Top 30 Things to Do in Cebu, the Philippines | The Queen City of the South

One of the most beautiful provinces of the Philippines, Cebu; is a beautiful city full of islands and beaches. There are many amazing and enticing things to do in Cebu, the Philippines. Cebu is a fairly big city. It is home to many people and most of them have an occupation in the sea. It is a port city.

Another name of Cebu is the Queen City of the South. It is called so because of its enigmatic development and urbanization. Yet Cebu people value their natural flora and fauna. The people love the ocean and sea animals. Seafood is also popular in this region of the Philippines. Among the things to do in Cebu, the Philippines; visiting beaches and Oceanarium are some of the bests.

You can visit Cebu during any season; it is always fun there. As the province is a bit populated, it is recommended not to visit during humid seasons. Below is the list of our favorite activities that we hope you will enjoy in Cebu. Read on to know more!

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Top 30 Things to Do in Cebu, the Philippines

1. Visit the Terrazas de Flores of Philippines

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Source: terrazasdeflores official

Terrazas de Flores is one of the most popular attractions in the Philippines. It is a flower garden. The garden is not a simple flower garden or a greenhouse; it is a terrace! A whole terrace which is turn into a flower garden.

The garden has many different colorful plants and flowers. It was built by the farmers of the Philippines. It looks like something out of fairytales and Disney movies. And it stays open from 8 am – 9 pm. Have some time, around 3 hours in your hand to visit this garden. It is definitely a rare spectacle to be seen.

2. Try Lechon Kawali- An Exquisite Filipino Cuisine

Source: Flickr “JonasEcho5”

Filipino cuisine is celebrate all over the world. Many high-end restaurants in different countries have the tastiest food from this country in their menu. One of the most decadent and delicious food you will get to try in Cebu is the Lechon Kawali.

You can buy Lechon Kawali from any street food vendors. It is deep-fried pork. Pork belly is deep-fried in a pan with spice and seasonings; then served with sides or alone.

If you don’t want to eat from local or street vendors, you will also find this dish in restaurants.

3. Experience History in the Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House

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Source: Flickr “b0000rdz”

When you take a look at this old house, it looks like something abandoned and broken. But the house is neither broken nor abandoned. It is one of the very few things that withstood the test of time.

This 17th-century house is still the same as it was originally. It did not go through much rebuilding or anything of the sort. There are pictures, furniture, paintings and many other historical things preserved in this house. It is like traveling back in time!

4. Get Mesmerized by the Heritage of Cebu Monument

Source: Flickr “Constantine Agustin”

Eduardo Castrillo, one of the most prominent artists; built this monument. The monument is gigantic and looks very sophisticated.

This monument is important to the people of Cebu as the historical events of Cebu are displayed here. There are statues of warriors and people to represent Cebu.

It is in the middle of Cebu and surrounded by beautiful plants. An evening troll here is enough to refresh anyone’s mind. If you enjoy history and would love to learn about Cebu; this is the place you should visit.

5. Pay a Visit to the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral

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Source: Flickr “Josè Cabillan”

This cathedral covers a huge area. It was built by the Spanish people and has a Spanish architectural style. The cathedral is very quiet and peaceful. There are birds flying around and many types of flowers.

The cathedral has one main oval-shaped gate. All the windows are also shaped like a capsule. The glasses are colorful and resemble the glasses used in palaces.

Source: Flickr “dbgg1979”

There is more than one section for entry and different entryways for different sections. The place is kid-friendly. You will certainly enjoy your time in this beauty of unique architecture.

6. Roam around Cebu in a Jeepney

Source: Flickr “Andrew”

If you are visiting a place and do not use public transport, you are missing something very important. Jeepneys are the most common mode of transportation in many states of the Philippines. Cebu is no different. These vehicles are colorful and fun to ride.

Source: Flickr “Geir Bakken”

Interesting fact, jeepneys were formerly the jeeps used by the American army during World War II. They could not take all the jeeps back so the locals painted on them and started a business! Riding these jeeps will be an experience of a lifetime.

7. Devour The Local Cuisine in Cebuano

Source: Flickr “Ted Espinueva”

Ngohiong, a spring rolls; is the most popular street dish in Cebuano. The dish is deep-fried and has a nice, thick crust. Different ingredients like pork meat, five-spice mix, Singkamas, onion, garlic, and salt is used in this delicious dish. The roll is wrapped in a lumpia paper.

A sauce of savory, spicy or sweet taste comes with the dish.


If you are trying this dish, you should also taste Puso. Puso is a wrapped dish as well. The filling is rice. Try both of them together for getting the ultimate experience.

8. Tasted the Dumplings of Filipino Cuisine- Siomai

Source: Flickr “Parsnippety”

The Philippines is popular for wrapped and tasty food. Siomai is something similar of this sort. The dish is a dumpling and can be found in any local street cart or restaurants.

Pork is a popular meat in the Philippines. Many local foods are made with pork. The siomai is also made with pork filling. Filipino people cook pork in a way so that it does not smell anymore and the meat is crunchy.

The siomai is a specialty dish in Cebu. Everyone who visits Cebu at least tries this once. Visit Tisa to get the most affordable and delicious siomai.

9. Enjoy the Swing at Down South 118 Beach Resort

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Source: Flickr “achidave07”

Situated in the town of Oslob, this resort is a must-visit for romantic getaways. The resort has beautiful decks and sea-facing swings that you can enjoy. The water here is pale blue in color. It looks enchanting in the sun. The sceneries and backgrounds will get you more followers on Instagram for sure.

Oslob also has many places you can visit. Try staying at this resort for 1 to 2 days and enjoy roaming around Oslob as well.

10. Visit the ‘Our Lady the Immaculate Conception’

Source: Flickr “christian de jesus”

Our Lady the Immaculate Conception is a church in the Cebu city of the Philippines. This is one of the best things to do in Cebu, the Philippines. Visiting the church will make you feel like you are in another world. The architecture and the beauty of this church are not measurable. The church resembles old buildings in England.

You can take great pictures here. Wear something stylish and traditional. It is a great spot for visiting with family as well! Your kids will definitely enjoy the open area and excellent design of this church.

11. Have an Overwhelming Experience at the Cuartel Ruins

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Source: Flickr “wingmarc”

Otherwise called the Ruins of Oslob, the Cuartel Ruins is an unfinished architecture. If you are a historian, you will love this place. It is in Oslob. So when you are visiting Oslob, you can take some time to check this ruin out.

Source: Flickr “Eric Rio”

At night, this place looks very spooky. The place was built for Spanish soldiers. It was initially planned to be their barracks. But as Spanish rule ended in 1898, that did not happen.

You will find yourself lost in the unfinished design of this site. It is really an extraordinary sight to see.

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12. Have a Picnic in SM’s The Cube

Source: Flickr “Neil Evangelista”

Cebu is fill with unique architectural structures. SM’s The Cube is one of them. The cube is just a structure and people mainly take pictures around it. It has many square-shaped cuts on its walls and is standing on one of its corners.

You can see hills far away from this cube. The site is great for visiting in the evening or early morning. You will enjoy witnessing sunrise or sunset from this cube. Reaching this site is simple, you will find vehicles you can rent and they will drop you here.

13. Go Hiking in the Mount Babag

Source: Flickr “dbgg1979”

Mount Babag is the ultimate destination for seasonal hikers. You will find the trekking path and guides if you are willing to go hiking here. The mountain is not very difficult to hike and many tourists often go there.

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Source: Flickr “dbgg1979”

Many locals and tourists use this hiking opportunity to learn hiking. That is why mount Babag is also called a playground for mountaineers by many. The mountain is beautiful and green. It is home to many species of birds that you will meet on your path.

14. Try Snorkeling In the Waters of Cebu

Source: Flickr “Storm Crypt”

Scuba diving and snorkeling are two popular activities in Cebu. These activities are not actually hard to do. Also, these are some of the best things to do in Cebu, the Philippines.

Source: Flickr “Joe Newman”

There are many destinations where you can go snorkeling. The Monad Shoal, Pescador Island has excellent programs for scuba diving and snorkeling. Cebu is home to rich marine life. The water is warm as well. It is an excellent experience to go scuba diving here. Many centers have daily opportunities for snorkeling; you can try those if your schedule is tight.

15. Soak Yourself in the Waterfalls of Cebu

Source: Flickr “dbgg1979”

Cebu has many greeneries and waterfalls you can visit. Cebu Island covers an area of 4,000 sq km. This island is situated just outside of Metro Cebu.

Not only Cebu Island, but the city of Cebu also has over 90 waterfalls in the premises. You can visit one each and still, it would require you more than two months to finish visiting all.

All the waterfalls are amazingly beautiful. They are something that gives you the feeling of paradise on earth. Join the tours organized by guides to visit the most beautiful waterfalls.

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16. Go Island-Hopping Around Cebu

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Source: Flickr “Richard”

Cebu has many islands surrounding it. Most provinces of the Philippines have the opportunity of island hopping. As there are so many islands, why not hop from one to another?

Source: Flickr “waveme | 웨이브미”

For island hopping, you have to join a cruise. You can ask your guide or your hotel to provide more info about island hopping. Usually, island-hopping happens every day at Cebu. Each island has beautiful sandy beaches and light turquoise-colored water. The fishes in these areas are bright in color.

17. Experience Inner Peace at the Sacred Sites of Cebu

Source: Flickr “edwin lasquite”

One of the most calming and fruitful things to do in Cebu, the Philippines. There are many religious places like tombs and pagodas you can visit in Cebu. Each site is more beautiful than the other.

Cebu is also one of the first places inhabited by the Europeans during their reign. Some of the must-visit temples in Cebu are Monastery of the Holy Eucharist, Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod and Basilica del Santo Nino.

All of these chapels are excellently designed. They are colorful yet very elegant and classy.

18. Enjoy a Fun-Filled Day at the Cebu Westown Lagoon

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Source: Flickr “Jeff Melgo”

Whether you are a kid or an adult, you certainly enjoy water parks. Cebu Western Lagoon is one of the largest water parks in the Philippines. If you are traveling with kids, this is the place you should definitely visit.

Source: Flickr “Faith Mari”

There are amazing long slides and fountains where you can have a fun-filled day and enjoy yourself during summer. The location of this place is at FF Cruz Moonlight St. You can go there using public transportations.

There are karaoke and cafes as well for you to enjoy!

19. Have a Thrilled Experience in Whale and Dolphin Watching

Source: Flickr “Farl”

Marine life is abundant and happy in the Philippines. Every marine animal is taken care of and kept in large open spaces. The whales and dolphins in the Philippines are very friendly. Watching them surf through the water like a cheetah in the sea is amazing.

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Source: Flickr “Lars Igelström”

Sharks are also see in Oslob. It is a popular destination for tourists who would like to see any shark swimming in the waters. Trips to Moalboal arranges every day for watching dolphins.

The Philippines has strict rules and regulations to preserve its marine life. While you are interacting with the animals or just observing them, you need to abide by the rules.

20. Visit the Lapu-Lapu Shrine

Source: Flickr “Jonathan Garvida”

Explore the culture of Filipino people at the Lapu-Lapu shrine. This is also a great landmark for history. Many tourists visit this shrine often. It is quiet and serene.

The shrine has a beautiful architectural design. The site is actually a statue made of bronze. This particular statue is 20 meters high and looks gigantic. This is also an excellent place for taking pictures.

This statue is dedicated to Lapu-Lapu. Lapu-Lapu was a soldier and a leader. He played very important roles in the defeat of Spanish.

21. Shop Around at Ayala Center of Cebu

Source: Flickr “Storm Crypt”

Ayala Center is a mall come entertainment center in Cebu. This is a huge place. You can spend days here without getting bored. The place houses more than 40 restaurants. These restaurants have cuisine from many different countries in their menus.

There is a Cinema in the mall and there are also other food courts on different floors. The front of the mall has pathways you can walk around in.

You will find everything here. Starting from makeup to healthcare goods; you will certainly purchase products at great deals!

22. Try the Viewpoints of Cebu

Cebu has some of the most amazing natural sites. These sites are so green that they look like photographs. If you cannot visit all these sites, you can certainly visit a viewpoint to look at all of them at once!

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Source: Flickr “Neil Espina”

Busay Hill is one of the most popular viewpoints. You can see the whole Cebu city from this point. From afar, the town looks majestic.

Source: Flickr “Alan Con-ui Noval”

The Mountain View Nature’s Park is another popular viewpoint. This point also shows you the Cebu city. This is near to Busay Hill.

If you are into hiking, you can visit the Osmena Peak. This peak is in the southern part of Cebu and situated in the Dalaguete municipality.

23. Explore the Beauty in Butterflies at Jumalon Sanctuary

Source: jumalonbutterflysanctuary

How long has it been since you last saw a beautiful butterfly? It is true that butterflies are dying quickly and to preserve their entity, Jumalon Sanctuary was opened. There are 50 different species of butterflies here.

100 food plants for these butterflies keep here. The butterflies swarm the place and make it look like heaven on earth.

The sanctuary stays open from 9 am- 5 pm. It is located in the J.N, Jumalon St, Cebu City. The best time to visit this sanctuary is from February to June. Breeding is done during this season.

24. Explore the Majestic Magellan’s Cross

Source: Flickr “shiela marie”

This site was built by Portuguese and Spanish when they inhabited the Philippines. From 1521, this cross stands strong and sturdy. The cross has a room around it. The room is also spectacularly built. The dome high up in the ceiling gives the cross more intent appearance.

Visiting hours are 8 am-6 pm. The Christian Filipino people highly value this cross.

25. Take a Dip in the Mesmerizing Kawasan Falls

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Source: Flickr “Manley Cardinez”

Badian is in the south of the Philippines. Arriving at Badian is simple. You can take any public transport from Cebu and reach here. Kawasan Falls is only a 30-minute walk from Badian.

It is so beautiful that you will remember seeing it for the rest of your life. The water is very still. In pictures, it looks like a turquoise colored plane and waterfall is falling on it.

You can swim here, take a dip and splash around with your friends. If you are visiting Cebu during the summer, this is a must-do thing.

26. Go to the Taoist Temple of Cebu

Source: Flickr “Mark Bertulfo”

The Taoist Temple is situated in Beverly Hills of Cebu city. This temple is made of stones and has withstood decades. You will need to climb 99 steps to reach the temple. These 99 steps are one of the main attractions of the Taoist temple.

The temple looks very fancy. It’s like another universe here. Definitely visit this temple if you are in Beverly Hills.

27. Have Adventures at Sky Walk

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Source: Klook

If you would like a challenging experience, head to the Crown Regency Hotel and Towers. There are many thrilling activities for you arranged by this hotel.

The skywalk is at 126 meters height transparent surface that you can walk on. Tourists love to take pictures here. It looks like the whole city is below your feet.

If you are afraid of height, we highly discourage you to try this.

28. Try the Edge Coaster

Source: Pinterest “Crownregency Hotel”

If you do not want to try skywalker and would love something more endearing; we have edge coaster for you! This activity is offer by the same hotel.

This is a platform with 2 seats which are inclined on 55°. This is done 130 meters above the ground level. This will give you a feel of having ground below you but it gives you a feel of more security.

29. Go Potholing in the Caves of Cebu

Source: Flickr “thewild”

If you are into exploring caves, this is the best activity for you. Guadalupe Cave, Balay Sa Agta, and Lagtang Cave are suitable for potholing.

Limestones are the walls of these caves. There are tunnels that will take you to the center of any cave and give you a thrilling journey.

30. Try Rock Climbing in Cebu Island

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Source: Flickr “marco malaca”

Many people of Cebu Island climb rocks as a sport. This gained popularity because of different structures in the rocks of this island. Plateaus of limestone have created a natural playground for rock climbing.

Visit Cantabaco to experience rock climbing in Cebu.

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Hence, Cebu is a gorgeous place and is home to the most diverse sites. There are beaches, mountains, historical sites and urban malls for you to entertain yourself in. Try all the activities you are excited about and have a great trip to Cebu!

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