10 Best Things to Do in Johor Bahru | Malaysia

Things To Do in Johor Bahru

The City of Johor Bahru is situated close to the Singapore border and has recently gained traction as a prime tourist destination in Malaysia. This is a great place to plan a holiday with your family, and there is a wealth of activities you can partake in. This modern metropolis has humongous shopping malls, fantastic restaurants and cafes, and exhilarating amusement parks. Here’s a list of 10 things you should consider on your trip to Johor Bahru:

10 Best Things to Do in Johor Bahru | Malaysia

1. Take a tour of the famous Jalan Tan Hiok Nee neighborhood

Jalan Tan Hiok Nee neighborhood
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Jalan Tan Hiok Nee is one of the earliest districts in Johor Bahru, recognized for being home to several renowned cafes and restaurants in the region. The neighborhood has been given this name to honor one of the city’s founders.

After having lunch, visit different vintage stores and boutiques in the area to purchase a delightful souvenir. As you stroll past this neighborhood, you will be amazed to see several colonial buildings and shops bearing traditional Chinese designs.

2. Play with the animals at the Johor Zoo

Johor Zoo
Source: Expedia

Established in 1928, Johor Zoo is one of Southeast Asia’s oldest wildlife parks, sheltering a diverse range of species. Upon entering the zoo, you will be greeted by many friendly animals like elephants, flamingoes, lions, gorillas, and much more.

You will also find separate sections in the zoo that occupies a plethora of birds and reptiles. If you’re feeling hungry, there are several dining outlets in the vicinity to grab a quick meal.

3. Go on a Shopping Spree at City Square and Komtar JBCC Mall

City Square
Source: Blog Traveloka

Johor Bahru is known for its remarkable shopping malls. If you’re in the mood for shopping, you should first visit the famous Johor Bahru City Square in the town center. This mall is recognized for its impressive collection of cosmetics, jewelry, and clothes.

The prices are relatively reasonable, and you will find tons of stores to explore. If you become bored with this mall, explore Komtar JBCC Mall next. This mall regularly offers mega sales in many of its stores, and a Zumba Fitness Party is organized to draw people in.

4. Appreciate the unique construction of Arulmigu Sri Rajakaliamman Glass Temple

Arulmigu Sri Rajakaliamman Glass Temple
Source: francois2 – Flickr

The distinctive Arulmigu Sri Rajakaliamman Glass Temple is praised by many for its exceptional beauty. This place is mostly frequented by Johor Bahru’s massive Hindu community, but it is also open to the public.

This eye-catching temple features a unique glass construction in both the inside and outside, which reflects light in broad daylight. Although this is a Hindu temple, this place houses a Christ and Buddha statue.

5. Spend time with your loved ones at Puteri Harbor

Puteri Harbor
Source: Puteri Harbor Official Facebook Page

In recent years, Puteri Harbor has become a popular destination in Johor Bahru for couples. If you’re on a romantic getaway with your significant other, don’t forget to visit this amazing harbor for a relaxing stroll. There is an endless paved pathway next to the majestic seafront.

You and your partner will enjoy the heavenly breeze while gazing at the yachts and boats parked along the jetty. On the harbor, you will stumble upon several fantastic seaside restaurants, and stores selling unique craftwork and art pieces.

6. Appreciate the eye-catching colors of Johor Bahru Old Chinese Temple

Johor Bahru Old Chinese Temple

Built-in the 19th Century, Johor Bahru Old Chinese Temple is among the earliest religious buildings in Johor Bahru. This establishment was constructed for the Chinese community, and it houses statues and figurines of five known deities.

Adorned in a blend of red and white paint, this temple can be easily seen from afar. Other than that, you will also find ancient scrolls and artifacts that narrate how the Chinese community originated in Johor Bahru.

7. Bond with your family at Legoland Malaysia

Legoland Malaysia
Source: MakeMyTrip

If you’re getting bored with visiting temples and malls, visit the much-revered Legoland Malaysia for an exhilarating time with your family. Children rave about this place, and it has an endless amount of activities for adults to enjoy as well.

You can hop on and try nearly 40 different rides in this wonderful amusement park like bumper cars, laser quest maze, and so on.  Right next to Legoland, you will find an astounding water park comprising a large pool and plenty of water slides.

8. Engage in limitless activities at Angry Birds Theme Park

Angry Birds Theme Park
Source: befreetour

The popular video game called Angry Birds hit the world by storm when it first released on handheld devices. Due to its immeasurable success, a massive Angry Birds Theme Park in Johor Bahru has been established for visitors to enjoy. Spanning 26,000 Square feet, this amusement park has many exciting rides and arcades for you to explore.

Adolescents and teenagers will particularly enjoy the vast selection performances and shows held in the park. To make things even better, this place remains open late into the night.

9. Be amazed at the sight of Sultan Abu Bakar State Mosque

Sultan Abu Bakar State Mosque
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Originally built in the late 1800s, the mesmerizing Sultan Abu Bakar State Mosque is praised for its colonial architecture complemented by intricate Islamic decorations. This mosque can be instantly recognized when visitors gaze upon its towering minarets.

As you move inside, you will observe beautiful marble flooring and a mix of Victorian and Moorish designs. The mosque has a total capacity of 2000 people and is open to the public except during prayer time.

10. Try out the tantalizing pastries sold at the Salahuddin Bakery

Salahuddin Bakery
Source: OneApps

Starting its journey in 1937, the historic Salahuddin bakery is still frequented by locals and tourists for its spectacular selection of baked delicacies. If you are hungry from all the traveling, this is a highly recommended place to drop by.

The bakery’s signature item is its highly sought-after curry puffs, composed of meat or vegetables wrapped up in crunchy pastry. The quality of this bakery is very consistent, and you are bound to love all of their treats.

In Conclusion, the border city of Johor Bahru does not have the mountains and rainforests of other regions of Malaysia. However, its ancient temples and gratifying amusement park can give you a different experience. So, what’s your excuse to not come here?

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