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If you are craving some jungle-themed adventure after all the beach days of the Philippines, you should definitely check out Bohol. Being the 10th largest island of the Philippines, there is a lot to explore in Bohol. For instance, the island has some cool geographical features like Chocolate hills, waterfalls, coral reefs, cold spring, and cavern with surprisingly clean water. The island is also full of biodiversity and marine resources. Visiting the old churches you will find traces of Spanish and Japanese colonization in Bohol. Apart from nature and history, there are tons of things to do in Bohol, the Philippines.

Bohol is heaven for adventurous people. There is a lot to cover- cliff jumping, bungee jumping, snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming in cave pool or climbing a 50ft waterfall. You might even find it hard to cover all of this in just one trip. To make the best of your Bohol visit, check out this list of 30 things to do in Bohol, the Philippines.

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30 Things to Do in Bohol, Philippines

1. Get your First Glimpse of Carmen Chocolate Hill

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Source: Flickr “shankar s.”

If you are imagining a chocolaty hill from ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, stop right there! Because they are not literal chocolate hills even though, the name suggests otherwise. Chocolate hill is a landscape full of symmetrical hills, which turns chocolate brown as dry season hits. There are hundreds of them, and you can get a 360 view of them from a designated viewpoint. To get your first glimpse of Chocolate hill in Carmen you can book a tour or go solo. Chocolate hill is the most famous attraction in Bohol, so be sure to keep it in your list of 30 things to do in Bohol, the Philippines.

2. Float down the Loboc River – Things to do in Bohol

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Source: Flickr “pydum”

With its green-hued water and lush tree-lined bank, Loboc is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines. On top of the scenic beauty, you can enjoy a river cruise with menus filled with traditional Filipino dishes. On this 60-90 minutes cruise, you get to enjoy buffet meals, listen to live music while the boat cruise through palm trees, banana plants, and coconut trees. This combination of good food, live music, and scenic beauty is definitely something you wouldn’t want to miss!

3. Get an Adrenaline Rush at Loboc Ecotourism Adventure Park

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Source: Flickr “Jonathan”

Want to fly over the jungle and Loboc River? Head out to Loboc Adventure Park and enjoy a thrilling zipline ride. You can enjoy the view of Loboc River from 100m above and might get some glimpse of the Chocolate hills. This 500m route only takes a minute of zipline ride but this one minute will be the most thrilling minute of your life. Don’t worry if you don’t quite trust the zip line cable, you can hop on a cable car of five and enjoy the same view.

4. Jump off the Cliff from Dimiao Twin Falls 

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Source: Flickr “OneTwoTrip Travel Expert”

Hidden deep inside the Guingoyuran forest you will find the turquoise water of Dimiao twin falls. The largest of these waterfall falls from about 50 ft. These waterfalls don’t run out even in summer. You can enjoy rafting, swimming or rock climbing here. Simply lying under the cascade of water might give you an otherworldly feeling. Cliff jumping is possible as the pool is deep enough in some parts. Be sure to check out the depth before jumping.

5. Be Enthralled by the Sunset at Panglao Beach

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Source: Flickr “ilya”

Enjoy a relaxing evening at Panglao Beach just with the reflection of setting sun in the calm water. You can go to Alona beach or Doljo beach to catch the sunset. If you like solitude, you should pick Doljo beach as it is more secluded than Alona beach. You can just relax and enjoy barely noticing the time passing by. You might even catch some awesome sunset shots as the reflection in the water is quite dramatic at Panglao Beach.

6. Swim with the Turtles at Balicasag Island

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Source: Flickr “akumach”

Balicasag Island is a 30-minute boat ride away from Alona Beach. The main attractions are hidden underwater- sea turtles, clownfish, barracuda, dolphin, mackerel, eel, starfish and so much more. You can go snorkeling to enjoy this rich biodiversity of Bohol Island. To swim alongside the giant sea turtles you have to go to turtle point. You can have 30 minutes swimming with these slow-moving sage creatures. Don’t forget to bring your waterproof camera to take a snap with your turtle friends!

7. Take a Refreshing Dip at Hinagdanan Cave Pool

Source: Flickr “Jhun Jhun Aliswag”

Hinagdanan Cave is one of the most remarkable caves in Asia. Taking a dip in the crystal water of this cave pool definitely should be on your list of things to do in Bohol, the Philippines. You can visit Hinagdanan on your way to Chocolate hills as it falls on the route. The cave is really magnificent with the clear pool water reflecting the stalactites hanging from the roof. It will take you about 15 minutes from Tagbilaran to reach this magical cave.

8. Be Captivated at Butterfly Sanctuary, Bilar

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Source: Flickr “RohcNem”

Take a guided tour at Bilar Butterfly Sanctuary and spend an afternoon following around butterflies. More than 200 species of butterfly will welcome you here. Apart from spending time with them, you will get to observe their fascinating life cycle from close range. This place is like mini heaven for butterflies with gardens, waterfalls, and whatnot. It will take you about 2 hours to take a tour of this place. These little winged creatures are sure to lift up your day!

9. Take a breather at Manmade Mahogany Forest

Source: Flickr “Piotr Gaborek”

2 km long stretch of tall mahogany trees and a long winding road is what Man-made forest at Bilar is. The best way to explore this forest is to hop on a bike and taking a ride in the deserted winding road. You will be amazed by the brown mahogany barks standing erect on each side of the road creating a green canopy above. If you want to go deeper into the forest, you can go up the side of the road and enjoy the kaleidoscopic show of sunlight through the green foliage.

10. Jump off the Cliff from Ingkumhan Falls

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Source: Wanderers And Warriors

Ingkumhan falls is probably the most suitable cliff jumping spot in Bohol. With its 12 ft deep pool of turquoise water, you can cliff jump, raft, rope swing from tree brunch or even climb the waterfall. Or you can just simply lie under the waterfall and tune in to the sound of rushing water. The water here is so clear you might even see some fish swimming by. You will find the cool water refreshing in summer days.

11. Spot some Tarsier at Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary

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Source: Flickr “Eva Praskova”

Did you know that Tarsier is the smallest primate on earth? This cute little creature with its soft fur and googly eyes will sure make your heart swoon. They are nocturnal and pass the day just sleeping in tree branches. So while visiting them petting or scaring them away by getting closer is strictly prohibited. This little creature is very fond of its privacy. Unfortunately, this is an endangered species. So be responsible and don’t do anything that might spook the little furry thing. It will take you about 30 minutes to visit Tarsier Sanctuary in Corella.

12. Be Mesmerized by Cadapdapan Rice Terraces

Source: Flickr “Khatt Jah”

Bohol is full of rice terraces but Cadapadan is one of the few that welcome visitors. Cadapadan rice terrace in Candijay provides you a spectacular view of the layered rice field carved out of the mountains. The view of the golden brown rice field wrapped around the mountain is magnificent from both land and air. If you take a day trip to Candijay you can catch a waterfall and cold spring here.

13. Be Closer to History at Blood Compact Shrine

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Source: Flickr “sheng rosario”

Blood Compact Shrine in Tagbilaran is the place where the first treaty between Europe and Asia was made. It is said that Miguel Lopez de Legazpi of Spain and Rajah Sikatuna of Bohol forged their blood compact here. You can find a sculpture of them toasting together to their friendship. This sculpture was made by Napoleon Abueva, a national artist. l if you are interested to know about the history of Bohol, this place should be on your things to do in Bohol, the Philippines list.

14. Visit Bohol Bee Farm Resort – Things to do in Bohol

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Source: Will Fly For Food

If you are in Panglao don’t miss out on a chance to have lunch at Bohol Bee farm resort. Founded with the intention to inspire organic farming to locals, it garnered a lot of tourist attention for its organic foods. You can have really delicious organic foods like vegetable lasagna, squash muffin and even specially brewed coffee from corn and wild berries! While waiting for foods you can take a tour of the bee farm.

15. Check out Loboc Hanging Bamboo Bridge

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Source: Flickr “Piotr Gaborek”

Hanging bamboo bridges are one of the interesting tourist attractions in Bohol. These 40m bridges were made originally for local people to cross the Sipatan River. The twin bridges are sturdy enough even for a motorbike. Crossing the bridges is really thrilling as they are fully suspended and made with bamboo. Though at first, they may look frail, once you step your feet on the bridge it wouldn’t seem so daunting. After all, locals cross them a hundred times a day and bridges are secured with sturdy cables.

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16. Swim in Mag Aso Falls – Things to do in Bohol

Source: Flickr “Ken D”

This place is quite secluded as most tourists don’t know about this lost paradise. 20km away from Tagbilaran, Mag Aso falls feature 8m high twin waterfalls, swimming pool and viewing deck. This place is very scenic, calm and serene with just the sound of the waterfall. For a day full of lazy swimming you can add Mag Aso to your itinerary. Though the pool looks shallow it becomes really deep directly under the waterfalls. This calm waterfall becomes a raging one during the rainy season, so it would be wise to plan your trip in moderate season.

17. Relax at Panglao Beach – Things to do in Bohol

Source: Flickr “wunder_kind”

Spending a day relaxing in a sandy white beach is a must in Bohol. The palm-lined, white sandy beach with deep blue water is a heavenly combination. You can spend a whole day lazing around the beach, go snorkeling, swimming, watch the sunset and get a massage at Panglao beach. So, put relaxing in Panglao Beach in your list of things to do in Bohol, the Philippines.

18. Swim in Cabagnow Cave Pool – Things to do in Bohol

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Source: Flickr “thepinaysolobackpacker”

Want to swim in clear water that would give you the feeling of being in space? Located in Anda the water of Cabagnow cave pool is simply to die for. The water is crystal blue from filtering through limestone. There is a jumping spot to jump to the 20ft deep pool. The cool turquoise water will do wonders for your mind. You can simply float in the water and enjoy the reflection of sunlight in the cave. This cave pool is basically a hole in the ground so there is a ladder built for you to climb out.

19. Check out Canawa Cold Spring

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Source: Jae Parkside Inn

Canawa cold spring is said to be the best in Bohol. You will find this gem in Candijay. The name came from local Cawa as in Pan. There are two pools in Canawa, one is man-made and the other is natural. The natural one is definitely better. The water in the pool is refreshingly cool. You can jump off a tree to the pool and enjoy swimming. If swimming is not your strong suit then there is a long rope tied across the pool to help you swim.

20. Scuba Dive at Alona Beach – Things to do in Bohol

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Source: Flickr “marco ottaviani”

You definitely wouldn’t want to miss scuba diving in Bohol. Alona Beach is the perfect spot to start you off. You can see the magical world of sea horses, starfish, clownfish, tortoise and so much more. The coral reef here is also pretty amazing despite being a typhoon frequented area. There are some cool diving spots here. You can go to Arco point to see sea snake, BBC for sea horses, or black forest for diverse fish. While diving, be mindful of the sea creatures and the coral reefs.

21. Go Paddle Boarding in Loboc River

Source: Flickr “ierre marius M”

If you want to slowly take in the view of Loboc River you should try out stand up paddleboarding. Stand up paddleboarding is a mixture of kayaking and little surfing. Paddleboarding at Loboc River is extremely relaxing. You can pass hours paddling amidst the green water, watching birds, mangrove forests, freshwater spring, and a waterfall. Be sure to have a full breakfast as paddle boarding requires energy.

22. Visit Baclayon church – Things to do in Bohol

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Source: Flickr “Dan Balan”

Want to visit the oldest church in the Philippines? Head out to Baclayon Church and be mesmerized by this church made from coral stones. This Catholic Church was established by Spanish missionaries in 1590. The church has some fascinating history from the Spanish era and cool stories of dungeons and tortures. You should check out the museum to know more. As Filipinos are very serious church goers you should avoid visiting on Sundays or morning. That way you can have a peaceful visit without the crowd.

23. Take a Countryside Tour by Moped

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Source: Flickr “Tyler Hay”

The roads of Bohol are perfect for bike riding. According to some, it is the best way to discover Bohol. You can rent a moped for 300-700 peso per day. You can cover Chocolate hills, hanging bridge, Corella sanctuary and Loboc River in a day. Riding moped; you can discover Bohol at your own pace and find some unexpected fun. Going along the winding roads you can stop at any spectacular spots, take upon the offer to have lunch with a humble villager!

24. Take a Sunrise Trek in Binabaje Hills

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Source: The Little Lai

Just a one hour ride away from Anda is Binabaje Hills. You have to book a guide before hiking. If you want to catch sunrise you have to start your journey at 4 am. Going on a motorbike for some time, you have to take a half-hour hike in steep to reach the top. The stunning view of fresh sunlight hitting the folds of green mountains will make your hiking worth. The rolling pattern of the hills and the vibrant colorful sky is an incredible mixture that you wouldn’t want to miss.

25. Check out Virgin Island – Things to do in Bohol

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Source: Flickr “polyumi”

You can go island hopping and spend a day at Virgin Island, the giant sandbar! You can book a 10 USD tour from Alona Beach to explore Balicasag, Virgin Island and to meet some dolphin on the way. In Virgin Island, the water is so clear it might seem like you are floating above the seaweed! This island is not the best place to swim because of the tangling seaweed. Nonetheless, you can just stay half merged in shallow water and relax under the sun.

26. Take a Plunge in Danao Adventure Park

Source: Flickr “Flair Candy”

Danao Adventure Park is renowned for its daredevil rides. It offers adventures like sky ride, wall climbing, rock climbing, river trekking, suislide and so much more. The suislide is a version of the zip line and this is highest in the Philippines. The main attraction of this park is the plunge, currently the tallest bungee jumping in the world. You will get the breathtaking experience of a 3-second free-fall swing between cliffs. So, muster your courage and take the plunge!

27. Go for Night Kayaking and Catch Some Fireflies

Source: Flickr “Tour Opp”

Night kayaking adventure starts before sunset. As you trudge deeper into the forest you will see the water changing colors with the setting sun. As dusk closes in you may feel like being in a magical forest- with buzzing cricket, water splashing under paddles and the light of thousands of fireflies. The mangroves make a perfect canopy over the head and water catches their reflection. For this mystic experience, you should keep night kayaking at Abatan River in your things to do in Bohol, the Philippines list.

28. Check out the Pebbled Beach of Can-Uba

Source: Flickr “Junn Bastardo”

Halfway between the white beach and Dimiao, you will find Can-Uba Beach. This beach is unique among the sandy beaches of Bohol, as it has pebbles instead of sand. You can swim or jump off a nearby cliff. The water is really clear because of all the rocks and pebbles. This place is rarely full of tourists so you can have some relaxing time in this palm-lined beach, away from the crowd.

29. Visit Kinahugan Falls in Bohol

Source: Jonny Melon

Kinahugan falls is in Jagna, approximately 50 minutes away from Anda. These falls are quite secluded so you might get the place by yourself. This moss-covered site features 3 waterfalls. The main fall is flanked by two waterfalls on each side. The water gushes down from about 50 ft height in a 15 feet wide pool. As the falls are surrounded by thick foliage the place gives off a jungle paradise vibe.

30. Dive off the Cliff in Alexis Cliff Dive Resort, Panglao

Source: The Runaway Gypsy

If you are looking for a safe diving spot you can go to Alexis cliff dive resort in Panglao. The resort has a 5m high diving platform. For 1 USD you can make the jump, watch some sardine ball, and walk down the stairs leading to the ocean for a swim. This diving spot is very popular among Panglao tourists. If you don’t quite trust your driving skills, this is the best place for you to start.

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To Conclude, Bohol is a place where you will find adventures just about every corner! So, don’t think you will run out of things to do in Bohol, the Philippines. It is quite the opposite; you might run out of time before you finish exploring the island. Hopefully, this list of 30 things to do in Bohol, the Philippines will get you off to a good start. So, start your exploration and fall in love with Bohol!


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