to do in Bagan
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When in Bagan, one of the best things to do is to wake up early and enjoy the sunrise over the ancient city. To enjoy this beauty, the best time to wake up is at 4:30.

After waking up, make your way to the temples to enjoy this magnificent beauty. However, it can get very crowded. That’s why you should go out early and find a suitable spot to enjoy the scenic beauty.

2. Cycling on an Electric Bike

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E-bikes or electronic bikes are an excellent means of transport in Bagan. While roaming around, you will find many shops selling or renting e-bikes. These bikes are environment-friendly, runs on battery, and very quiet. Enjoy the rustic paths riding on these.

3. Touring the Archeological Ruins

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Bagan archeological zone spread over sixty-seven square kilometers. While in Bagan, if you’re staying at the Ostello Bello, you have the opportunity to visit the ruins free of cost. You will find guides who know a lot about the place, city, and the temples. The guides will give you give a tour of the ruins for free. Keep in mind that the trip will go on for seven hours, and the tourists ought to rent their e-bike.

4. Enjoying Burmese Cuisine – Things to do in Bagan

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Burmese cuisine is one of the main attractions when it comes to visiting Myanmar. No shortage of restaurants, offers excellent Burmese cuisine. You will find different types of restaurants serving Burmese cuisine, from street food carts with no one but the chef, and European-Burmese mixed restaurants serving delicious Burmese food. Some of the fantastic restaurants include “Weather Spoon’s Bagan,” “Be Kind to Animals the Moon,” and “Seven Sisters Restaurant.” You can try various famous dishes of Myanmar over here. You ought to try out these dishes.

5. Visiting Manu-Sithu Market – Things to do in Bagan

- Things to do in Bagan
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If you’re tired of going on tours and exploring, try going to the Manu-Sithu Market. In the market, you can find various items such as handicrafts. You won’t have a problem communicating as the vendors over there can converse in English fairly well. Besides crafts, you will find many souvenirs over there as well. Besides these, you can discover tasty Burmese snacks, faux lacquerware, and more in these shops.

6. Visiting Lacquerware Workshop

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You will find faux lacquerware in Bagan, which is fantastic. If you’re looking for the most authentic lacquerware, you can find them inside the city. Among these workshops, the most notable seminar is “Bagan House Lacquerware Workshop.” In these workshops, you can observe how lacquerware is made from Bamboo. Usually, it takes eight to sixteen minutes to finish creating these lacquerwares. However, more detailed lacquerwares take almost a year to finish.

7. Enjoying the Sunset – Things to do in Bagan

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Just like sunrise, you can experience a magnificent sunset in Bagan too. Unlike in sunrise, to watch the sunset, you don’t have to go through any ordeal. Head to a temple around 5:30 to experience this scenic beauty. You will see how the sunset brings out the beauty of this rustic plains. However, you ought to return to your hotels just after sunset, because all the bugs come out after that.

8. Shopping at MBoutik – Things to do in Bagan

- Things to do in Bagan
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If you’re looking for local handicrafts, then the best place you can buy them from is MBoutik. An NGO runs the MBoutik called ActionAid. The items sold here are made by women who live in the villages around Bagan.

The money you spend here will be donated back to the local community. This way you can enjoy your shopping as well as give back to the local community of Bagan.

9. Exploring Shwezigon Paya

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Shwezigon Paya is the central religious building in the town. The religious structure is known for its large stupa. Visit the Shwezigon Paya during dusk, and you will see the beautifully illuminated temple. The plaques around the temple are made out of brushed enamel. These plaques tell the story of Jataka or Buddha’s past lives.

10. Visiting the Archeological Museum – Things to do in Bagan

- Things to do in Bagan
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Visiting the museum of any country, you will have the chance to learn about the customs, traditions, and the past of that country as well as its values. While in Bagan, you should visit the archeological museum.

The archeological museum is a large complex where you will find background information about the ruins all in one place. Aside from knowledge, you can find many artifacts over there too. These artifacts include pieces found in Bagan, which contain Buddha’s images and stones with inscriptions. Along with these, you will also see artworks of the various temples.

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In conclusion, Bagan is a great place to visit if you want to explore ancient ruins and temples. You are sure to have fun trying out all the cuisines and roaming around the ancient temples. Bagan is a must-visit if you’re planning to visit Myanmar.

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