10 Best Things to Do in Danum Valley | Malaysia

Danum Valley is easily any nature-lovers paradise! This place is full of unending jungles, sprawling biodiversity, and spectacular cascades and natural pools. Danum Valley is among the handful of wildernesses that has remained intact in Malaysia. There are numerous activities for you to participate in, and you are bound to have an amazing time on your visit. Without further stalling, here’s a list of 10 experiences you can have in the astonishing Danum Valley.

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10 Best Things to Do in Danum Valley | Malaysia

1. Tour the quiet jungle at night

Tour the quiet jungle at night
Source: Points East

Since a good number of species can be spotted after sunset, it is a good idea to go on an exhilarating night safari on your visit to the valley. You will be able to gaze upon a wide array of nocturnal creatures such as foxes, Sambar deer, and civets. To explore the lush vegetation of this region at night, you can choose to sign up with a tour company that provides jeeps for rent.

It is best to visit this place with a group of people. Although the dirt logged terrains make for a bumpy ride, you cannot deny the fun one can have on such an adventure if you’re fortunate enough, you might even spot a pygmy elephant or a sun bear.

2. Travel back in time at the Pagan Burial Sites

Pagan Burial Sites
Source: The Crazy Tourist

Only a short distance from the Field Center lies the historic Pagan burial sites. Centuries ago, Danum Valley was home to the ethnic group called Orang Sungai. They took shelter in the vast jungles of this region and lived off the food they gathered from their surroundings.

Upon your visit, you will learn how these tribes performed funerals. You will notice traditional wooden coffins carved into different rock faces. As you explore further, you will stumble upon ceramic spirit jars and placed on various shelves.

3. Gather courage to cross the treetop Canopy Walks

Canopy Walks
Source: One more shot Rog | Flickr

This entry is not for the faint of hearts. If you’re up for a challenge, try crossing the daunting Canopy Walks found in Danum Valley. The eponymous Canopy Walks is simply a rope bridge stretching between treetops. You will be able to obtain an immersive view of the entire forest while you’re crossing it.

Observation platforms have also been meticulously placed at the ends of the canopy walks. To find these thrilling Canopy Walks, you can take a guided tour of the rainforest. There are several Canopy Walks near the Field Center.

4. Take a swim in natural pools

Take a swim in natural pools
Source: Gido

Danum Valley is noted for its remarkable waterfalls situated alongside the various rainforest trails. After hiking on trails for a couple of hours, you are bound to become sweaty and exhausted. If you happen to come across these wonderful cascades on your journey, don’t hesitate to dip into the natural pools.

The waters are translucent, and you can observe a diverse selection of fish species around you. You can also obtain assistance from surrounding park rangers to reach the Serpent Waterfall or Jacuzzi Pools.

5. Gain knowledge about Borneo’s ecology at Danum Valley Field Center

Borneo’s ecology at Danum Valley Field Center
Source: Borneo Eco Tours

The incredible Danum Valley Field Center is applauded for its efforts to preserve and safeguard the environment of Danum Valley. Many notable scientists are employed in this facility, and they conduct extensive research on a variety of native and exotic plant species as well as animal species.

The library of this amazing conservation research facility has a multitude of books about sustainable conservation practices.

6. Meet renowned experts in global conservation

Meet renowned experts in global conservation
Source: Travel Collecting

During your stay in Danum Valley, you will come across many renowned environmentalists, scientists, rangers, and academics who have been working hard to preserve the region’s natural habitats and wilderness.

If you are interested in striking up a conversation with them, you should visit the canteen at the Field Center at certain times of the day. You will gain deeper knowledge and insights about the state of the rainforests in Danum Valley.

7. Watch the sunrise over the spectacular rainforest

Sunrise over rainforest in Danum Valley
Source: Dave Sharley

There is no doubt the wonderful Danum Valley comes with majestic rainforests and sprawling wildlife. Therefore, you should try waking up early to observe the sunrise in this amazing wilderness.

All the park rangers move to their vantage points for work, and there is no greater feeling than taking in the fresh air of the tropical jungle. Furthermore, you will hear birds chirping and several animals waking up from deep slumber.

8. Spot a variety of birds in the wild

Spot a variety of birds in the wild
Source: Wildlife trails

Avid Bird-watchers would be content to explore Danum Valley to discover a variety of exotic and endemic bird species. If you love bird watching yourself, drop by one of the observation decks situated in the Field Center.

You will notice majestic hornbills resting on tree branches, and blue-furred pitta frolicking around the wilderness. In some instances, you might even be able to catch a glimpse of the magnificent Borneo ground cuckoo.

9. Traverse the uncharted land of Maliau Basin

Traverse the uncharted land of Maliau Basin
Source: outbacks venture

Situated in the center of Sabah, Maliau Basin is roughly the size of Singapore. A vast proportion of this region remains undiscovered to this day. This place is truly wild, and perfect for tourists seeking an adventure.

Several scientists and researchers still do not know what Maliau Basin has in store for them. There are many hostels at the mountain’s summit for you to board overnight, and there are endless trails for you to hike.

10. Dive into the majestic Danum River

Danum River
Source: River Junkies

End your trip to Danum Valley by diving into the pristine waters of Danum River. If you’re a novice swimmer, then this river is ideal for you like the force of water flow is relatively low. The middle of the river is particularly refreshing after a tiresome day of trekking through the vast rainforest.

However, it is best to bring a guide along with you as even slow current can pull you to deeper parts of the river.

In short, Danum Valley is a great place for a weekend getaway. Re-energize yourself by becoming one with nature after a stressful week of work. The rainforests, mountains, and the wildlife of this place will not fail to mesmerize you.

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