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Top 20 Things to Do in Kochi, India | Let’s Experience the Diversity
Asia, India

Top 20 Things to Do in Kochi, India | Let’s Experience the Diversity 

Kochi is commonly known as Cochin by the local native residents of Kerala. It is located in the southwestern coastal areas of the state Kerala. Kochi is widely recognized as an energetic, bustling city brimming with port trading businesses that the state thrives on. Its trading history is known to be in existence for over 600 years exclusively.

Kochi is an official trademark and a symbolic representation of financial upliftment and commercial development of Kerala. The city is enriched with resources that make it apt for sound tourism. Its diverse flora and fauna along with lucrative accommodation establishments have attracted tourists from all over the world to flee to Kochi every year for an exceptional staycation.

With increasing tourism, the several choices of things to do in Kochi continue to rise exponentially. From a huge range of activities, we pick out the top 20 things to do in Kochi for a blissful vacation.

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Top 20 Things to Do in Kochi, India

1. Invest in a Cycling Tour

Invest in a Cycling Tour
Source: Semester at Sea

Cycling solo or with friends and family is one of the refreshing things to do in Kochi. Several tour operators online provide cycling tours around the region of Fort Cochin. During the tour, you will smoothly explore narrow lanes of Kochi all the way from St. Francis Church to spice markets. The tour starts as early as 7 am right from the St. Francis Church, the same place where the tour ends at 11 am. Cycling tours costs Rs 4000 per adult, including the cycle rental fee.

2. Experience colorful Marine Life

Experience colorful Marine Life

Next up in our list of things to do in Kochi, we recommend scuba diving down in the Arabian Sea. The Scuba School of Southern India Certified by PADI offers such trips down the sea. Activities such as scuba diving can also be booked online. It costs Rs.4000 per person for a 30-minute drive and features a proper training session along with safety pieces of equipment provided for the dive. Therefore, you will need to arrive at SCUBA COCHIN Dive center as early as 9 am to begin training.

3. Learn how to fish

Learn How to Fish

Fishing is fun on its own, but fishing in Kochi on the Arabian sea waters is one of the best things to do in Kochi. The Chinese nets that you see widely around the city are of historical importance to the people. It is said to be introduced to the natives around the 14th century and is still used extensively. For a small fee, the local fisherman will give you a brief insight on how to use these picturesque nets. You will also be able to buy fishes from them and have it cooked in local shacks for a small fresh feast to your belly.

 4. Go Bamboo rafting in Periyar

Go Bamboo rafting in Periyar

Periyar is a perennial and also the longest river in the city of Kochi. Experiencing an adventurous bamboo rafting trip in Periyar is one of the serenest things to do in Kochi. Since the city is mostly busy with the hustle and bustle, finding peace could get challenging. Book your Bamboo rafting adventure online for Rs. 3000 per person which features delicious lunch. The trips start and end in Boat landing point lasting from 8 am to 5 pm. During the trip, you will hike and raft through the Periyar Tiger Reserve.

5. Play with local Elephants

Play with local Elephants
Source: TripSavvy

Watching elephants roll and douse around in water is one of the high recommends in our list of things to do in Kochi. In a small village named Kodanad located in the Ernakulum district of Kochi, training centers preserve stranded elephants. Most hotels provide trips to this small village, which is a host to playful elephants. However, it is wise to set out before 8 in the morning to catch a glimpse or even join the trainers whilst they bathe the elephants. Elephant safaris are also available with a small fee.

6. Experience Kochi from a Catamaran Ride

Experience Kochi from a Catamaran Ride
Source: Outlook India

Viewing Kochi from a different platform such as from a watercraft is next up in our list of things to do in Kochi. A catamaran ride can be readily booked online for Rs. 1000 per person for a 30-45 minutes ride. Every moment on the catamaran is scenic and picturesque as you take in the views of Kochi’s waterfront. The water currents could turn this trip into a thrilling one as large waves, and high-speed sailboat creates thrilling turbulence. You will be able to avail this ride anywhere between 6 am–6 pm.

7. Spectate Kathakhali dance performance

kathakali dance performance kochi
Source: Civitatis

Kerala is famous for its Kathakhali dance featuring highly costumed dancers in heavy ornaments and an intricate dress up. Being able to watch such a dance performance is surely one of the most insightful things to do in Kochi. You can visit the Kathakhali Center in Kochi to attain closure on the next dance performance and also receive an insight into the background scenes of a typical dance performance. Dances like Kathakhali usually take place in open areas and feature a meaningful story that you are required to decode.

8. Kayaking in the Backwaters of Alleppey

Kayaking in the Backwaters of Alleppey
Source: Wandertrails

Since Backwaters in a river is rare to find, you must not miss out on one offered to you by the rivers in the city of Alleppey. Kayaking trip costs Rs. 3000 per person and can be arranged online or via local tour providers. Alleppey is not only a small coastal resort town but it is also one of the exotic backwater destinations. During the trip that takes off at 7 am, you will be able to witness brilliant green views of the river accompanied by coconut trees on both sides.

9. Explore rustic culture at Indo-Portuguese Museum

Explore rustic culture at Indo-Portuguese Museum
Source: Museums of India

Learning about the history and the various historical artifacts is our next recommendation in the list of things to do in Kochi. The Museum situated in Elphinston road mark exhibits a handful of vintage artifacts from the early years when Portuguese ruled the place. Particularly, visiting this Museum can assist you in understanding the historical importance of the Kingdom of Portugal that existed a long time ago in this part of India. Additionally, the entry fee to the Museum is relatively cheap. It costs only Rs. 40 for entrance.

10. Ride on a Speed boat Safari in Kovalam

Speed boat Safari in Kovalam
Source: Thrillophilia

Next up in the list of things to do in Kochi is a speed boat safari that takes you on a thrilling experience. Easily available on the shores of Kovalam or bookable online, these Safaris cost Rs. 1500 per person for 20 minutes of thrill. The waters in Kovalam is a thing of scenic beauty already, which is then boosted via a speed boat ride. The speedboat exhibits great thrill as its super-fast motion in the vast expanse of waters creates an unfamiliar and exciting experience.

11. Stay at Ginger House Museum Hotel

Ginger House Museum Hotel

Staying a night or more at India’s first and only museum hotel is amongst the significant things to do in Kochi. Located at the waterfront of Vembanad Lake, this hotel portrays the rich heritage and antique style hotel rooms. There is nothing like this grand hotel that features massive hotel rooms with an ambient restaurant. The prices for each night stay starts from Rs. 12000 and varies depending on the room type. The Indian food served here is infused with ginger transformed into a delicacy.

12. Surf the Kovalam Waters

Surf the Kovalam Waters
Source: Kerala Tour Packages

Next in the list of things to do in Kochi is some wild and exciting surfing experience. Kovalam’s sea provides a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the heights of surfing adventure. Water activities such as surfing can be availed near the seas or booked online. The prices start at Rs. 1500 per person for a 30 minutes surfing experience after receiving a detailed training. However, surfing isn’t the only fun part here; the exhilarating views of the sea will surely captivate peace in you.

13. Take a lazy walk at the Marine Drive

Take a lazy walk at the Marine Drive
Source: Skyscanner

Hanging out with friends, lover or by self in Kochi’s Marine Drive is one of the most common things to do. The beach view near the road provides a scenic ambiance with a serene environment for some quiet time. This place is best to visit at the very end of your Kochi trip to reminisce the good times you had during the trip.

14. Parasail over the Kovalam Waters

Parasail over the Kovalam Waters
Source: Wandertrails

Next up is one of the exciting things to do in Kochi specifically over the Kovalam Waters. Expands over the Arabian Sea, the Kovalam Sea view shows the vast stretch of grayish-blue waters that look magnificent from sky-high. Parasailing trips can be booked online or through water sports operators onshore of the sea. It costs approx. Rs 1500 per person for every 30 minutes sail above the sea. You will be given safety training and equipment beforehand.

15. Partake in rare Bond Safari Scuba Diving

Partake in rare Bond Safari Scuba Diving

One of the coolest things to do in Kochi would be riding a scooter function like motors under the Arabian Sea. Bond is basically a small scooter that has air cylinders on it for the supply of oxygen. You will be seated rigidly on the Bond that takes you on a marine expedition under the water. This experience of Kovalam’s marine life is suitable for nonswimmers as well. Bond safaris cost Rs. 4000 per person.

16. Indulge in an Ayurvedic Massage

Indulge in an Ayurvedic Massage

The Agastya Ayurveda Massage Centre offers some wide varieties of Ayurvedic massages that are famous for its calming effect. There is no way you would miss out on one of the best things to do in Kochi such as the massage. You can book a session on their hotline that available online. Agastya’s massage will surely revitalize your emotions and create you a younger and stronger individual from within.

17. Get on a Ferry ride

Get on a Ferry ride
Source: Travelogy India

Owing to Kochi’s robust port trading and businesses, it is no wonder that Ferries are a common sight in Kochi. Amongst the several fun things to do in Kochi, a ferry ride on the scenic waters is a must-do. Via a Ferry, you will be transported to several islands near Kochi. Some of which include Willingdon and Vallarpadam Islands. Importantly, these islands are rich in vibrant flora and fauna and will provide you with various fun activities. Ferries are readily available onshore, and costs are reasonable too.

18. Collect artifacts from Jew town

Collect artifacts from Jew town
Source: Out of Phase

The Jew town can be accessed via cabs and is usually busy with tourists exploring the place. Shopping here is one of the non-negligible things to do in Kochi. The Jew town exhibits wide varieties of antique masterpieces that trace back all the way to China and Middle Eastern culture. There is no entrance fee for accessing the market and is open from 5 am till 9 pm at a stretch.

 19. Learn about various Spices in Muziris

Learn about various Spices in Muziris
Source: Trips Tours Travels Blog

Keralites are famous for their spices and flavorful dishes which stems from fine spices produced there. Learning about these spices is one of the fun educative things to do in Kochi. You can visit the spice hub located in Muziris that features all kinds of spices produced by the local farmers. Muziris has always been the famous spice route of Kerela through which most exports took place, for which it is known for being the legendary seaport till date.

20. Try Go-Karting at a full thrill

Try Go-Karting at a full thrill
Source: TripAdvisor

The last entry to the list of things to do in Kochi is Go Karting. Who knew that a tropical place like Kochi features Go-karting as well. There are many places in Kochi that enable tourists to indulge in some thrill-filled Go-Karting. The Badminton Club located in Elamakkara, Chillax Racing and Speedway Kochi are some of the places that provide Go-Karting opportunities to its visitors.

Kochi has become known for its culture, sea beaches, and its seamless hospitality. To wrap up our list, we focus on the fact that Kochi will only get exploited by time which is why it is best to experience the raw natural beauty of Kochi soon!

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