10 Best Things to Do in Kengtung | Myanmar

Things to Do in Kengtung Myanmar

Myanmar is home to many colorful towns and villages. The history of this particular area is known as Kengtung. Its statues and landmarks are incredible sights to witness and people are quite enthusiastic about it.

Kengtung is the principal town of the Kengtung Township and is also a part of the Shan State. All of this information can be traced back to the culture today because the locals will strongly support the claim that their street food is truly mouthwatering. If you decide to plan a trip then be ready to be amazed by the traditions of the ethnic groups, the lush landscapes and the evergreen forests which surround it, and lastly cool trekking adventures!

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10 Best Things to Do in Kengtung | Myanmar

1. The beauty of the Buddha Statue 

The beauty of the Buddha Statue | 10 Best Things to Do in Kengtung
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The first stop on this list focuses on a religious structure that the people of Myanmar consider very important. The locals are Burmese and their main religious following derives from a form of Buddhism known as Theravada Buddhism. Therefore, you can’t miss this large statue when you are visiting.

Dominating the skyline, the Buddha is visible from the entirety of the area and soars to an incredible height of 60 feet. The monument spots on a hilltop and remains in a dominant position which faces the town. If you’re making your way to Naun Tong Lake, you can visit both these locations simultaneously.

2. A Monastery that is Worth Every Visit 

A Monastery that is Worth Every Visit | 10 Best Things to Do in Kengtung
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An incredible destination to arrive in Kengtung is the Dhat Zoam Doi monastery because it fills with amazing architectural qualities that are sure to make an impact! Once you arrive you will learn the Monastery’s history, and is well known because of its construction. Constructed to resemble a boat-like structure.

The Monastery is breath-taking in itself, but more sights will bring the wonder, such as the daily activities of the monks. Their spiritual methods and productive rituals will surely bring you peace, and witnessing Kengtung in its rural state will intrigue you.

3. Engage in an Outdoor Extravaganza – Things to Do in Kengtung

Engage in an Outdoor Extravaganza | 10 Best Things to Do in Kengtung
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Do you like ancient trees? Then this spot will be perfect for any nature lover, as this landmark is quite renowned in Myanmar. You will be able to admire a tree that was planted long ago. This giant being has an ancient characteristic such as warped branches.

This spot is quite famous for visitors because of the astounding scenery of the surrounding places from the residing hill, as well as a stunning sunset to look at.

4. Indulge Yourself at a Local Hot Spring 

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An impressive environment to visit, which is considered a notable attraction by locals. Hot springs are made of heated surfaces, and they comprise of several bathhouses in the district where you can enjoy the freshwater.

People have even attempted to boil food here, such as eggs! And it actually worked, so if you want to try it yourself it is best to indulge in this unique experience. Travelers all around also consider this spot a relaxing area to feast out on a picnic.

5. Go on a Shopping Spree at Main Market 

Go on a Shopping Spree at Main Market 
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A prominent location for an interesting array of goods and services being sold as well as delicious street food. Kengtung is well known for its Main Market as it pays homage to residents of different backgrounds. People of Shan, Indian, and Chinese communities blend well together to sell international food items and domestic goods as well.

It is wise to come here during the morning time because it is at its peak of being a busy hub. You can also buy from ethnic tribes who arrive from the mountains to sell handicrafts, thus a great spot for souvenirs!

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6. Go on a Trekking Expedition – Things to Do in Kengtung

Go on a Trekking Expedition
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The jungles are very exotic in Myanmar and if you are keen on discovering the beauty of these areas, then consult with natives to find tour guides to assist you as you go trekking. A plethora of places are available to choose from, if you want to see waterfalls and hot springs then you won’t be disappointed, and you can go to nearby villages by hiking!

7. Stroll around Naung Tung Lake 

Stroll around Naung Tung Lake
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People gather around this zone to experience an attractive scenery. Substantial restaurants are open that operate around Naung Tung Lake, also you can enjoy good food and enjoy the cool wind from the lake. In addition to that, you can eat Burmese snacks.

8. Chill out at a Nearby Waterfall – Things to Do in Kengtung

Chill out at a Nearby Waterfall 
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Every passionate traveler should visit Akha village which is situated in an area just outside of Kengtung because it will take you to the amazing Pin Tauk Waterfall. Through the lush landscapes of the jungle, you will be blessed with a beautiful flowing waterfall, which has a mighty force.

9. Feast Yourselves to Shan Food 

Feast Yourselves to Shan Food 
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A marvelous local delicacy which is advised by everyone in Myanmar as the tastiest food items made. The famous dishes come in the form of a noodle soup is very delicious and a good option to order during lunch.

Other choices you can partake include broths and the delicious Pizzas, there are also local curries which will surely tempt you to return!

10. Admire the Sights of the Heart Cathedral

Admire the Sights of the Heart Cathedral
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Myanmar is surely an incredible country to explore and Kengtung has an abundance of religious settlements to see. However, if you are searching for a different experience then you should visit this Catholic church. It is very astounding as there are tall columns, soaring arched roofs, and intricate designs that can distinguish.

Finally, Kengtung is a town that has a spectacular list of activities you can take part in, so if you are planning your next trip here, save up on hard-earned cash and venture out to this spectacular locale!

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