10 Best Things to Do in Coron | The Philippines

Although many consider Coron to be a tiny mundane town, it has its charm. This serene tourist destination is frequented by tourists from all around the world and is applauded for its beautiful landscape and amazing activities. Tourists looking for an adventure can partake in activities such as swimming, diving, snorkeling, and much more. In this article, we explore 10 different things Coron has to offer.

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10 Best Things to Do in Coron | The Philippines

1. Traverse the incredible Mt. Tapyas.

Traverse the incredible Mt. Tapyas
Source: dailytravelpill

Unlike a lot of other mountains, you won’t feel the temperature falling as you scale the enormous Mt. Tapyas. The temperature is usually consistent here at around 97°F. Standing at a height of roughly 210 meters, this mountain is ideal for trekking and camping.

However, terrains can be a bit challenging for novice mountain climbers. If you manage to reach the summit, you will be greeted by a panoramic view of Busuanga Island and Coron Island.

2. Appreciate the spectacular scenery of Coron Bay.

Appreciate the spectacular scenery of Coron Bay.
Source: thecrazytourist

Hailed as one of Coron’s most attractive tourist spots, Coron Bay seems like something out of a movie! If the pristine water brushing past awe-inspiring limestone cliffs do not intrigue you, then you should explore the many underwater shipwrecks in the area. These spots are ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving. You can also traverse the bay with the aid of a knowledgeable guide to discover new swimming locations and astonishing inlets.

3. Go bird-watching at Kingfisher Park

Go bird-watching at Kingfisher Park
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If you want to take in nature’s beauty while remaining on the shore, drop by the prestigious Kingfisher Park. This place is well-known for its dense mangrove forests sheltering a wide range of native and exotic birds. Other than birds, you will also find a diverse selection of wildlife that won’t fail to fascinate you.

If you get bored with just observing the divine nature around you, you can hike across the magnificent Mount Lunes Santo Trek. Lastly, you can also rent a kayak and observe unique species in the water and along the mangroves.

4. Jump into the pleasant Maquinit Springs

Jump into the pleasant Maquinit Springs
Source: Matt Kieffer | Flickr

Many would probably be reluctant to jump into a hot spring after scaling Mt. Tapyas. The journey to the top is already difficult due to the warm temperature, and the hot spring itself can reach temperatures exceeding 102°F.

However, you would not want to miss out on jumping into this rare saltwater hot spring, as there are only a few around the world. Close to the hot spring, there’s also a small beach for you to take a soothing stroll.

5. Be amazed at Twin Lagoon

Be amazed at Twin Lagoon
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Getting its name from a limestone barrier of Calis Mountain separating the two lagoons, this beguiling tourist spot is great for first-time visitors. However, to get to these natural pools, wait until the surrounding waters exhibit low tide.

As both saltwater and freshwater coincide at this converge within the lagoons, you will experience a range of temperatures as you dive in. This place is perfect for snorkeling and you get to notice many marine life forms.

6. Explore the underwater mountains at Barracuda Lake.

Explore the underwater mountains at Barracuda Lake.
Source: remotelands

The Barracuda Lake is one of Coron’s primary attractions, known for its clear water and enthralling view of mountains underneath. Getting to the lake is simple as you only need to climb up a few wooden steps. Don’t forget to bring your underwater gear with you, as this amazing lake sways you into a long snorkeling or scuba diving session.

Similar to Twin lagoons, this place is subject to the natural processes of halocline and thermocline. Even though snorkeling here is fun, scuba diving is the best way to fully explore this amazing lake.

7. Check out the beautiful Bulog Island

Check out the beautiful Bulog Island
Source: civitatis

Blog Island is one of the most fascinating locations near Coron. This place has picturesque white-sand beaches and an immaculate shoreline. The water exhibits different shades of blue and is mostly clear along the shoreline.

During low tide, you will notice several shoals spawning in the area. Make sure to bring your best camera to take pictures while standing on these shoals! If you’re lucky, you will also observe plenty of catamarans in the distance.

8. Grab a bite at Levine’s

Grab a bite at Levine’s
Source: HappyCow

Levine’s is a well-known beachside shack in the town of Coron, offering a wide selection of dishes. This wonderful dining outlet can cater to both vegans and meat lovers alike. The dishes are not only delicious but quite affordable as well.

Backpackers can dig into a variety of exquisite dishes without breaking the bank. Don’t forget to try out their signature Sisig that will leave you craving for more. You will find a variety of Sisig here, such as beef Sisig, tofu Sisig, octopus Sisig, and so on.

9. Challenge yourself at Coral Garden

Challenge yourself at Coral Garden
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The coral garden is a diver’s paradise. On average, experienced scuba divers can descend 40 meters underwater to observe a diverse range of marine life forms. The translucent water gives you a clear perception of your surrounding biodiversity, and you can even move deeper.

You will observe many species such as clownfish, reef fish, and much more. The diving spots at Coral Garden can prove challenging for novice divers, and everyone is required to possess an Advanced Open Water certification. Fortunately, the dive shops in the vicinity can aid visitors to get this certification.

10. Dive into Lake Kayangan.

Dive into Lake Kayangan
Source: darkhearttravel

Lake Kayangan offers the best inland swimming spot in all of Coron. Positioned in the center of a forest, you will be able to follow a 15-minute trail to reach this amazing forest. However, climbing up 300 steps to get to the lake can prove difficult for some individuals. Thankfully, the spectacular view around the lake complete with dense foliage and sprawling wildlife makes the journey worthwhile. This place is popular among natives who take part in divine rituals.

To sum up, Coron is a haven for nature lovers. It may not have the lavish malls and fine dining restaurants big cities are known for, but its beautiful environment is worthy of praise. You will find many activities to keep you busy all day.

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