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Things to Do in Hoi An

Hoi An is one of the most admired tourist destinations in Vietnam. It is proudly representing the heritage and history of Vietnam. The architectures from ancient times, the old-fashioned lanes, antique hanging lanterns, historical dwellings, traditional temples, and pagodas are guaranteed to give its traveler an exotic experience.

These historically significant sites attract visitors to explore this majestic city over and again. Hoi An is one of the many UNESCO accredited World Heritage sites. Even if you are not a history enthusiast, we can assure you that a tour to Hoi An will surely captivate your senses.

Along with the historical sites, the exquisite decor of nature and the warm local people will surely make you fall in love with this city. So, don’t be long to head to this amazing city. Read along to find out the 10 best things to do Hoi An before you go.

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Top 10 Best Things To Do in Hoi An

1. Walk Around The Old Town of Hoi An

Walk around the Old Town of Hoi An
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To start off the list of 10 best things to do in Hoi An, we recommend you to explore the fascinating old town of Hoi An. This old town has preserved almost 800 historic dwellings, meandering around these will give you a blast from the past you’re bound to enjoy.

Every street in the old city is filled with ancient buildings, art galleries, boutique showrooms, and vibrant craft shops. The first thing people do when they come here is to roam around the city, shop and eat local specialties while exploring the ancient setting.

2. Voyage in Thu Bon River

Voyage in Thu Bon River
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River Thu Bon is one of the prominent rivers in Hoi An, sharing the gateway with other cities of Vietnam. The river site has been equipped with all necessary facilities for tourist engagement.

Exclusive restaurants, beautiful roadside parks and benches are set here so that travelers can enjoy the beauty of this river while having lunch or just a coffee. However, the most refreshing activity is undoubtedly the boat ride through the river.

3. Try Snorkeling at Cham Island

Try Snorkeling at Cham Island
Source: Ha Le

Cham Island is an extremely beautiful island across Southeast Asia. This Island is established as a marine park that showcases numerous species of coral as well as macro life varieties. It also offers great amenities for diving and snorkeling.

Don’t miss this fabulous opportunity to sightsee the astonishing underwater beauty once you are here. All the essential items for snorkeling are available at the nearest market. You can also rent these for a few hours.

4. Wander at the Hindu Sanctuary My Son

Wander at the Hindu Sanctuary My Son
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My Son is a sacred sanctuary that was built by the ethnic community to honor the Hindu population of the area. It is another UNESCO World Heritage site in Hoi An, which represents the life and culture of the ancient Champa community.

These ruins conserve many stunning stone figurines and sculptures. A tour of these fascinating ruins captivates its visitors. Take some time to visit this magnificent ruin on your trip to Hoi An.

5. Hop in Kim Bong Carpentry Village

Hop in Kim Bong Carpentry Village - Things to Do in Hoi An
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Kim Bong Carpentry Village is the center of wooden crafts. The main occupation of the people of this village is the work of a carpenter. The artisans of this village also participate in the manufacturing of tombs, fortresses, and other masonic projects.

If you walk across the village you will find impressive wood carvings in almost every home. Visiting this village will surely give you an experience you won’t forget for many years to come.

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6. Visit the Quan Cong Temple

Visit the Quan Cong Temple - Things to Do in Hoi An
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The Quan Cong Temple is one of Hoi An’s most eye-catching attractions. The vivid display of colors on the outside wall makes this temple one of the most magnificent temples around Hoi An.

Not only the exterior look, but the interior engraving and decoration also attract its travelers. There is no doubt that this temple is a must-visit in Hoi An. Be sure to put this temple on your list of places to visit in Hoi An.

7. Try Hoi An’s Special Delicacies

Cao Lau - Things to Do in Hoi An
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You will be delighted to know that Hoi An offers special delicacies that won’t be found in any other parts around the world. You will find plenty of food items here, guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds at its peak.

Some of the locals’ favorite items are Banh Bao Vac, Cao Lau, Mi Quang, Com Ga, which we recommend you to try. Whether you are sitting in a street-side stall or at a luxury restaurant, you will be elated to taste these dishes.

8. Spend Quality Time at the Beach

Spend Quality Time at the Beach - Things to Do in Hoi An
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As a coastal town, Hoi An offers a number of beach spots throughout the town. In our opinion, once you are there, not planning at least one beach outing is unthinkable. You can get the best beach experience from An Bang Beach. It is one of the most beautiful as well as a well-facilitated beach for the tourists.

In case you want to avoid crowds to spend some peaceful time near the sea, then don’t miss out on An Bang or Cua Dai beach. Spending quality time on the beach is definitely one of the best things to do in Hoi An.

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9. Wander Around The Lantern Market

Wander around the lantern market - Things to Do in Hoi An
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Walking through the street of Hoi An, you’ll see varieties of lanterns hanging in order. These vibrant colors and designs of lantern fascinate tourists of all ages.

Hoi An has few lantern markets, where you will find many more varieties of lanterns under the same roof. While visiting one lantern market don’t forget to buy a few lanterns as a souvenir of Hoi An.

10. Experience Hoi An’s Nightlife

Experience Hoi An's Nightlife - Things to Do in Hoi An
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Before ending your trip to Hoi An, enjoy the fun nightlife of the city. Tam Tam Bar, Dive Bar, Hoi An Sports Bar are some popular bars where you can pop in.

There you will be astonished to experience their different dance styles, music, local wine tastes, and others. A nightlife experience at Hoi An will give you a very exciting memory. Certainly, this is one of the best things to do in Hoi An.

Hoi An is a charming city that represents Vietnam’s history while hosting a thriving tourist spot. Here, we have enlisted the 10 best things to do in Hoi An, which will definitely make your Hoi An trip memorable.

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