Top 10 Best Things to Do in Hpa-an | Myanmar

Hpa-An is a tiny town which is situated in the beautiful Kayin State. It is well known for its stunning cave systems, and it is a major shoutout to avid tourists who love spelunking. A few of the caves have ancient relics that are engraved with cool statues.

If you wish to venture into the caves, then be prepared to witness jaw-dropping art in the chambers, there are also natural sights such as crystals and stalactites. Other than these wondrous caves, there’s the peaceful countryside filled with lush green sceneries. And if you want an adventure along the river, that can also be arranged.

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10 Best Things to Do in Hpa-an | Myanmar

1. Make the trip to Kyauk Kalap

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Kyauk Kalap locate at the center of a pristine man-made lake which generally comprises of a vast segment of rock, and standing atop is a picturesque pagoda.

Climbing up the rock will allow you to witness an amazing view of the surrounding areas and if you observe closely, Mount Zwegabin will be in your vicinity.

Arriving at this area during sunset is advise because it makes for a truly spectacular experience. Exploring more here will lead to you a monastery that sheltered a famous monk known as U Winaya.

2. Plan a Breakfast in a Local Coffee Shop

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When in Hpa-an, do as their natives do! Starting the day at a traditional teashop will be ideal, a good choice is a teashop know as ‘White’.

You will be treated to mouthwatering dishes which are this town’s original production. So, dine on some delicious fluffy flatbreads served on the side with coffee.

Before we mentioned spelunking, well if that’s still in your interest then this teashop makes for an ideal stop to grab snacks on the go!

3. Administer for a Tour on a Bike

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Want to get around Hpa-an faster? Then consider signing up for a bike tour that will authorize sightseeing adventures around the local areas.

This form of activity is a recent addition to the already awesome scene of Hpa-an. You can administer for half or full-day tours.

A majority of the land in this town is quite flat, hence traveling around in a bike will be a pleasant procedure to breathe in some of that country air.

4. Traverse through Kawgun Cave

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Kawgun Cave is renowned for its famous works of art, which are said to be dated back to the 7th century. It was constructed by King Manuaha who conceded defeat at a historical battle in Myanmar and afterward proceeded to fill the cave with designs.

It is quite a spectacular sight to discover as you witness thousands of small pictures of the Buddha made of clay and several carvings on the chamber walls.

Locals advise you to be careful of the monsoon season (June to October) because dangerous landslides make the cave inaccessible!

5. Spelunking Expedition at Yathaypyan Cave

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Yathaypyan Cave is about a mile apart from Kawgun Cave. Both the caves will be an excellent visit if you’re into a daring adventure!

The cave’s central chamber is filled with stunning pagodas and several detailed carvings etched with clay on the walls.

You can walk around in this cave from one end to another, thus making it a simpler travel destination.

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6. Visit Lakkana Village

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The famous Kawgun Cave will surely be a great spot to visit, afterward take the time to admire Lakkana Village, because the two places are next to one another. It is a traditional Kayin Village which huddled close to Mount Zwegabin.

The village has obtained quite a following among the community of Myanmar because it has been a prime location for several produced films. Having an unmistakable scenic atmosphere, you will have a great afternoon by just strolling and bathing in the swimming holes which are abundant in the area.

7. Meet with a Local Tailor

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Natives around Myanmar wear the lungyi, which is a piece of cloth wear around the waist, it resembles a sarong.

The culturally appropriate lungyi is not made with zippers or ties. Thus, be sure to consult with your tailor before making one, also learn how to manage your garment.

These professional tailors base their shops at the local clock tower, where you can also have other clothes stitched at a cheap cost.

8. Schedule a Boat Ride to Hpa-Pu

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It’s quite amazing what you can do in Hpa-an in just under a day! You can take a boat ride across the river to a nearby place known as Hpa-Pu. The journey is only about ten minutes along the waterway and will entertain you if things seem mundane back at Hpa-Pu.

This village has its shape of peace and beauty. If you wish to truly see a breathtaking view, then walk to the top of the village. From there you can see the vast countryside, and the openness of the environment will absorb you in tranquility.

9. Observe the Bats at Bat Cave

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Calling at Batman fans! In all seriousness, the Bat cave at Hpa-an is quite well known, however, entry is restricted. The sole purpose of visiting the nearby area is to see a large group of bats flying about in the evening for food. The bats return in the morning once they have acquired their meal.

If you want to see something truly unique, then witness kids beat cans to make the bats fly in a varying formation. Honestly an otherworldly scene!

10. Stop by Shweyinhmyaw Paya

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A delightful pagoda located in the north part of town. Many locals visit this place during sunset.

Climbing the viewing tower will show you the pagoda as it glitters in the afternoon sun. If you are feeling exhausted form other activities, then the scenes by the river are equally splendid!

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In conclusion, Hpa-an is one of Myanmar’s true gems. So many tourists gather round here during the holiday seasons, so when’s your next outing?


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