Top 30 Things to Do in Gurgaon

Gurgaon is a city that is situated in the South West of New Delhi in Northern India. It is also known as Gurugram. It is popular as a financial and a technology hub. Gurgaon is situated in the Delhi-Hariyana Border. There is a manufacturing plant in Gurgaon by Maruti Suzuki which made the per capita of this city the 3rd highest in India. Gurgaon is categorized highest in the Human Development Index in India.
There are a lot of parks here in Gurgaon. You can visit various parks like the Botanical Garden, Netaji Subhasis Chandra Park, Tau Devi Lal Park, etc. the Notable venues for entertainment and cultural programs are Epicentre, Nautanki Mahal at the Kingdom of dreams near IFFCO Chawk. If you’re planning to visit Gurgaon, we’ve listed some of the things to do in Gurgaon during your visit.

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Top 30 Things to Do in Gurgaon

1. Watch Live Shows at the KOD

Source: Fabshotel blog

The Kingdom OF Dreams is a theatre where one can experience the cultural functions, movies, songs, performances and dive in the culture and tradition that the city possesses. Jhumroo, Zangoora are the shows that include famous Bollywood styles that you will like the most because it is a tourist attraction for this theatre. Showshaa Theatre and Nautanki Mahal can also be visited by you as they are just placed at the cultural gully.
You can enjoy the culture of the city, listen to the songs and also eat as well as this place is also known for its availability of cultural foods. All in all, the theatre is a package of food, culture, and tradition.

2. Power Paragliding in Sohna

Source: Flickr “Neil Cresswell”

The resort in Sohna is built to take you back to the ancient times and to your roots as well. The junkies who love adventure should never miss out on this place. If this is your first time then don’t be afraid as there are trained pilots and you will be with them on your time in the air. If you want to go in the air with powered paraglide and a motor propeller to feel the adrenaline rush? Then this adventure is for you.
The adventure will fulfill your desire to fly like a bird in the sky. You will enjoy the view as well as you fly in the air and beneath you will be grasslands and amazing farmhouses.

3. Adventure Activities at Botanix Nature Resort -Things to Do in Gurgaon

Source: Justdiel

The resort is a popular picnic spot in the area of Gurgaon and you surely don’t want to miss this place. Botanix Nature Resort has all sorts of activities that will give a fun and amazing experience to you and your kids. Your children will learn teamwork and unity when they will play the games of war, tombola, musical chairs, etc. Nature’s brilliance and the gardens in this resort will make your heart feel calm and the serene atmosphere will take your stress away from the monotonous life that you have been leading.
If you have thought that you will get to see stuff only then you’re wrong as you will be treated with Indian Cuisines that will make you fall in love with India overall.

4. Day Out in Waterbanks Resort, Damdama Lake

Source: Taj InnerCircle

Amidst the crazy and busy life that you lead now. The pressure of works, handling stress and all. If you spend a day in the resort of Damdama Lake then all your stress will go away. An array of relaxing activities is placed in here that will make your heart feel calm and stress-free. You will be greeted with refreshing drinks when you arrive at the resort.
Then you will be taken out to the course where you will spend your time while doing activities like shooting, rope climbing, archery, etc. then you will be served with lunch that will make you fall in love with foods. After lunch will be more events like Paintball where you will form teams to play. In the evening you will be served with snacks and tea to make you refreshed again after an eventful day.

5. Day Fun at Fly India Adventure Resort

Whenever you feel like you need an adventure then this is the place you should visit for an adventure. There are many adventure activities in this place that will take you back to the roots. Activities like mud bath and tube well bath will take you to your childhood days. You will feel refreshed when you spend your time in the swimming pools with the family. The in-house music session will make you stress-free. Also, you can build a team and play a match of Volleyball if you like.

6. F-9 GO Karting -Things to Do in Gurgaon

Source: BookMyShow

The Go Karting experience in Gurgaon will make you feel numb as this is the go-karting experience that you have never expressed in your life. There are different go-karts for you to try in this place. Choose your go-kart, sit on it and go like a bullet. This will push your adrenaline and satiate your thrust for adventure. The tracks are flexible which allows you to drive with safety as well. You can easily make good memories with your friends and family so you should definitely try out the experience.

7. Flyboy Air Safari

Source: LBB

If you’re done exploring the blue seas, it’s time for you to try out the rush in the air and the air safari is the place where you’ll be able to satiate your wants. Fulfill your desire to fly out like a bird in the air and feel the view in the skies of the grasslands of Delhi. The trainee pilot will always be there with you so you won’t have to fear anything. It is powered with a powerful motor and propellers which allow you to fly in the air and feel enjoyed. You can choose the duration of your flights and can stay up as much as you want.

8. Shop till you Drop -Things to Do in Gurgaon

Source: LBB

If you have thought that Gurgaon is just for adventures and cultural functions only then you’re wrong. There are a lot of markets for where one can shop and take a look at the Indian as well as western clothes that you can wear yourself and shop for your loved ones. The shops contain jewelry items, electronics, clothes, toys, etc. The main shops are Galleria Market, Arjun Marg Market, Huda Market, and Sadar bazar.

9. Play Golf at Qutab Golf Club

Source: qutabgolfcourse

If you want to show off your skills at golf or you want to try the sport out then this is the place where you want to try out. The Qutab golf club is the first authorized public golf club in Delhi. The place is made with a vision of making the sport available for everyone and maintained by the members of the club.

10. Go Pub Hopping -Things to Do in Gurgaon

Source: sunsetcinemaclub

If you want to go to a place with your friends to enjoy the night out and enjoy beer and dance then this is the place to go. The pubs in the place allow you to dance on the floor and party out hard. Here are places to enjoy, Hard Rock Café, Imperfecto, Striker Skybar, etc.

11. Visit the Beautiful Neverenuf Garden Gallery -Things to Do in Gurgaon

Source: Postcards of India

If you want to get a wonderland experience then this is the place to go. Here the garden is arranged with trains in a ratio. Unleash the child in you and go roam in this park. There are board games, activities with remotes, miniature trains, and cars, board games. You will definitely love it if you want to go to this place with family or alone.

12. Learn about the Indian Transport Heritage at the Heritage Transport Museum

Source: Goibibo

Here is a place where one can find out the automobiles that are ancient and have been in the country for a long time. You can find ancient two-wheelers, four-wheelers, and even aviation vehicles as well. If you’re visiting Gurgaon then don’t miss this place as this place will give you an idea about the transport system of India throughout its history.

13. Spend a Day at Aravalli Biodiversity Park

Source: hindustantimes

If you want to look at endangered species of flora and fauna then this park is the place for you. Spread through 153 acres this park is the place for endangered species. You can walk through the trails of nature and look at different herbal plants as you will be amazed at the variety. This is the place where almost 175 species of birds make their homes so you can easily do bird-watching when you come to this park.

14. Go to iSkate for Ice Skating -Things to Do in Gurgaon

Source: Travel Southern Oregon

If you thought that all Gurgaon has to offer is its nature, foods, culture then you’re wrong as you can enjoy Ice Skating in here as well. The experience can be felt covering 15000 sq. feet. Area. Not only ice skating, but this place also has a karaoke room, a café that serves coffee and snacks as well. The delicious beverages will make you and your kids really happy and content with the overall experience.

15. Celebrate Photography at the Vintage Camera Museum

Source: We Are Gurgaon

If you want to know about the history of cameras then this the place for you. Here you can find the evolution of cameras. A blend of modern and ancient cameras can be found in this place which will give you an idea about the history as well. The place has a collection of over 2000 cameras and also the equipment of the cameras. Over 20000 films including India’s Freedom Movement serves this place. You can find out about the history of India as well as visiting the place.

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16. Go to the Museum of Folk & Tribal Art -Things to Do in Gurgaon

Source: Fabshotel

When you visit the museum, you will be amazed at art crafts and handicrafts that are really unique. These crafts are depicted from the tribal communities in India. Two hundred Shiva Heads from Karnataka, gorgeous silver ornaments, and clay pottery are the main attractive things in the place. When you will visit the place, you will definitely get an idea of the talent and skill that lies in the people of the tribal communities in India.

17. Get Your Weekend Frolic Dosage at the Fun n Food Village

Source: Fun N Food Village

The park is counted as one of the best water parks you’ll find in Gurgaon. The village is a bundle of entertainment of all. The main attractions of this park are Polo Trooper, Rock-n-Roll. You can enjoy a slow dance floor, icy park, river rides. The park is not about the trips and rides only. You can also find delicious foods here which will refuel you after the long day of entertainment.

18. Play Escape game with your Friends -Things to Do in Gurgaon

Source: LBB

Escape games are really popular in the modern era. Who doesn’t like to play hide n seek? The escape games are basically the modern version of hide-n-seek or maze games. One can enjoy escape games for things to do in Gurgaon. You will be put in a locked room and you will have to escape using mazes. Your friends will come to find you and they have to do it within 60 minutes. You have to channel out the Sherlock in you if you want to win this game and stand in the first place.

19. Explore the Popular Food Trucks of Gurgaon

Things to Do in Gurgaon
Source: What’s Up Life

Do you want to enjoy a taste of the traditional foods of India? Or you want to just try out different foods when you’re in your stay at Gurgaon. Then you can easily go and find out the food trucks. The trucks are filled with foods that will offer you different varieties at cheaper prices. There are various food trucks and you have to choose them. We suggest, Waffle Chowk, Bhai Jaan Food truck, Eggjactly, etc.

20. Savor Art at Vimla Gallery

Things to Do in Gurgaon
Source: Business Manager – Facebook

If you’re a person you love aesthetic arts then you might try out this gallery as this is known for a place full of arts of unsung artists. The gallery is for art lovers and this gallery also encourages new artists to showcase their art in front of the world. It will be really great when you will visit the place and honor the artists who have given it their all to showcase their art in front of you.

21. Visit the farm at Lohagarh -Things to Do in Gurgaon

Things to Do in Gurgaon
Source: Flickr “Siddharth Singh”

The farm at Lohagarh is the best place to escape reality. This place will make your stress go away and make you feel calm and happy. The adventures will make a challenge for you to win and come out at the top. Games like Kabadi, tug of war, rope games and bullock rides are the attraction to many.
There are also a lot of games that you can spend your time on. Also, you will be treated with nice traditional foods which will make your mood automatically happy. So why not spend your weekend here with your friends and family?

22. Go Swooshing and Swooping at Wet n Wild

Things to Do in Gurgaon
Source: fabhotels

The place is filled with a lot of swimming pools and water rides. If you want to have an aquatic type of fun then this place should be on your bucket list. Lazy River ride, Tornado, Pendulum, and other rides are the main tourist attractions in this place.
You will receive some delectable foods from the in-house restaurants as you lie down and chill beside the pool. You can rain dance with your friends here in the discotheque and this place will allow you to enjoy a wonderful time.

23. Indulge in a game of Paint Ball -Things to Do in Gurgaon

Things to Do in Gurgaon
Source: TicketFrnd

If you want to indulge in a sport that will guarantee to give you adrenaline rush then you can try out the paintballing for things to do in Gurgaon. Paintball and Co is the best place for paintballing in the city and you can take a group of friends and pair up to play this sport that will challenge you and above all, will entertain you. If you’re ready for an adventure of a lifetime, this is the thing to try out.

24. Take a Fun Trip at Camp Tikkling

Things to Do in Gurgaon
Source: camptikkling

In the natural surroundings, you can enjoy and experience thrill and fun at Camp Tikkling. You will also have to experience kinds of stuff like tractor riding, rock climbing, pottery, parachuting, etc. Not only the adventure but you will also be treated with multi-cuisine prepared from the in-house restaurant here. The place however only takes bookings in groups so this is a place to go with friends and family and spend a great weekend.

25. Go for a Picnic at Leisure Valley Park -Things to Do in Gurgaon

Things to Do in Gurgaon
Source: Justdial

Leisure valley is one of the perfect spots to have a picnic for you and your family. Picnics are always a great thing. They help you to bond with the family and friends. So why not arrange a picnic and also enjoy nature? The park has gardens paved with marbles on the grounds. Musical fountains, play areas for children and even a rose garden. You name it, this park has it all. The rose garden has a variety of roses that will mesmerize you and your friends. The entry is free and you can just come over here and spend a day off as you don’t have to spend on anything.

26. Go Birding at Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

Things to Do in Gurgaon
Source: Donna Hampshire

This is a place for bird-watchers. If you want to watch and fill yourself with birds then this is the place. This place has over 250 species of birds including many endangered species of birds. The place will mesmerize you definitely as you will watch and know these birds. This place is also home for migratory birds so you can be surprised with birds that you’ve never watched in your whole life. You can go for nature walks and take pictures for uploading to your social media.

27. Claim a day of fun in Smash -Things to Do in Gurgaon

Things to Do in Gurgaon
Source: thetechgram

The place is filled with interactive gaming, VR gaming and many more. This place is filled with games for adults and kids as well. So you can bring your family when you visit this place. Motor racing, Go-karting, bowling zone, shooting games, archery, etc. you name it, this place has it all. After the games, you can treat yourself with some delicious foods at in-house restaurants. The foods are so good that many come to this place only for the foods.

28. Watch a show at Cyber Hub Amphitheatre

Things to Do in Gurgaon
Source: Youtube “Dhirendra Singh”

The theatre hosts live shows, performances from bands as well. Rock concerts, as well as cultural performances, are also a part of this theatre. You can visit this place as you will get an idea about the songs and culture of the city. Even you can get an idea of Bollywood songs as well. The entry of the theatre is free and so you can easily visit this place and spend a night to know the cultural fiesta of the city as well as the country.

29. Enjoy a Day at the Ambience Mall -Things to Do in Gurgaon

Things to Do in Gurgaon
Source: Flickr “FotographyKS!”

The mall is a shopper’s paradise. It is so big that you will get tired of walking. Consisting of 6 floors, you can buy clothes, electronics, jewelry and many more. Foods in this mall are situated at the food court where one can visit and get a taste of different varieties of Indian Foods. There are multi-cuisine as well. You can also watch movies in the Multiplex. The mall has everything you desire ready for you and at a cheaper price.

30. Visit the Oxygen Chamber for Fresh Air

Things to Do in Gurgaon
Source: scroll

This will definitely grab your attention. It is one of the most fun things to do in Gurgaon. India is a place where the air is polluted mostly due to industrialization. But this place in Gurgaon is 13000 sq. feet and is filled with air-purifying plants. The place will give your lungs a peace as the air is considered pure and without pollution. You can even take some plants to your home after buying them from this place.

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To Conclude, get off your bed and hit the road to the magnificent place of Gurgaon. Choose an activity to do that compliments your personality. Always do something you enjoy. But never be afraid to try out something new and adventurous. Everyone can enjoy the things to do in Gurgaon.

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