Top 30 Things to Do in Goa, India

Goa, India

Undoubtedly, Goa is the most visited tourist spot in the Indian Subcontinent. With a great mix of glazing sun, shimmering water, and sparkling golden sand beaches, Goa is a lucrative destination for any getaway holiday in India. Some historical elements present in Goa depict a Portuguese colonial era before 1961. Every year over a hundred thousand tourists flood to Goa for its white-sand beaches with serene water added to that, its rich flora and fauna. The hospitality provided by Goa tourism is one of the prestigious in the country. The nightlife, as well as exotic resorts, offers a haven to visitors. Goa also features a tropical monsoon climate.

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One could get into a dilemma when choosing things to do in Goa without the help of a guide. Therefore, we provide you with the much-needed guide to help you decide on the few shortlisted things to do in Goa.

1. Indulge in Kayaking under the moonlight in Bambolim Beach

kayaking under moonlight at Bambolim Beach
Source: Alienadv Website

The waters of Bambolim Beach provide the most serene setting for relaxed Kayaking under the moonlight. This bookable online expedition that costs approx. Rs 1400 comes with a guide and safety equipment beforehand. The Kayaking trip sails you through mangrove forests adjacent to the Zuari River. It’s wise to set out for the trip earliest at 5 pm since the expedition is for 3 hours. These 3 hours can vary anywhere between 7 pm to 12 am depending on the phase of the moon. At least a booking of two and a maximum of 12 is obligatory to confirm your trip.

2. Parasail the serene beaches

Parasail the serene beaches
Source: Puunoabeachestates Website

Next up in our things to do in Goa list is the most thrilling water activity parasailing. There are several water activities and fun things to do in Goa out of which during October to April it is wise to go parasailing. This activity can be easily availed by internet booking or calling up such a provider by fetching their number from websites. Each flight to the sky costs Rs.1000 approx. and could get higher depending on the type of package you choose. On average, for each trip to the sky, you will get from 5-8 minutes of flight time.

3. Visit the Dudhsagar Falls

the Dudhsagar Falls
Source: klook Website

One of the must things to do in Goa and cannot be avoided setting your eyes on the mesmerizing views of its rich waterfalls. Dudhsagar falls has become renowned for its appeal that immensely attracts tourist every year. The waterfall is at the Peak of Mandovi River, 60km away from Panaji and features an entire four-tiered exhilarating waterfall. The waterfall alone isn’t the main attraction. The deciduous forest rich with Goa’s flora and fauna serves as an added appeal to this spot. The entrance fee for the waterfall is only Rs. 20.

4. Spend your money in Anjuna Flea Market

Anjuna Flea Market
Source: soul-in-a-fishbowl Blogspot

Spending your money buying some souvenirs and other attractive jewelry is one of the most mandatory things to do in Goa itself. Anjuna Flea Market features all sorts of fancy commodities that a tourist is usually in the hunt for. The market is held on every Wednesday on the long stretch of Anjuna Beach. It also features nightly parties that are usually full of life and trance. Every little thing is found in this market starting from Pieces of jewelry, flower tiara, electronics and so on, all for a relatively low price.

5. Book a Grande Island Trip

Grande Island
Source: Tripforlife Website

The next in the things to do in Goa list is booking yourself a half-day trip to Grande Island. Grande Island is located at Candolim and the whole trip expanses up to 7 hours. This trip can be booked easily online and will only cost you Rs. 1220 per person. The booked trip comes with hotel pick and drops, along with all the safety equipment and snacks that are required throughout the trip. During the trip, you will be able to go swimming and snorkeling with dolphins and fishes and other fun activities.

6. De-stress with a tropical Massage

tropical Massage
Source: Parkregisbirmingham Website

For treating your sore muscles and overall stressed body, booking a massage is one of the necessary things to do in Goa. Local beaches feature several masseurs that are readily available for a massage with pure coconut oil amidst the tropical atmosphere. However, for much more intense massage, you can always book an online massage session or visit the one available at your hotel. Price for Each session starts from Rs. 1320 and takes place at a calm heritage traditional styled spa rooms. Many professional spas are open for 24 hours and provide a hotel visiting service for your utmost convenience.

7. Explore the Savoi Spice Plantation

Savoi Spice Plantation
Source: goa-tourism Organization Website

One of the rich features of Goa’s flora and fauna is its Spice Plantation and visiting it is one of the most educative things to do in Goa. When walking around the vast spice plantation, you will come across several types of spices. Spices are a signature food condiment of the Indian Subcontinent. So this plantation not only has the essence of Goa, but it also represents the country’s lifestyle. Such Spice plantation tours often come with an elephant expedition and a chance to witness endangered birds. Tours can be booked online as they are readily available. The Savoi plantation is located 25kms from Panaji in Ponda and is one of the oldest one of a kind.

8. Go trekking near the ocean

Go trekking near the ocean
Source: Knocksense Website

Not all parts of Goa are all tropical and green, and exploring the nonstereotypical areas of Goa is next in the list of things to do in Goa. The Arambol beach features a deserted grassy Paliem Plateau on which you will start your 5km trek towards the commercialized beach, known as Keri in the northernmost part of the Goa. During the trek, you can go take a dip into the ocean and also smear your skin with a medicinal soil/clay found on the plateau itself. Book trek online for prices as low as Rs. 1300.

9. Look around the Basilica of Bom Jesus

Basilica of Bom Jesus
Source: Image by Bishnu Sarangi from Pixabay

In our next things to do in goa list, we suggest you drive down 10kms from Panjim located in Old Goa. Taxis are readily available to reach this church from Panjim. Basilica Of Bom Jesus is also a UNESCO world heritage site. It is for its historical essence that this church is often visited by tourists.   The church holds remains of the founders of the Society of Jesus of which an honorable mention would be St. Francis Xavier. These historical artifacts still lie in good condition and are regularly maintained. Before visiting the Basilica of Bom Jesus make sure you read through the dress code as they are pretty strict about it.

10. Partake in extreme Whitewater rafting

Partake in extreme Whitewater rafting
Source: Image by Ron Fuller from Pixabay

Taking part in extreme sports is next up on our list of things to do in Goa. Best during the monsoon season, when the tides and flow of water are most rapid. Whitewater rafting can be booked online in several providers that conduct the activity in many rivers. Some include Mandovi River, Mhadei River, and Valpoi River. The estimated cost per person would be something around Rs 1500- 2000. The trips come equipped with safety lessons and equipment.

11. Party wild in the beaches

Party in the beaches
Source: Photo by Nik MacMillan on Unsplash

Out of all the things to do in Goa, partying high up and wild is a must. The best parties in Goa are held right near the beach or on cliffs that directly overlook the sea beach. Throughout the beaches, in Goa, you can experience live concerts and DJs to keep you entertained. In the north, you have Anjuna, Candolim, and Baga to choose from, with added exotic sunset views. In the south choose from Palolem and Cavelossim, which feature beach shacks turned into nightclubs after sunset. Every night several beach parties are hosted that play trance music to set the right party mood.

12. Go Scuba Diving in the Malvan Waters

Go Scuba Diving in the Malvan Waters
Source: Holidify Website

Next up in the list of things to do in Goa, Scuba Diving is in our bucket list. Malvan beach is rich is its blueish waters that feature a lively marine life underneath. Malvan is located 150km away from Goa and is a small wonderland. The trip to scuba diving in Malvan can be booked online at your own convenience. Prices start from Rs. 1400 per person and come along several amenities. Transport will be provided to you to start the day at 7 am. You will receive all sorts of training and equipment for the 30 feet deep dive. However, water sports at Malvan aren’t limited to scuba diving only, parasailing can also be enjoyed at the premises of Malvan.

13. Book a camping trip to the wildlife sanctuary

Camping trip to wildlife sanctuary
Source: Akaypvt Blogspot

Camping is always thrilling; especially camping in Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the highly recommended things to do in Goa. A two-hour drive from Goa’s main city will take you off to the sanctuary. The trip can be booked online for an overnight stay at Rs. 5000 per person during which you will trek through forest and rivers. Transportation and meals are also provided at regular intervals. You will be provided a tent to camp the night in.

14. Dress up a hippy bohemian

hippy bohemian
Source: Photo by Matthew T Rader on Unsplash

Goa was primarily famous due to its upbeat hippy culture where you can dress up however you like. Pulling off something hippy is one of the daring things to do in Goa, but it is fun because no one will judge you. While on the open beaches you will find stalls and stores that cater to hippy bohemian tastes. You can get a braid done or get your face painted for prices as low as Rs 50. Heck, you could even get a memorable tattoo done.

15. Throw a Yacht Party

Yacht Party
Source: Boatbookingindia Website

Next up on the list is one of the more easy things to do in Goa. If you are looking to go big and host a party for any reason, then Goa promises you with viable options. High-end luxury Yachts are available for hosting parties. Each rental would cost you Rs. 28000 at least. But it is worth the money as you will be entertained through drinks and DJ music shows along with games and gourmet food.

16. Snorkel and Experience lively marine life

Snorkel and Experience lively marine life
Source: Goatravelactivities Website

Goa has clear water exotic beaches that feature a decent expanse of marine life. Snorkeling is definitely one of the enjoyable things to do in Goa. The Bogmalo beach would be your best option for snorkeling due to its crystal clear water and rich aquatic life. It is located only 5km away from the airport and can be reached via public transport. Lots of water sports club residing near the beach provide snorkeling opportunities. It can cost up to Rs. 1500 per hour.

17. Gamble down in the Casino

Source: Image by Joachim Kirchner from Pixabay

Testing your luck out on games of fortune is one of the exciting things to do in Goa for any traveler. It is only in Goa in the whole of India where gambling is legal due to its increasing tourist density. Most casinos are floating casinos on luxury cruise ships, and some are also available in private resorts. Apart from all the generic casino games, there are varieties of music and dance shows for pure entertainment. Look out for Deltin Royale and Casino Paradise.

18. Learn how to surf the Goa beaches

Surf the beach
Source: Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash

Surfing is one of the fun things to do in Goa, let alone taking surfing classes. Atlantis water surf sports and Banana Surf School are some of the best trainers in Goa. They provide quality training and practical lessons to teach you surfing from the basics. They also use world-class equipment for ultimate safety. Surfers around the world visit beaches like Ashvem Beaches for its favorable surfing conditions. It costs Rs. 1500 per hour and is best during dry seasons.

19. Go on a cruise

Cruise in Goa
Source: Photo by Arun Sharma on Unsplash

Next up in the list of things to do in Goa is cruising. Goa tourism department readily provides cruise trips added to that, various kinds to choose from. Some private operators online also provide cruise opportunities. There are candlelight dinner cruises as well as a family sightseeing cruise for a memorable experience of Goa. Depending on the type and duration, the price for cruise ships can cost from Rs 3000 to Rs. 30000.

20. Attend the Goa Carnival

Goa Carnival
Source: Photo by Ryan Wallace on Unsplash

Carnivals in Goa are topnotch and often one of the colorful things to do in Goa. It is held every February, and its presence can be felt loud and prominent for 3 consecutive days. These carnivals rooted back to the Portuguese era and were started as a tradition to mark the reign of King Momo. A large fleet of decorated and colorful boats are a trademark of the carnival. People of all races and cultures are highly welcomed to join this carnival.

21. Participate in Silent Parties

Silent Parties in Goa
Source: Business-standard Website

Next up on our list is one of the innovative things to do in Goa. Silent DJ parties are a famous attraction to most nightlife loving people. Since these parties are held mostly throughout the entire night and end the early morning, they have opted for the silent strategy. To keep noise pollutions at bay and help other residents in their sound sleep, such silent parties were introduced in Goa. Many beach resorts host headphone parties at wee hours of the morning. Entry fee ranges from Rs 350- 600 including headphone rental.

22. Take in magnificent views while paragliding

Paragliding in Goa
Source: Klook Website

Paragliding always spikes interest in our blood and so will this as it is one of the exciting things to do in Goa. The flight starts from the cliff between the Harmal and Arambol beaches. For each person, the paragliding flight costs up to Rs. 1000 per hour although shorter flights can opt as well. Meanwhile, they will provide you enough safety instructions before setting foot from the cliffs. During the flight mainly lookout for sea and beach views.

23. Tour the Island with bicycle

bicycling tour in goa
Source: Artofbicycletrips Website

Cycling is one of the things to do in Goa to get your blood pumping and heart racing, ensuring a smooth workout. The tour involves cycling around two distinct islands Chorao and Divar Islands. The trip starts at Soccour Church as early as 7 am and ends at the same destination at noon. The instructor also provides safety instructions as well as a briefing on the tour. Hence, this wonderful cycling expedition costs Rs. 1500 and promises a scenic experience along with some bird watching as you ride.

24. Scour up to the sky on a hot air balloon

hot air balloon in goa
Source: Goatoursplanner Website

Flying up high to the sky sounds like the exact thing to do in Goa when you are bored of the beaches and staying on land. This exhilarating ride to the sky costs Rs. 9000 per trip. The handcrafted basket can hold a decent number of passengers as well. Such a flight trip can be easily booked online, and within 30minutes of your arrival you will set on to take off. Therefore, it is best to start as early as 6:30 am to your journey up to 900feet.

25. Indulge in Pure Thrill Quad-biking

Pure Thrill Quad-biking in Goa - things to do in Goa
Source: Goa. biz

Apart from exotic beaches and tropical forests come the off-road activities that instill thrill in you. Quad bikes are 200 CC bikes and are made in such a way that riders of all levels can ride the bike with ease. You can find such Quad Biking opportunities in Anjuna and will cost you Rs. 500 per person for one hour of biking. The tracks are manually made, which is why quad biking is one of the thrilling things to do in Goa.

26. Zipline in a Flying Elephant level

Zipline in a Flying Elephant level - things to do in Goa
Source: Makemytrip Website

The flying elephant followed by zipline is a vigorous activity to partake in and is one of the adventurous things to do in Goa. The zip line is the largest in Goa and is located in Dharbandora. Before reaching the zip line, the participant is required to overcome several extreme activities like net walking, tree climbing, and so on. The total activity costs only Rs. 300 and lasts for 2 hours.

27. Sail away at Bambolim

Sail away at Bambolim - things to do in Goa
Source: Thrillophilia website

Sail your heart away in the Arabian Sea from the beach of Bambolim. Easily booked online the sailing boat costs a total of Rs. 4000, which comes with amenities such as meals and guides. The trip starts at 5 pm from Dona Paula, where you receive a briefing of the journey and every safety instruction. Throughout the trip, you will be able to partake in activities until 9 pm when the trip ends.

28. Play with freshwater dolphins

freshwater dolphins in goa - things to do in Goa
Source: Outlookindia Website

Some playtime with dolphins is exactly what we are focusing on next in our list of things to do in Goa. Several private operators provide excursions along with a cruise boat to beaches that are home to dolphins. Many beaches host dolphin rides as well such as Panaji and Fort Aguada. Dolphin spotting tours usually start from prices Rs. 3000 per person.

29. Indulge in Houseboat dine in

Indulge in Houseboat dine in - things to do in Goa
Source: Thrillophilia Website

Enjoying a meal over the serene waters of Goa’s best beaches is some of the mesmerizing things to do in Goa. Each boat trip lasts for 3 hours and costs Rs. 3000 approx. The dinner times start from 7 pm to 10 pm and features music and dance platform.

30. Catch some Crabs off the pristine beaches

Catch some Crabs off the pristine beaches - things to do in Goa
Source: Calikatrina Blogspot

Get into the exciting things to do in Goa, which is crab catching. One must be dauntless and agile for undertaking this activity successfully. Crab catching trips are at Sonaulim and costs Rs. 1500 per person which lasts up to 5 hours. High tide is essential to fetch crabs off the sea successfully. The trip can also be easily booked online.

Goa is a hub of every fun leisure activity you could think of or at least most of them as they are readily accessible via peddling a bicycle. Finally, hope you tick off some of these things to do in Goa mentioned above during your next visit to Goas

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