10 Best Things to do in Furano | Japan

10 Best Things to do in Furano

Furano is a city on the Hokkaido island. Visiting Furano, you will discover that it’s more of a group of small farming villages than a city. It is referred to as the “Belly Button Town” as the city sits at the heart of Hokkaido island. If you’re visiting this town during the summer, you will be enchanted by the fragrance and scenery of the lavender fields, which it is best known for. Besides enchanting lavender fields, you will also enjoy fresh produce like fruits, vegetables, and other fresh products.

Like other regions on the Hokkaido island, Furano is also well known for its winter activities. If you’re someone who likes skiing and snowboarding, this town is a must-visit. The town was also the shooting place for the TV drama “Kita no Kuni Kara” and known for the Furano Ski Resort, and in recent years, the Snowboarding World Cup was held here. Below is the list of things to do in Furano just for you!

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10 Best Things to do in Furano | Japan

1. Furano Cheese Factory


The Furano Cheese Factory is for all the cheese lovers out there. The factory dates back to 1980, and along with the factory, there is a museum too. Despite the name, the cheese factory sells all sorts of milk-based products. Here you can learn how to make these products, how to churn cheese, and ice cream. Besides learning, you can try out some of the delicious dairy products here. Their signature cheeses here is the squid ink cheese. Owing to squid ink, the cheese is black but taste amazing nonetheless.

2. Sorachi River

Sorachi River | 10 Best Things to do in Furano
Source: snowtomamu.jp

Furano city is on the Sorachi river. If you’re visiting Furano in summer, be sure to check this place out as you can participate in many fun water activities. You can try fishing and go rafting or canoeing. Besides these, you can rent a kayak to make your way down the waterbody. This is the best way to breathe in the mesmerizing beauty of the Sorachi river.

3. Furano Brewery


The Furano Brewery is a must-visit for the beer enthusiasts. Like all other cities in Hokkaido, Furano has its brewery, also you can try out their freshly-brewed beer. Located on Kitanomine Ski Area, you can try out several beers here, like a dark ale, light ale, and pilsner. Visiting the brewery, you can learn how the beer is made with seasonal local ingredients.

4. Tomita Farm

Tomita Farm | 10 Best Things to do in Furano
Source: flickr.com/Kevin Cheng

If you’re looking for serenity, or you want to do some flower photography, the Tomita Farm is highly recommended. During summer, this farm is the main attraction of Furano as it offers a massive collection of beautiful and vibrant flowers. You will find many breath-taking flowers, that include lavender fields stretching across the horizon. This is the place to go if you’re on the hunt for any lavender products like tea or ice cream.

5. Furano Farm


Furano is more of a group of farms than a city, and therefore, the place is well-reputed for its farm. Recently started, the harvesting experience lets you enjoy a hands-on experience with farming. Visiting this farm, you will have a lot to do, like harvesting seasonal crops like asparagus, or potato. You will find many berry farms too. You can try picking berries at these farms.

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6. Furano Mountains


Furano mountains offer the best mountain climbing experience in Japan. If you’re at Furano from June and onwards, you should try it out. Tour the mountain of Furano on Furano ropeway while your way around the hills checks out the fantastic view of the town in summer and the bright colors of the city.

7. Kami-Furano Pioneer Memorial Museum


Visiting a museum, you learn a lot about a country’s past, its heritage, and its culture. Through the Kami-Furano Pioneer Memorial Museum, you can learn a lot about the Furano area and its northern parts as well. The small museum is dedicated to telling people about the record of the region, famous residents, geography, topography of that place in Japan.

8. Ramen Noodles

Ramen Noodles
Source: shutterstock/gori910

One of the things Japan is known for is the Ramen noodles. Furano is one of the towns for you to try out the famous ramen noodles in Japan. Despite ramen noodles being famous, the ramen noodles in this town has their take on it. The noodles are made with local ingredients. Most noodles will have chewy noodles with delicious local cheese as toppings. A great place to try out the local ramen noodles is te Chizu Ramen-no-mise Karin. This place serves this local ramen noodles to starving customers for years.

9. Skiing

Source: japan-guide.com

If you’re at Furano during winter, you must try out skiing there; after all, this is what this town is famous for. The reason behind its reputation is that the snow is like powder. The snow here has a meager moisture count, and it’s dry. Because of this, skiing in this town is enjoyable as you will receive a smooth skiing experience. Another reason it’s famous for skiing is that it snows a lot in there. During winter, you can expect to find about one meter of snow every week. There are several places you can go to find a great skiing experience. You can visit Furano Zone and the Kitanomine Zone. In both areas, you will find trails suitable for your skills. Other than that, you should try to take the gondola rides and the ropeway rides here in Furano.

10. Belly Button Festival

Belly Button Festival
Source: ohmatsuri.com

Furano, also known as the Belly Button Town for being in the heart of Hokkaido island. Belly Button Festival, also known as the Hokkaido Heso, is the most attractive annual festival in the town. Since 1969, this festival is taking place every year in July. You can stand in a line and watch the men procession with paints everywhere except their belly button. You will find dance recitals and other performances here as well.

In conclusion, regardless of summer and winter, Furano offers something to see and do all through the year.

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