10 Best Things to Do in Dawei | Myanmar

10 Best Things to Do in Dawei

The southeast part of Myanmar is inhabited by the Tanintharyi Region, in which a city called Dawei is located. There is also the Dawei River which is nearby. It also goes by the name ‘Tavoy‘ and counts as a rare choice of travel for tourists.

There are several authentic spots that you will encounter in this part of Myanmar. Specifically, the Burmese way of life, and rich history in which many tourists have still much to see. If you have visited many parts of this country then stumbling upon less popular regions like this may give you a fresh perspective of the nation.

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10 Best Things to Do in Dawei | Myanmar

1. Visit the Shwethalyaung Pagoda

Visit the Shwethalyaung Pagoda | 10 Best Things to Do in Dawei
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The outskirts of town have beautiful religious monuments which you must visit. Exploration is quite fun in Dawei. Hence the surrounding countryside’s Shwe Thalyaung Pagoda is a great choice.

An enjoyable experience can be derived by riding a bicycle to the temple, so spend the day around the peaceful atmosphere! The location of the temple is at the center of a gorgeous forest where a large statue of a reclining Buddha exists, you can find it at the central chedi.

2. Stop by a local teashop – Things to Do in Dawei

Stop by a local teashop | 10 Best Things to Do in Dawei
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Myanmar is renowned for its attractive teashops, hand Dawei has plenty to offer in that respect! These small places can function as rest-stops for you and your fellow traveling companions. As there are little local cafes scattered throughout the city, you can enjoy tea leaf salad and barbecued meats.

There are other items that you should consider such as their local brew of tea. It is made in a unique system, which is poured from cup to cup to make a froth!

3. Explore Nabule Beach

Explore Nabule Beach | 10 Best Things to Do in Dawei
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This beach is extensively talked about. Considered to be one of the prettiest beaches in Dawei, is very spacious, and rarely crowded.

Nabule Beach is a large area of land which surrounds by incredible palm trees, and an intriguing pagoda situates at one end of the beach.

There are many activities to do in Dawei, such as this particular one. Arriving from Dawei takes approximately 2 hours, all in all, excellent value for time and money.

4. Do some shopping at Si Pin Tharyar Zei

Do some shopping at Si Pin Tharyar Zei | 10 Best Things to Do in Dawei
Source: medium.com

Arriving at a pristine place such as Myanmar and not shopping at the local market could be considered a crime in the traveling community! These areas offer the best products, and refers to as the ‘Main Market’.

Si Pin Tharyar Zei offers a wide array of fresh fruits and vegetables, that display on towering rows. If you are looking for textiles, clothes, and some ethnic handicrafts, well it is all available!

5. Cruise along on a motorcycle tour – Things to Do in Dawei

Cruise along on a motorcycle tour
Source: myanmarmotorbikes.com

There are few destinations in Dawei which consider to be a bit far-off. Therefore, if you want to reach the cool beaches, renting a motorcycle should be ideal. Consider it one of the most impressive ways to get around the city if you’re feeling adventurous.

Once you acquire a set of wheels, your choices of travel should be towards Maungmagan Beach, Nabule Beach, and Panyit Village. And if you’re adamant about going further then San Hlam and Teyzit Beach should be within reach.

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6. Entertain yourself at the Thingyan Festival

Entertain yourself at the Thingyan Festival
Source: luxurysocietyasia.com

April is quite prestigious as the Thingyan Festival is held, so try to schedule your trip during this time, which initiated by the men of Dawei carrying large models of deities made of bamboo, soaring to 13 feet!

The locals of Dawei then commence a dancing ritual in the streets. Bands play the kalakodaun, a drum originating from India. This tradition is different from other parts of Myanmar, so coming to Dawei during April will leave you pleasantly surprised.

7. Discover Dawei history at Tanintharyi Region Cultural Museum

Discover Dawei history at Tanintharyi Region Cultural Museum
Source: tanintharyi-region.com

Travelers who arrive in Myanmar typically don’t plan on visiting any Museums because there is a lack of it. However, Dawei can be differentiated, because Tanintharyi Region Cultural Museum has a rich heritage in storage.

Galleries around this place have intricate details about the history of Dawei, and learning about various ethnic groups can be known. The Moken and Mon people are ancient natives whose stories are preserved. Astounding collections of antiques such as ancient weapons, jewelry, and pottery are on display.

8. Go on an adventure towards Myaw Yit Pagoda

Go on an adventure towards Myaw Yit Pagoda
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A truly unique destination to explore, Myaw Yit Pagoda sits on a small vivid island that is situated to the south of Maungmagan Beach.

The route which will commence for reaching the pagoda is quite exciting. You will need to stroll along a tiny path that leads to a wooden bridge stretching throughout the island.

Are you a fan of beautiful sunsets? Then walking around the boardwalk will give you a very colorful look of sunset, which guarantees a second visit!

9. Cool your senses at Teyzit Beach – Things to Do in Dawei

Cool your senses at Teyzit Beach
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Natives of Dawei will mention about Teyzit Beach and compliment it endlessly. Made of white sand and clear seas, it should be a mandatory task for every tourist to visit this beach.

Located around twenty-five miles away from Dawei, a day trip would suffice. You should make the effort to traverse through the city and arrive here for an excellent swimming experience. There is also a small fishing village on the edge of the beach where you could have delicious seafood and a fresh coconut drink, straight from the fruit!

10. Indulge yourself with a salad at Hlan Hlan Hnan

Indulge yourself with a salad at Hlan Hlan Hnan
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Myanmar is renowned for mouthwatering salads. You must visit Hlan Hlan Hnan restaurant to taste an incredible array of dishes! There are various items such as a local herb called Pennywort, citrus fruit, tomato, and ginger salads.

The famous pickled tea leaf salad is available here as well.

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To sum it up, Dawei is an incredible tourist spot and one which demands more attention. Apart from all the other parts of Myanmar, this city has also a rich diversity of sceneries and cultures to enjoy.

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