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Kagoshima located on Kyushu Island is the capital of Kagoshima Prefecture and one of the stunning spots in Japan. If you are looking forward to a vacation to relax away from your hectic life, Kagoshima would be the best fit for you.

Unlike other busy cities in Japan, Kagoshima has a tranquil and peaceful environment packed with scenic beauty. But just like other cities in Japan, Kagoshima also has numerous tourist attractions including parks and museums. There are plenty of things for you to do in Kagoshima. So, without any further ado let’s get started and find out 10 best things to do in Kagoshima.

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10 Best Things to Do in Kagoshima | Japan

1. Visit Sakurajima

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Japan is best-known for its umpteen numbers of active volcanoes and among them, the most beautiful and popular one can be found here in Kagoshima. Visit this iconic volcanic island for a lovely start of your Kagoshima tour. Sakurajima sits in Kinko Bay, a serene spot from where you can observe smoke coming out of the volcano and movements under your feet. You can either take a ferry to roam around the lake or climb up to Shiro Yama and Yunohira Observatory to perceive the beauty of Sakurajima.2

2. Visit Yakushima Island 

Yakushima Island
Source: GaijinPot Travel

Yakushima island located in Kagoshima prefecture is one of the most ravishing islands in Japan. This place is truly magical and thus a common favorite destination among the tourists. Yakushima also holds a special position for being Japan’s very first UNESCO recognized world heritage site. This natural wonder has also worked as the inspiration behind the famous Studio Ghibli film “Princess Mononoke”. The pristine beauty of waterfalls, ancient forests and Nagata Inaka Beach will leave you spellbound.

3. Take a Hot Sand Bath

Hot Sand Bath
Source: ANA

If you want to find out how amazing and wholesome it feels to have a hot sand bath visit Kyukamura Ibusuki hotel. This hotel has a good reputation for its service and hospitality, but the facility of taking a hot sand bath stands out of all. The hot sand bath in Kyukamura is known for its remarkably good health benefits. A smoking hot sand bath can cure your fatigue, relieve muscle pain, improve blood circulation and detoxify your body. Although the sand bath can be a bit expensive in Ibusuki, this is something that you shouldn’t hesitate to splurge on while in Kagoshima.

4. Attend Sogadon-no-Kayasaki 

Source: Kagoshima Travel Guide

One of the premium attractions of Kagoshima is its Sogadon-no-Kayasaki festival. This is also referred to as an umbrella burning festival where men set fire to their umbrellas.  They perform this ritual every year in July based on a legend or historical fact. So, if you happen to be here in July make sure to drop by Kotsuki-Ogawa river and witness this unique tradition of Kagoshima.

5. Visit the City Museum of Art 

City Museum of Art 
Source: Kagoshima Tourism Guide

Located on Japan’s western Kyushu island, Kagoshima City Museum of Art is the main public museum of this prefecture. This museum is home to a wide range of arts and crafts from both local and international artists. This museum exhibits artworks from western artists such as Dali, Monet, Picasso and local artists like Fujishima, Seiki Kuroda, Wada Eisaku and many more.

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6. Visit Shiroyama Park 

Shiroyama Park Observation Deck - Things to Do in Kagoshima
Source: Eugene Lim – Flickr

ShiroYama Park is a little park located beside Mt. Shiroyama, a small mountain of Kagoshima. This park is best known for its Shiroyama Observatory. From the observation deck, you can have a glimpse of the whole city including the mountain and some historical spots. Numerous kinds of wild and bushy plants and a cave are seen in this park. You can take a stroll to perceive the beauty of tranquil lush foliage that the park has to offer you.

7. Walk around Sengan-en garden 

Sengan-en garden - Things to Do in Kagoshima
Source: William Cho – Flickr

The Sengan-en Garden, also known as Iso-Teien Garden in the prefecture does absolute justice to the term “as pretty as picture”. This gorgeous garden fascinates a vast number of international tourists every year as its features It is best to visit Sangan-en during springtime. The bewitching beauty of blooming cherry blossoms and the landscaped ground will surely take your breath away!

8. Take a Natural Sand Bath at Center Saraku 

Natural Sand Bath at Center Saraku - Things to Do in Kagoshima
Source: Minube

If the hot sand bath from Ibusuki is out of your budget worry not as Tokushima has the world’s only natural sand bath to offer you. This natural bath in Center Saraku has geothermal heat that creates sweat and removes toxins from the body. Lying under the pile of sand you can relax feeling the swift breezes, listen to the sound waves and watch blissfully calm beauty of the beach.

9. Try some local snack 

Mujyaki - Things to Do in Kagoshima
Source: JAPAN by Japan

Your visit to Kagoshima would remain incomplete if you don’t try out some of the local delicacies. In Japan, the city has a prominent reputation for being the major food hub that serves signature Japanese cuisines. Make sure that you try some of the local desserts such as kakigori, Mujyaki, and Karukan that will cheer you up after a long hectic day. If you are craving something savory and unique then try “Kurobuta” which is fried black pork, a staple here in Kagoshima. Also, If you want to master the art of making your sushi and gobble some then head to Sushi Sayaki.

10. Stroll through Lake Ikeda

Lake Ikeda - Things to Do in Kagoshima
Source: kyushu × tokyo

The sunshine-yellow blossom field beside Lake Ikeda never ceases to impress tourists. It wouldn’t be exaggerating to call this place the most instagrammable place in Kagoshima. The marvelous view of the flower field and the scenic beauty of the volcanic lake make a great aesthetic combination together.  You can stroll through the field and enjoy the remoteness of this place and click some spectacular pictures that would make your friends go insane!

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To conclude, Kagoshima is a city that is worth visiting and deserves to be on your travel bucket list if you are in Japan. The things mentioned above in the list will definitely make your next trip here delightful.

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