10 Best things to do in Batanes | The Philippines

The archipelagic province of Batanes has plenty in store for people who are looking for an adventure. This serene region never feels too crowded, and there are lots of opportunities to get in touch with nature.

You will find many magnificent beaches for swimming, and caves for spelunking. Without further stalling, let’s dive right in and see what Batanes has to offer.

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10 Best things to do in Batanes | The Philippines

1. Wander the islands on a mountain bike

Wander the islands on a mountain bike
Source: roughguides

Buses and other public transportations can only take you to pre-selected destinations throughout Batanes. Therefore, the best way to traverse the islands of this spectacular province is on a high-quality mountain bike.

You will find several bike rental services scattered throughout the region, but make sure to only rent a mountain bike. Furthermore, other types of the cycle aren’t ideal for wandering the diverse terrains Batanes offers.

2. Feast on the native cuisine

Feast on the native cuisine
Source: pinoyadventura

Batanes has remarkable dining outlets that offer several unique Filipino cuisine. This region’s specialty is the much-revered Flying Fish and Coconut Crab. If you want to obtain the Flying Fish from its source, you can visit the local angling zones to observe fishermen catch these leaping demons.

Afterward, you can take your fish to any of the local grills in the vicinity to cook it for you. The massive coconut crab tastes equally amazing and is popular for its succulent meat.

3. Explore the magnificent Sabtang Island

Explore the magnificent Sabtang Island
Source: guidetothephilippines

Prepare to go on a prolonged boat ride with your buddies to visit the amazing Sabtang Island. The island itself is magnificent, and the view of the rolling hills will blow your mind!

As you arrive at the island’s port, you will notice small cement huts afar with lots of natives going about their business. From there, you will be required to share a Jeepney with other visitors to tour the entire island. Some interesting locations you

will see on your journey include the stone houses at Chavanay Village and the awe-inspiring Sabtang Lighthouse next to the translucent beach.

4. Dive into the pristine waters at Nakabuang Beach

Dive into the pristine waters at Nakabuang Beach
Source: zeotrip

Over the years, Nakabuang Beach in Batanes has built up a reputation for being one of the most flawless beaches in the world. Heck, this place has even been covered several times by major news networks such as CNN! This unparalleled beach has everything from the mushy white sand and immaculate waters to a panoramic view of Mt. Iraya and its surrounding area.

If you’re seeking an adventure, visit the famous Chawa Cave nearby. In contrast to most other beaches, you won’t find generic food stands and cheap jewelry vendors here. However, there is an old cottage in the vicinity that sells original Ivatan cuisine.

5. Hike across the spectacular Mt. Iraya

Hike across the spectacular Mt. Iraya
Source: Nick Paducho

With a height of 1009-meter, Mt. Iraya is at the heart of Basco. If you are seeking an adrenaline rush, you shouldn’t miss out on scaling this mountain. Unlike a lot of mountains, trekking here isn’t difficult.

You also get a view of the surrounding lush vegetation as you make your way to the summit. Once you reach the top, you will see the clouds brushing against the mountain and the nearby rolling hills. It truly feels like a paradise!

6. Rent a room at the fantastic Fundacion Pacita Lodge

Rent a room at the fantastic Fundacion Pacita Lodge
Source: jlgavino

The Fundacion Pacita Lodge has been applauded by tourists for their excellent service and wonderful scenery. Upon reaching the lodge, you will get a remarkable view of wide-open grasslands and the beautiful ocean. This captivating view is exactly why hundreds of tourist book rooms here.

Every room in this lodge is equipped with a sizable balcony, offering a unique view. You can sit on the bench here and enjoy your morning coffee. This lodge is ideal for a romantic getaway with your significant other!

7. Go on a fishing adventure at Diura Village

Go on a fishing adventure at Diura Village
Source: kuripotbiker

Diura Village, in Basco, is recognized for its small fishing community. Fishermen from all over Batanes come to this quiet village to try their luck at fishing. Around

certain times of the year, a huge quantity of fish migrates to the ocean surrounding the village.

For greater fish spawn, some fishermen have even built makeshift homes in this area to enhance their angling ability. Furthermore, try to visit this village around March to experience the incredible Kapayvanuvanua festival.

8. Become amazed at the sight of Homoron Blue Lagoon

Become amazed at the sight of Homoron Blue Lagoon
Source: leyzlie

The Homoron Blue Lagoon is nothing short of extraordinary. This fantastic lagoon is encompassed by dense foliage on elevated terrains and huge boulders. The scenery here will never fail to astound you, and there’s a trail leading to the lagoon perfect for hiking.

Don’t forget to bring your camera to take some pictures once you reach the pristine water below. However, travel with a guide, as the water currents can be strong sometimes.

9. Purchase items from the Honesty Coffee Shop

Purchase items from the Honesty Coffee Shop
Source: trover

Honesty Coffee Shop has one of the unique arrangements in the entire province. Moreover, these shops do not use any salesperson for selling their stock of products. Residents and tourists can drop by the shop and take a variety of items of their choice.

After taking a product, you are solely responsible for paying the price of your selected product on your own. Furthermore, you are also required to record your purchase on the shop’s ledger. This self-service arrangement has become massively popular on the islands.

10. Attend the Batanes Day Festival

Attend the Batanes Day Festival
Source: Rappler

If you visit the province of Batanes around June, attend the outstanding Batanes Day festival. This interesting festival is complete with live concerts and vibrant parades, alongside the spectacular view of the hills and grasslands.

You will witness several performances by ethnic communities such as dancing and singing. Multiple food stands will also be present for visitors to enjoy a wide selection of indigenous cuisines. Everyone is the festival is welcoming, and you will have an incredible experience.

To put it short, Batanes is a place you must visit if you are seeking solace and solitude, away from the pressures of living in a densely populated city. There are many unique activities for you to engage in, and it’s hard to tire of this place!

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