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Ikita is a small town located in Ehime prefecture. The town is known for its mountainous Sadamisaki Peninsula, which is also the narrowest peninsula in Japan. Majestic mountains, natural landscapes, and ocean vistas make this place worth visiting. The warm climate of Ikata and top-notch tourist facilities attract many local and international visitors. There are plenty of things for you to do in Ikata. Let’s find out the top 10 things that should be in your bucket list while visiting Ikata!

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10 Best Things to Do in Ikata | Japan

1. Check out Sadamisaki Peninsula

Sadamisaki Lighthouse
Source: Wikimedia

The Sadamisaki Peninsula is the narrowest in Japan located on the easternmost part of the Shikoku island. This place made it to the top for its stunning view and scenic beauty. The most impressive attraction of this peninsula is “Sadamisaki Lighthouse”. From here you can look across and get a clear view of the island. There are a number of hiking trails from the lighthouse to explore the area on foot. You can also set a little camp on the hill and have a small picnic with your closed ones.

2. Visit Seto Wind Hill Park 

Seto Wind Hill Park

As the name suggests, Seto Wind Hill Park sits on the top of a mountain. If you make it to the top of the hill you will be rewarded with striking windmills and breathtaking view of mountains with bushy cliffs. You can also get a glimpse of the Inland sea from the top of the mountain. Don’t miss the windmill festival if you happen to be in Ikata during that time of the year.

3. Stroll around Old Ikata 

Old Ikata
Source: SHISHO – Flickr

Old Ikata is the traditional part of this prefecture that has numerous old-fashioned cafes and buildings that fascinates the tourists. You can stroll through this old town road and get a sight of traditional Ikata. There are numerous old eateries where you can grab a snack after sightseeing for a while. You can also check out the famous “Melody Cafe” and get yourself a cup of coffee to get the vintage vibes.

4. Walk around Red Wing Park 

Red Wing Park 
Source: Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation – Flickr

Located on top of the adventure hill, Red Wing Park is one of the most impressive tourist spots of Ikata. The park has different rides and shows for both older and younger tourists. This is a great place to visit with your family away from the bustling city. You can hop on a roller coaster with children and have a great deal of amusement to help you unwind and put at ease.

5. Go for a Drive 

Go for a drive
Source: Nagahama

If you want to get the most gorgeous views out of Ikata then there’s no better way than renting a car and driving. You can head to the most famous drives in this region which is Futami and Nagahama coastline and observe the breathtakingly beautiful nature of the tranquil sea and crystal clear turquoise blue water. If you want to explore the mountainous side of Ikata then Matsuyama Expressway would be the best fit for you. If you are on a budget you can perceive the beauty of Ikata by simply hopping on a local bus.

6. Try Some Local Food 

Local Food - Things to Do in Ikata
Source: Visit Ehime

Being located next to the sea, most of the restaurants feature seafood on their menus. If you are into seafood then good news for you as Ikta serves some of the freshest seafood in Japan. Ikata is also famous for fruits and vegetables. So, you can sip on a fresh smoothie or devour some healthy and light snack that will cheer you up on a hot summer day. Make sure that you try out the famous “mikan juice” which is sweet with a hint of sourness to it. Ikata is also renowned for having a wide range of gelato flavors such as sweet potato. Head to DanDan to gobble some refreshing ice creams.

7. Take a Bath in Kamegaike Onsen

Kamegaike Onsen - Things to Do in Ikata
Source: Tattoo Daily

Japan is best known for having hot springs and onsens. The Kamegaike n onsen in Ikata is one of the most popular ones in Japan consisting of several warm baths and a traditional ryokan. The onsen is divided into two parts, one for the males and another for females. Prominent for its health benefits and healing effects, a natural warm bath in an onsen can help you to relax and unwind. You’ll also notice an adjoining park here apart from the hot springs

and it makes a nice spot to go on a pleasant late afternoon stroll.

8. Take a Trip to Matsuyama

Matsuyama - Things to Do in Ikata
Source: Peter Lam Photography

If you want to get out of Ikata to explore the neighborhood then consider a trip to Matsuyama. This is the capital of Ehime Prefecture that has a great atmosphere consisting of a wide range of interesting attractions for travelers to enjoy. The serene environment of the city and the lush mountains make Matsuyama irresistible to visit.

9. Tour the Ikata Visitor’s Center

Ikata Visitor's Center - Things to Do in Ikata
Source: itackey – Twitter

The Ikata Visitors Center has the best science museum in the region that will educate you on nuclear power plants. The center exhibits interactive sessions with children depicting the magic of science. There is an aquarium in the center that features many aquatic creatures. You can also pick some local products as a souvenir from this center.

10. Take a Ferry Ride

Ferry Ride - Things to Do in Ikata
Source: The Crazy Tourist

A trip on the ferry is one of the easiest ways to get into this part of Japan’s stunning scenery and is among the most enjoyable modes of travel between the islands. Hop on a ferry if you want to take in the enchanting scenery of Ikata in the best way possible. You can consider a trip on the ferry from Kyushu Island and enjoy the calming atmosphere of the ocean while traveling between the island.

To conclude, Ikata should be in your bucket list if you ever happen to be in Japan. Now that you know about the 10 best things to do in Ikata, plan your next trip here and have a trip worth remembering. Happy traveling!

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