30 Things To Do in Boracay | Central Island of Philippines

Filled with beautiful beaches and resorts; Boracay is one of the most amazing destinations for you to visit in the Philippines. Boracay is an island; it is located in the central Philippines. You can go there by plain or using some other transports as you may wish. Transportation is easily available on the island so you won’t have to worry about that. Boracay is also a very friendly area; the people of the Philippines love tourists and embrace them with open arms.

If you are a traveler; you will certainly be excited about all the things to do in Boracay, the Philippines. The Philippines are filled with amazing destination and many tourists visit them. So, the airlines and hotels are very friendly for tourists.

Although an island with an area of only 10 square km; Boracay has many things to offer. You can try some exciting activities that will thrill your nerves and adventurous spirits. There are activities for the calm souls to enjoy themselves as well. Read on to check out our list of the things you can do in Boracay.

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30 Things to Do in Boracay, the Philippines

1. Explore the Picturesque View of Boracay with Paraw Sailing

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Source: FLickr “Darius”

Paraw sailing is a special type of local sailing in Boracay Island. You will get to live in the moments we usually see in movies. These specially designed boats have two sails. The boats also use two outriggers. You can go on Paraw sailing with the local sailors and enjoy your time in the sea.

Source: Flickr “Julia Sumangil”

We all have seen pictures of triangular-shaped sails at some point in our lives. Painters love to draw these sails. Well, guess what? You can go sailing in boats which have these sails as well! Whichever sailing boat you choose the beauty of the ocean and vast water body is bound to impress you.

2. Watch Sunrise in Philippine’s Ocean from a Ferry

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Source: Flickr “maddog226uk”

This is an activity to start your vacation in Boracay Island with. You can go to the island on a ship; this will obviously add to your bucket list of activities. You can also hire or book a ferry that will let you rest in the ocean and you will be able to see the sunrise during the morning. The sun shines bright and beautiful over the sea and the island looks outstandingly beautiful from afar.

Not that many people are on the beach when the sun rises so you will get to see the empty beach only holding nature. It is a lifetime experience to watch sunrise sitting on the sea and looking at beaches in the peaceful morning. You should most definitely try it!

3. Visit Bulabog Beach to Watch the Sunrise

Source: Flickr “Roman Nuritdinov”

If you cannot afford a ferry or do not want to reach Boracay island on a ship; don’t worry, we have an alternative for you! Bulabog Beach is a great beach in Boracay Island. The ocean looks the most beautiful from this beach and relaxing in this area seems to be more peaceful than the others. Imagine reading a book or cycling around under muted light of the sun just rising in an empty beach. What could be more beautiful?

4. Have a Romantic Getaway in the Beautiful Station 1 Resorts

Source: Flickr “Jun Realce”

Romantic getaways obviously require more privacy than regular vacations. Well, the resorts located in Boracay have kept that in mind. One of the best resorts for couples on the island is situated in the station 1. You can enjoy a private pool not so away from the sea with your loved one. The pools are actually large hot tubs so it is a must for relaxing moments. Imagine watching the sunset in the sea sitting in a hot tub with your significant other. That might be the most romantic activity ever.

5. Enjoy the Bustling Night Life in Boracay Island

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Source: Flickr “Richard”

The island turns into a zone for partying after nightfall. Most of the people who visit Boracay are Filipino. Although they are not local to the island they do enjoy their time like it’s their home. Filipinos enjoy karaoke and drinking along with dancing in bars. You can visit a bar and meet many people who would love to be friends with you. If you are having a solo trip; you should definitely visit the bars to share beers with fellow visitors. The Filipinos are excellent and very funny. Everybody loves their company.

6. Explore the Night Market of Boracay Island

Source: Flickr “valdezmarlonc”

Like any other popular tourist spot; Boracay Island is filled with little shops for tourists. These shops have everything you can look for as a visitor. The shopkeepers and keen to show products and cater to the customers. You won’t have any problem having a conversation with them as most of them speak excellent English.

Filipino food is also available in these markets. You can devour amazing and delicious Filipino cuisine at cheap prices if you visit the night market. If you are a traveler you already know that night markets are the best places to visit for knowing the locals. It is obviously one of the best things to do in Boracay, the Philippines.

7. Visit the Calming and Beautiful White Beach

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Source: Flickr “Georgi Stanev”

If you are visiting Boracay Island, you have to visit this popular beach. The white beach looks like something that came out of paintings. God has done very well creating and designing this beach. The pine trees, the mountains situated far away and the light blue seawater make it all look so beautiful.

The beach tends to get crowded so you might not have a chance of relaxing on your own. But it’s really a huge area; find a place where no one is sitting and just enjoy everything nature around you has to offer.

8. D’MALL – The Ultimate Destination for Shopping in Boracay Island

Source: Flickr “Clonedbird 克隆鳥 & Iris 艾莉絲”

If you are looking for a place to shop your heart away; this is the market for you. The D’MALL is a huge and bustling place you can visit any time of the day. Space is big and has many people shopping around usually. Many souvenir stores and jewelry shops make this place a colorful and beautiful mess. You can get things at a very affordable rate here too!

Source: Flickr “Yasuko_”

If you are craving food from your locality or country; you can get that here as well. The mall caters to everyone.

9. Party hard in Boat Parties of the Boracay Island

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Source: Flickr “Jean_Paul”

At only 1800 PHP you can party all day with unlimited drinks in a boat in Boracay Island, Philippines. You can end your vacation with a huge boat party or start with it. These parties are simple yet very luxurious. If you love to drink and dance around; this is the ultimate destination for you.

Boat parties are held during day time. The boat roams around from 1 pm to nightfall. It is only held during Saturday and Thursday so you will have to arrange your schedule accordingly. The tickets are available in Mad Monkey Hostel Boracay of Bulabog Beach.

10. Go Island Hopping and Snorkeling for an Adventurous Experience

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Source: Flickr “waveme | 웨이브미”

Boracay Island is home to one of the most diverse marine lives. You will not believe your eyes it is so colorful and beautiful. People simple are in awe of the place. Although there are some beaches which are restricted to people; island-hopping includes exciting places.

Usually, island hopping includes Crocodile Island, Puka Beach, and Crystal Cove Island. You can go snorkeling in these islands and explore the beautiful creatures living underwater.

The snorkeling activity is very safe. Even kids can participate!

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11. Scuba Diving in the Boracay Island

Source: Flickr “Mc Pol Cruz”

As the island is full of beaches and resorts; it obviously includes the most exciting activity, scuba diving. There are instructors and trainers to help you if you have not done this before. Many people actually come to this place just for scuba diving as the marine life is so amazing to explore. The government has also taken initiatives and closed some beaches to tourists to save marine life.

A whole day of scuba diving and coming back in a boat is available in Boracay Island. It will be an activity you remember for the rest of your life.

12. Watching Sunset and Paraw Sailing

Source: Flickr “Rodj Tulang”

This activity is most enjoyable from the white beach. As the government has restricted overcrowding of tourists; the beach is actually more enjoyable now. You can do many things but this is one of the best things to do in Boracay, the Philippines. It is a scenic and romantic site. Many people love to gather on the beach just before sunset to experience this.

Other beaches offer an equal level of beauty in the sunset as well. But you cannot see paraw sail there. If you would just love to experience the coming of nightfall on a beautiful beach; the other ones will do for you.

13. Have the Thrilling Experience of Parasailing Above the Sea

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Source: Flickr “Aries Valeriano”

Imagine going over the vast sea like a bird. The island of Boracay offers parasailing activity to its tourists. You can go parasailing on different beaches but not in all of them.

Bulabog Beach is a popular and safe site for parasailing. You will have fresh air and a lot of space to move around like an eagle on this beach. If you are visiting Boracay Island through a tour company, check if they have parasailing included in the package.

14. Get a Luxurious Massage to Pamper Yourself

Source: Flickr “Jun IvirFollow”

Boracay island has some of the most interesting and beautiful spas. You can get a couple of massages there as well! The spa will not only massage you with the best masseuse in the world but also provide you with a beautiful relaxing environment. If you are traveling with a kid, do not worry; many spas will take care of your little one while you relax your mind and your body. You can get whatever beverage you want while getting massages as well! It is the ultimate pamper activity that you must do!

15. Attend Yoga at the Beautiful Seabird International Resort.

Source: Flickr “jcr22273”

If you have partied all night, a yoga class will certainly help you freshen your mind and relax. You might join a yoga class out of interest too. All the instructors here speak English and will cater to you like a proper guru. You can never go wrong with yoga in Boracay. The Filipino people love yoga and encourage others to do so!

Apart from our recommended Seabird International Resort, there are other centers you can join for a quick yoga session.

16. Enjoy Paddling in the Calm Waters of the White Beach

- things to do in boracay
Source: Flickr “Kristoff de Villa Sole Escape”

The white beach is very popular for all the things it offers to its tourists. Paddling on the white beach is a common activity among both locals and visitors. You can rent a paddleboat anywhere on the beach as there are many stores that offer the boats. You can also get a local in the store to help you if you are nice!

The water is almost like that of a closed space. It does not move at all! So even if you do not have experience with paddling, you can go paddling here safely.

17. Zip Lining in the Boracay Island

Source: Flickr “Robert S. Thompson”

If you are an adventurous soul who just loves daring activities; Boracay Island has something special for you! Ziplining takes only around 2-3 minutes on the island and costs very low. You can go once in the zip and reach the other side with only 1000 PHP! The scenes you will see during the zip lining are amazing. You can see the greenery and water body afar while going. It’s a great experience for anyone who loves a little adventure.

18. Cliff Diving from Ariel’s Point

Source: Flickr “Jeffrey Tan”

Ariel’s point of Boracay Island is one of the most popular cliff diving sites in the world. If you search the place on YouTube, you will see many videos of cliff diving. The scene is mesmerizing.

You can include cliff diving and snorkeling in a schedule of one day only! A boat will take you to Carabao Island. Here you can go snorkeling. And after that, you can reach Ariel’s point. The point has an extended bamboo ladder for preventing accidents. You can go to the edge of the ladder and JUMP! You will definitely enjoy falling into the water in front of a beautiful site.

19. Have a Luxurious 10 Minute Ride in a Helicopter around Boracay

Source: Flickr “Navjot Singh”

If you would like to see the 10 sq km of the land of beauty from up above, a helicopter ride is great for you. The ride costs only 5000 PHP for one person.

It is definitely worth it. You will be able to see all the beaches and the people from way above the land. Helicopter rides are fun even above the towns we live in; imagine how amazing it would be over the beautiful Boracay. Definitely one of the things to do in Boracay, the Philippines.

20. Try Helmet Diving In the Waters of Boracay

- things to do in boracay
Source: Flickr “bernadette osabel”

Helmet diving is a unique experience for tourists. For those who don’t know what it is, helmet diving is diving in a helmet-like enclosure that has breathing gas for the diver. You will most definitely have excellent pictures while doing this activity. You can go to helmet diving on different beaches in Boracay Island. The activity is conducted for around 20-25 minutes and it will cost you 1000 PHP. It is a lifetime experience so we highly recommend you to try it!

21. Visit Willy’s Rock

Source: Flickr “Den Saluta”

You can visit the Willy’s Rock while strolling through the White beach in a lazy evening. The rock is popular among locals and they are often seen visiting this site. It beautifully crafted huts looking rock. There is a staircase that is very brittle looking. The thing looks like something came alive from the children’s storybook. It is very beautiful to look at during sunset.

22. Visit the Puka Beach

Source: Flickr “Nic Crown”

The White beach is a great attraction in Boracay Island. But other beaches are excellent if you are looking for a calm and peaceful environment. You can relax in silence at the Puka beach all day without anyone disturbing you. There are not many people and the beach is not very sunny either. You can find a nice shade or relax under an umbrella just enjoying nature.

It is recommended to go to the Puka beach during the morning or evening. The sailboats come here during lunchtime so it gets crowded around noon. Reaching the beach is easy and fun! You can rent a tricycle with only 20PHP and cycle to the beach with your friends.

23. Learn About Filipino Cuisine by Attending a Cooking Class

Source: Flickr “Suzie Ismael”

Filipino cuisine is rich and full of flavor. You might want to take some of the food back with you but food won’t last forever. You can attend cooking classes to learn Filipino cooking and cook for yourself! This will come handy to impress your friends back home. Along with learning to make adobo; you will learn many other delicious recipes through these cooking classes.

24. Visit the Diniwid Beach

- things to do in boracay
Source: Flickr “Anders Thorsell”

If you arrive at the white beach and are disappointed by the crowd; walk five minutes to the Diniwid beach. This beach is a place filled with natural flora and fauna. There are rocks covered with moss and the sand glistens like crystals in the sun. This is a paradise for introverts! You will not find many people here. There are rocky structures in the water too! Climb up in one of them to feel like a mermaid.

25. Visit Steve’s Cliff

Source: Flickr “Out of town blog”

This cliff is named after a foreigner who is buried here. You can see the grave of Steve from White beach. The waters of this cliff are a little different from the other beaches in Boracay. It is whiter and you can see little starfishes roaming around underwater! You can spend hours in this calm beach relaxing on your own. As there are not many people around or many shops either; it is recommended to take food and water with you.

26. Cycle Around in the Ilig Iligan Beach

Source: Flickr “Al HubTours & Travel”

This is another low key beach just a few km away from Puka Beach. You can tricycle to this beach and cycle around on the beach with your friends too. The beach is surrounded by greenery. Many kinds of birds live in these mountains so you will hear chirping. It looks like a scene out of Disney movies. Visiting this place is a must for things to do in Boracay, the Philippines.

27. Visit the Boracay Oceanarium

Source: Flickr “LushAngel”

Boracay oceanarium is one of the best places you can visit. You can go scuba diving or walk in the oceanarium. You can even have lunch or dinner under the water body of the place. Imagine having excellent Filipino cuisine while fish swims above you. This is a once in a million opportunity as many countries don’t even have this!

28. Go Wave Riding

Source: Youtube “Ruby Ann”

The Wave Rider in Boracay is one a kind facility. They provide an instructor for riders and it is done in a pool. This will certainly add to your experiences!

29. Try Shisha from the Local Bars

- things to do in boracay
Source: Flickr “marxtermind09”

Shisha is legal in the Philippines. You can definitely give it a try during partying with the locals. What’s the point of visiting other countries if you are not going to try new stuff?

30. Tour around Boracay in ATV

- things to do in boracay
Source: Flickr “江傑克”

You can do this activity during the morning and it costs only 2000 PHP to ride an ATV. You will be given a helmet for safety.

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To Conclude, visiting any new place is exciting. The Philippines’ government is strict about saving its marine life. So, when you visit the sites in Boracay, be mindful of other species. Do good, be good!

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