10 Best Things to Do in Flores | Indonesia

10 Best Things to Do in Flores

Indonesia is a country that is filled with several breathtaking destinations, and the Island of Flores is no stranger to beauty. Translating to the word ‘Flowers’ Flores is considered an idyllic city to explore and go diving. After coming here, you wouldn’t want to leave as you will be able to see smooth sandy surfaces and pristine waters.

Several tourists who visit Indonesia rarely make it to several islands such as Flores. So, make sure to travel here as you will be graced with a wonderful experience. This city is home to ferocious Komodo dragons, has a multitude of national parks, and a plethora of lakes to visit.

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10 Best Things to Do in Flores | Indonesia

1. Explore Komodo Island

Explore Komodo Island | 10 Best Things to Do in Flores
Source: lonelyplanet.com

Locals consider it to be the most renowned area in Flores. Large lizards known as Komodo dragons reside here, so if you can catch a glimpse, remember the moment! Tours around this park are available where you can observe these amazing species, however, make sure that you have a guide with you.

2. Be Astounded by Flores’s Lakes

Be Astounded by Flores’s Lakes | 10 Best Things to Do in Flores

Ever wondered what true beauty looks like in nature? Well, Kelimutu is a place that will surely excite you. Kelimutu is a volcano, and as you make your way around this marvel, you will be able to see its distinct colorful features.

The colors are various, the underlying difference is in hue. The reason behind this is that there are different types of grasses bubbling underneath the surface. If you are an avid hiker, then you can do so at the very top of this area to enjoy a beautiful sunrise!

3. Commence your Adventure by Trekking

Commence your Adventure by Trekking | 10 Best Things to Do in Flores
Source: floresplus.net

Tourism is at an all-time high in Indonesia, especially in Flores for places like the Padar Island. It will be worth every experience as a plethora of different beaches are on this island each representing unique colors. Planning your trip here would require you to go form the nearby Labuan Bajo, and start trekking from thereon.

4. See the stunning sights at Cancar

See the stunning sights at Cancar | 10 Best Things to Do in Flores
Source: floresexotictours.id

The city of Flores is renowned for its vast fields that are rice paddies. They are referred to as ‘lingko’ which means a field in the shape of a spider. The reason for this name is mainly a symbolization, which indicates the shape of the farming land resembling that of the respective insect. These spider webs have a special meaning as the entirety of the area belongs to a specific family living in the nearby area.

5. Enjoy Your Time in Kanawa Island 

Enjoy Your Time in Kanawa Island 
Source: floresjourney.com

This scenic destination will surely make your trip unforgettable, in addition to that, it is an aquatic marvel if you’re a passionate diver. The island’s waters pay homage to incredible marine life. A substantial amount of wildlife can be seen underneath the water and if you’re a nature lover then you will be presented with vivid coral reefs which will astound you! Wishing to escape a noisy atmosphere? Then Kanawa Island will serve as the ideal spot.

6. Go diving at the local parks

Go diving at the local parks
Source: freakytravelindonesia.com

Komodo dragons reside here, yet tourists can go snorkeling under the water! If you are an experienced diver then consider going to this area as you will witness a massive school of fish. Locals consider this spot an incredible spot to visit and dive, therefore if you want to know more information on how to come into contact with guides then it is best to ask the natives for instructions.

7. Snap some photos at a unique beach 

Snap some photos at a unique beach 
Source: flickr.com/LIM CHIN HUANG

How often have you witnessed the color blue on a beach? Well, every tourist who arrives at Penggajawa Beach seems to be bewildered and amazed at the strange characteristics of this spot. The geology of this beach is quite interesting, the surface is filled with colorful pebbles and not sand! Thus, it isn’t a traditional beach of sorts. It is quite a beautiful sight to witness so you should have your smartphone or DSLR camera ready to record your memories.

8. A Journey towards Bidadari Island

A Journey towards Bidadari Island
Source: floresplus.net

A perfect area to plan a day trip is this wonderful locale, as it is a short area you can cover a lot of ground in a small amount of time. Tourists love to come here as it is a great spot for snorkeling and an ideal diving point.

You will be able to witness several amounts of vivid fish and other underwater species like underwater reptiles and an octopus too! A rest house is available which is a resort, and you can relax here from all the exploring.

9. Witness a Caci Dance

Witness a Caci Dance
Source: pinterest.com

The ethnic culture is quite amazing here in Flores. Notable groups which locals will refer to for their eccentric ways of life are the ‘Manggarai’. If you want to see the traditional livelihood of these individuals then you will be amazed to see several acts which they show.

Their way of life is quite distinct from other indigenous folks. It is best to consult with tour guides or ask locals about visiting a group for seeing this special dance. Being a tourist means seeing other cultures in their natural habitat and the methods associated with this dance are quite exotic!

There are costumes involved, upbeat music and even a fight breaking out in the group! Although it’s an act, it is meant to represent something more holy and traditional. So, enjoy the experience!

10. Swimming in Sano Nggoang Lake 

Swimming in Sano Nggoang Lake 
Source: floresplus.net

Fills with beautiful beaches and diving spots, Flore and this area is another spot on this list where you can enjoy swimming! This is a very deep lake, which goes down to 500 meters! Situated around 35 kilometers from the neighboring Labuan Bajo, you can make a day trip out of it!

To sum it up, while planning your next trip to Flores in Indonesia will not be a disappointment. If you’re a busy individual packed with responsibilities, then this destination will act as an exhaust for all your stress!

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