Top 30 Things to Do in Kolkata | Capital of West Bengal

Are you looking for excuses to get away from reality? Well first of all, do not procrastinate and second, visit Kolkata. Find out what makes this city and the inhabitants smile so dearly. You will soon come to realize that, there is a lot more to the city than just “roshogulla” and classic bookstores.

There is no end to the surprises you are going to get when you discover all the fun activities. On the other hand, there are a lot of actions that hide behind every street in Kolkata. So, we have made a list of the top 30 things to do in Kolkata. Now, let the fun begin:

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Top 30 Things to Do in Kolkata

Visiting the Victoria Memorial Palace:

Source: Flickr “Diganta Talukdar”

The establishment of this palace follows in the footsteps of the Indo-Saracenic Style of architecture. Originally, it was a very big marble structure. However, it underwent tremendous transformation and is now a museum that you can easily visit. It took nearly 15 years, starting from 1906 and ending in 1921 to construct the architectural landmark. You need to make your way to Queen’s Valley if you want to visit the palace. Once there, you will become mesmerized by the 54m beauty which is the Victoria Memorial.

Offer prayers at Dakshineswar and Kalighat Temple:

Source: Flickr “WestBengalTouristsPlaces”

Among all the Hindu temples in the city, these two have gained the most prominence. The Dakshineswar temple can be found sitting on the eastern bank of the river Hooghly.

Source: Flickr “Ankur P”

On the other hand, Kalighat temple sit in the suburb of Anami Sangha. You will find the Hindu Goddess Kali as a sculpture, looking over both the temples. Often times, a pilgrim visits Kolkata and becomes confused about what he can do. These two temples are the perfect places for the pilgrims to visit and seek blessings.

Exploring Sunderban – Things to Do in Kolkata:

- Things to Do in Kolkata
Source: Flickr “Partha Sarathi Sahana”

You may already know but, Sunderban is bigger than any other river delta in the world. It is responsible for providing a great wildlife experience to the people who visit India. The mangrove forest ranks highly among the natural wonders. So, every year, a lot of tourists come to explore the magnificent forest. One does not need to have an interest in wildlife to enjoy a tour of Sunderban. All you need to do is get a permit from the Field Director and you are good to go.

Watching the sunsets from Howrah Bridge:

Source: FLickr “saptarshi gupta”

Who can resist the urge to visit Howrah Bridge? It is a very hard thing to do. So, give in to this mastermind piece of engineering and take walk through it. There is no better sight than of the setting sun. Of course, Howrah Bridge is also generous enough to let you peacefully enjoy the sunset with your significant other. If you take a walk during the night on the Howrah Bridge, those memories will last lifetime. It is easily the most romantic thing you can do among the top 30 things to do in Kolkata.

Make a tidal wave at Nicco Park:

Source: Flickr “Sanjay”

Kolkata will feel incomplete without the incredible eco-friendly park. It is a special attraction which draw the attention of tourists towards the city. The overall environment within the park remains very friendly all throughout the year and welcomes individuals irrespective of age. Just like any other amusement park, Nicco Park contains a number of fun rides which provide a mini-adventure. Now, we do not need to remind you about tasting different kinds of food. Even then, stay on your toes as they provide a number of different dishes.

Sitting at Eden Garden – Things to Do in Kolkata:

- Things to Do in Kolkata
Source: India Today

Of all the top 30 things to do in Kolkata, visiting the Eden Garden is a must for cricket enthusiasts. Even if you are not passionate about the sport, you simply cannot pass out on this opportunity. The panaromic view of the stadium is enough to make anyone fall in love with the sport. Originally, the stadium had been constructed in 1864 and has taken over the hearts of its residents ever since. A lot of experts share that, you can feel the passion in the air days before a cricket match even starts.

Strolling around Science City:

Source: Flickr “TuheenBD”

No matter what your age is, you will have the opportunity of enjoying Science City even if you visit alone. It is best if you visit the place with family or friends. The Science City embodies knowledge and intelligence. In fact, there is no science centre as big as this one within the Indian subcontinent. Of course, the entire city of Kolkata well-known in India for embodying knowledge.

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Enter the shops – Things to Do in Kolkata:

- Things to Do in Kolkata
Source: Youtube “The Food Ranger”

Among the top 30 things to do in Kolkata, there are some activities that are perfect for couples. Shopping in the streets of Kolkata definitely ranks highly among these activities. If you visit Park Street, you will find everything a shopping maniac could ever ask for. In fact, it is the prime reason for which Park Street became such a famous boulevard. There is no shortage of jute items, different flavours of tea and conventional sari on sale at Park Street. So, expect a large portion of your money to be spent here.

Roam inside State Archaeological Gallery:

Source: Wiipedia

Are you an ardent follower of history and want to know deeply about the world? In that case, you are about to get lucky with a tour of the State Archaeological Gallery. It offers great value to graduates of history as well. Inside the gallery, you will come across a number of artefacts as well as prehistoric tools. In addition, the gallery preserves antique items dating back to the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic ages. This will give you the best opportunity to gain knowledge about evolution in the most interesting way possible.

Seek blessings at St Paul Cathedral:

Source: Flickr “Rakesh Kumar Das”

Not only is St. Paul Cathedral the oldest there is but it is also a sight to behold. Many people visit the cathedral in search of spiritual guidance and inner peace. To this very day, no one has left the cathedral with a heavy heart. The main reason for that is, it has built a separate world of its own inside the holy walls. There is no better activity among the top 30 things to do in Kolkata that provide as much peace of mind.

Visit Birla Planetarium – Things to Do in Kolkata:

- Things to Do in Kolkata
Source: Flickr “Ankur P”

Birla Planetarium is an observatory that consists of a single storey and fully represents the architectural style of India. The trademarks of this observatory are astronomy shows which are put on regularly. To help people from other states understand what is being said, the show takes place in numerous languages. These shows offer an incredible experience about the universe to soothe the eyes. This kind of show is sure to light the fire of knowledge among kids. On the other hand, the visual of heavenly bodies will equally stun the adults.

Get mesmerized by the Marble Palace:

Source: Flickr “FabIndia”

This city is well-known to many as the City of Palaces. This fact is backed up by the Marble Palace of Northern Kolkata. From its origin in the 19th Century, this palace has been kept under preservation by the authority in charge. While the structure is complex by design, you can simply take a stroll around the entire palace and be mesmerized. The palace houses a number of animals that are highly interactive. So, remember to have an interaction with these animals because, it will brighten up your mood.

Visiting The Indian Museum – Things to Do in Kolkata:

- Things to Do in Kolkata
Source: Flickr “Avijit Shaw”

Many people think that the oldest museum in India is located in the country’s centre. It is a wrong assumption since, the Indian Museum of Kolkata is the oldest and the biggest till date. The museum is home to a huge assemblage of antique items as well as armours and ornament. What makes the museum stand out is a collection of rare fossils and skeletons which leave the visitors in shock. All in all, the museum has been successful in preserving the history of ancient Kolkata.

Sit by the Princep Ghat:

Source: Flickr “Princep Ghat Kolkata”

This is a very old ghat that you will come across near the bank of Hooghly River. It had been set up during the British Rule and is one of those places that spark romance between couples. You will have a very good opportunity to enjoy the sunset with a loved one. Other than that, it will offer everyone a great view of the River Ganges. In addition, you can take a boat ride through the river while you sip a great cup of tea.

Explore Salt Lake – Things to Do in Kolkata:

- Things to Do in Kolkata
Source: Flickr “doitnow1147”

There are a lot of words to describe this satellite town. However, the best description of Salt Lake can be given only when you visit it. A town that is never short of serenity and greenery- it provides the chance to engage in many fun activities. You will find a number of ways to relax and refresh your mind. The best activity of them all is to simply take a walk among the greenery that surrounds the town. Other than that, you will get ample opportunity to taste the local cuisine which works wonders for food lovers.

Mother’s Wax Museum:

Source: Kolkata Tourism

The inhabitants of Kolkata take great pride in preserving its legacy. The Mother’s Wax Museum is one place that truly upholds its legacy and expects tourists all through the year. As you already know from the name itself, this museum is home to wax statues of a lot famous individuals. If you want to the museum, you need to pay INR 200. Once you enter the museum, you will be in awe of the wax statues that mirror real-life figures.

Riding Trams- Things to Do in Kolkata:

- Things to Do in Kolkata
Source: Flickr “Burographer”

Trams have now become a thing of the past. For this specific reason, it provides utter joy to tourists when they get to ride trams and tour Kolkata. It will amaze you to know that trams are still a vital transport that the inhabitants here rely on. These trams are the daily transport for a large number people when they commute to their offices. The trams can withhold 24 passengers and still equip FM radio as well as a TV. Of all the top 30 things to do in Kolkata, a tram ride can give you the most fun.


Vidyasagar Setu:

Source: Flickr “Nilotpal Dey”

One of the reasons why Kolkata is so rich in culture are the number of marvellous landscapes. This famous toll bridge on top of Hooghly River among the top majestic landscapes here. It will offer a panaromic view and create a gorgeous atmosphere surrounding the bridge itself. Furthermore, many tourists claim to have received clarity of mind upon a recent visit to the bridge. What more can one bridge offer its travellers? It has to be one of the most fulfilling activities among the top 30 things to do in Kolkata.

Feel the creativity at The Academy of Fine Arts:

Source: Anthelion School of Art

There is no place better for an artist to visit than the Academy of Fine Arts in Kolkata. It is a great centre that holds a large number of cultural programmes. The Academy is also home to stunning display of art and holds as many art showings as possible. Fortunately, it is enough to create a passion and deep admiration of art among the visitors. It is a great way to spend your evenings amidst some aspiring and creative people.

Eating Bengali Cuisine- Things to Do in Kolkata:

- Things to Do in Kolkata
Source: Buddy Mandra

There is no way we can leave this activity out of the top 30 things to do in Kolkata. After all, Bengali cuisine can be considered an art form on its own. If you have a sweet tooth then Kolkata is surely Heaven on Earth for you. Starting with the street vendors and leading up to the classy diners, there is no shortage of sweets to eat. Of all the varieties on offer, you need to try telebhaja, sandesh and mishti doi. Other than that, luchi aloor dum is sure to leave a great taste in your mouth.

Admire the beauty of The New Town Eco Park:

Source: Flickr “Kalyan Bhattacharya”

When you make the list of top 30 things to do in Kolkata, you must include a visit to this park. There are no other urban parks in India as big as this one. It is well-known for being very eco-friendly and the setting includes a lush green landscape. Furthermore, it is a very tranquil setting that eases the mind and body at the same time. So, if you are looking to organise a picnic anywhere in Kolkata then, this is where you must go.

Invite yourself inside Tagore’s home:

Source: Flickr “Subhro Banerjee”

Many locals enlist it as the most historic structure in all of Kolkata. As you can already tell, this piece of architecture became famous for the home of Rabindranath Tagore. The name itself garners huge respect but, this compound is not lagging far behind in terms of respect. Although the legendary poet once resided here, this house has undergone transformation to become a museum. To gain entry into the museum, you must pay INR 10. Once you enter the house, you will find many personal possessions belonging to the legend himself. Of course, all his possessions are strictly kept under preservation.

Nakhoda Mosque- Things to Do in Kolkata:

- Things to Do in Kolkata
Source: Flickr “Subhrajit Naha”

There are numerous places to offer prayer for the followers of Hinduism. But, there is a lot of diversity in Kolkata and this mosque is proof of that. It is arguably the biggest mosque to be built in Kolkata thus far. The design for this structure follows a conventional setup on the outside. However, there is major difference on the inside with a very exquisite interior. Yet, the interior conveys a relatively simple design. It is definitely a place worth visiting among the top 30 things to do in Kolkata to search for spirituality.

Visit Rabindra Sarovar:

Source: Flickr “Arkodeep Sen”

There is a beautiful artificial lake surrounding the Rabindra Sarovar which captures everyone’s attention. Originally, this place became popular among people who wanted to have some quiet time for themselves. But, it is also a place from where you can enjoy nature’s true beauty. Most importantly, if you like spending some quiet time all by yourself, then it is the perfect place for you.

Make splashes in Aquatica- Things to Do in Kolkata:

- Things to Do in Kolkata
Source: Aquatica

From the onset, Aquatica is a great place to enjoy some quality time with your family. If you travel around Kolkata with children, then this is their version of the ultimate tourist destination. It is a very large area spanning in excess of 75,000 sq ft. So, you can already understand there is an abundance of space which surround the entire park. Not to forget, there are a few rides which are sure to put a smile on the faces of adults too.

Enjoy the night at Nocturne:

Source: Rako Control

Very few activities on this list of top 30 things to do in Kolkata take place during night time. It should not give you the idea that there are no activities for the night in Kolkata. In fact, Nocturne is here to change that perception. This is a very good place to visit if you are looking to enjoy musical performances within the city. There is no way true music lovers ever skip a night at Nocturne. Other than the wonderful music, this place attracts attention for its decoration. So, majority of the visitors constitute young adults.

Be stress free with Roxy – Things to Do in Kolkata:

- Things to Do in Kolkata
Source: Flickr “The Park Hotels”

Are you still in search of a place to just relax and hang around during the night? In that case, Roxy is a fine choice of place to and relieve all that stress. The overall energy inside Roxy is very different than what you can normally expect in Kolkata. This difference of energy stems from the music you will get to hear at Roxy. Of course, you will have the chance to dance with freedom as the DJ completes his playlist. This place offers a unique experience and activity among the top 30 things to do in Kolkata.

Buy Souvenirs from Dakshinapan Shopping Centre:

Source: Protraveloholic

This shopping centre is the ideal place to visit if you are looking to buy some souvenir before you leave. It is also the ideal spot to buy handicrafts from. You are going to get decent quality handicraft for the money you pay at Dakshinapan. Of course, this place does not promote the usual bargaining drama as there is a fixed price for every product. Nevertheless, it will be well worth your time if you are looking to buy presents for your loved ones at home.

Roam around College Street – Things to Do in Kolkata:

- Things to Do in Kolkata
Source: Flickr “sayan51”

Kolkata is just one of those destinations that has something to offer to every kind of tourist. So, if you happen to be a book lover, then your ultimate destination will be College Street. It is a very unusual activity for some in the list of top 30 things to do in Kolkata. But, it is up to you to decide what gives you true pleasure. After all, books are the perfect companions of man. The College Street is indeed a marketplace which is home to many genres of book. What peaks the interest of booklovers is the fact that, you have a chance to bargain prices with the vendor.

Treading lightly on Sudder Street:

Source: Flickr “chris 9”

Are you looking for a marketplace to buy decent quality clothing from? Well in that case, Sudder Street is where all your demands can be met. There is no shortage of clothing items on display at this market. On the other hand, there is no dip in quality for all these clothing items. What makes Sudder Street so popular is the fact that, all products carry a reasonable price. So, even if there is no chance bargaining, all the items you buy are going to be a good investment.

You can always look for other activities to be involved in beyond the list. However, every activity on the list of top 30 things to do in Kolkata will increase your knowledge about Kolkata. Even then, it is always important to have a good time.

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