Discover 10 Best Things to Do in Hsipaw | Myanmar

10 Best Things to Do in Hsipaw

The Shan State of Myanmar pays homage to a plethora of scenic routes, and the one which this article focuses on is Hsipaw. ‘Thibaw’ is another name in which Hsipaw is known as and this city is an exquisite place to immerse yourself in Shan culture. You won’t feel bored, not even in the slightest bit, because your eyes will be treated with beautiful artifacts surrounding the city.

Hsipaw has a very rich and respected history, and the culture is quite celebrated. The scenery around the city is quite exemplary, there are adjoined hills from which a breathtaking view can be seen. You will be graced with a peaceful countryside, where boat trips are available, also make sure to visit the beautiful Shan pagodas.

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10 Best Things to Do in Hsipaw | Myanmar

1. Visit the Beautiful Lakes 

Visit the Beautiful Lakes | 10 Best Things to Do in Hsipaw

Neighboring lakes surround villages and it is such a soothing spot to start your journey. Planning a day trip would be ideal to Nawng Kaw Gyi Lake, it is situated not very far from Hsipaw.

This area is famous as a small temple is located here, which is constructed by wood to which you will be able to reach by a bridge. Moreover, the lake is surrounded by vast hilltops which are quite a sight! If you are feeling even more adventurous then visit the nearby monasteries and pagodas.

2. Explore Myauk Myo

Explore Myauk Myo | 10 Best Things to Do in Hsipaw
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A breathtaking spot is considered to be one of the more primordial parts of Hsipaw. According to locals, it will seem like an individual space, which is completely different from other parts of the town.

As you take a stroll around this area, you will be amazed by finding stunning monasteries. There are also brick stupas dotted around Myauk Myo, hence another reason to arrive here.

3. Ascend Sunset Hill 

Ascend Sunset Hill | 10 Best Things to Do in Hsipaw

Tourists are always enthusiastic about trekking and hiking to soaring heights. If your goal is to be awe-struck, then climb up to Sunset hill and engross yourself in the amazing view. The natives refer to this area in another local name. With such a breathtaking view available, make sure to add this destination for your planned trip to Hsipaw.

4. Hike towards a Stunning Waterfall

Hike towards a Stunning Waterfall | 10 Best Things to Do in Hsipaw
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There is a waterfall which is situated not far from the city, which is known as Nam Hu Nwe, it is a beautiful place to visit if you wish to journey towards the neighboring areas.

Several individuals refuse to make the expedition even though there is transportation available. You can rent vehicles to assist you. The waterfall itself is a marvel to look at and is collectively placed with other parts of the jungle. A shallow area of water exists at the center, if you want to chill out after a long walk this should be the best way to do so.

5. Immerse Yourself in the Steam 

Immerse Yourself in the Steam 

Hsipaw has an incredible area of hot springs that appear from beneath the surface, are extracted from a well which generates hot water. A popular fact mentioned by the locals is that the hot springs possess a special healing attribute.

Arriving at the hot springs is a trip you can arrange yourself.

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6. Journey to Bawgyo Paya

Journey to Bawgyo Paya

The holy area is known as a significant spot for religious tasks such as pilgrimages.

The temple was constructed in 1995, which makes it a more recent landmark in the city. Its design and structure are quite vivid, witnessing from first glance your expression of amazement will be assured. Beautiful stones and a unique pattern of art are bestowed upon the monument.

7. Fulfill your Shopping Desires 

Fulfill your Shopping Desires 

There are many shopping destinations that you can explore, such as the Central market and produce market, however, the two are different.

In Hsipaw, if you want to accomplish your holiday shopping then the Central market should be your go-to area. The place sells very fresh local produce. If you are keen on obtaining Burmese products, then this spot will grant you an impressive array of it.

Arriving at the market during the daytime is advised as the vendors tend to take an early leave before night falls.

8. Dine at Kaung Kyite 

Dine at Kaung Kyite 

Do you want to have flavorful cuisine for your holiday in Hsipaw? Then visit this local food shop as it is considered one of the most prominent food hubs in all of the town.

You will be graced with delicious local curries, fresh salads and other items which are of Burmese origin. If you decide to arrive at the lunch hour, then this place will be fully packed. However, everyone prefers to arrive here during that time because of the curries.

9. Look at the Famous Pagodas 

Look at the Famous Pagodas 

In all of Hsipaw, there are many pagodas which are quite acclaimed, but Maha Myat Muni Paya is known for being the biggest one. Inside the premise, there are beautiful images that focus on the Buddha hence the monument’s religious importance is respected by locals.

The entirety of the pagoda is very colorful, so if you’re the type of tourist who enjoys psychedelic imagery, then you will enjoy your visit.

10. Grab a Drink at a Local Teahouse 

Grab a Drink at a Local Teahouse 

Ending your trip at Hsipaw, or just concluding a long day of entertainment would be ideal if you visited this place. If you think these shops only sell tea, well you couldn’t be more wrong.

Hsipaw is famous for selling native alcoholic drinks, also enjoying football matches with a lively atmosphere here! Locals have mentioned a teahouse known as La Wun Aung that never closes, therefore it is best to have your late-night outings here. An environment as such is perfect for hanging with your buddies on a vacation, miles away from home.

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To conclude, Hsipaw is a perfect part of Myanmar to receive all the necessary travel experiences. If you wish to go swimming, hiking, renting transportation, drinking, and eating delicious food then this is a brilliant destination! Get some souvenirs as well when you are there!

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