10 Best Things to Do in Kuching | Malaysia

In Sarawak, Kuching can provide tourists with a distinctive experience that sets itself apart from other cities of Peninsular Malaysia. The majestic Sarawak River passes through this wonderful capital city, and tourists get to enjoy its ethnic culture, several knowledgeable museums, and sophisticated colonial buildings.

As you walk through the streets, you will notice several feline statues which were built due to a miscommunication between the city’s founder and locals. Without further stalling, let’s explore 10 things to look forward to in this strikingly beautiful metropolis:

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10 Best Things to Do in Kuching (Malaysia)

1. Appreciate the beauty of the Astana

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Built-in 1870 by Charles Brooke, the Astana is among Kuching’s notable landmarks for its remarkable beauty. Centuries ago, Charles Brooke constructed this grandiose manner as a present to his wife, Ranee Margaret.

Upon visiting this place, you will find three bungalows combined by a singular paved pathway, and a large fountain in front. At present, the Governor of Sarawak lives in Astana. Unfortunately, this manor is not open to the public and you can only observe it from a distance.

2. Be Enthralled at the Cat Museum

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Kuching has also been called “The City of Cats” by locals, and there is a very good reason for that. Apart from the many cat statues this marvelous city occupies, you will also find a Cat Museum that showcases a bunch of artifacts and relics that portray the importance and cultural significance of the cats. 

As you enter the museum, you will stumble upon nearly 2000 feline exhibits on display. One of the unique items this museum shows is the 5000-year-old mummified cat from Egypt. You should also check out the statue of Bay Cat and witness the Broadway show based on felines.

3. Observe the meticulously designed colonial Kuching’s buildings

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Because of The White Rajahs of Sarawak’s rule over Kuching between 1841 and 1946, you will come across a multitude of incredible colonial buildings from the era. Charles Brooke probably had the most impact on this region’s architecture. Other than Astana, you can also explore the magnificent Fort Margherita, the Old Court House and General Post Office to get more extensive knowledge about colonial architecture in the area. One final place to visit to gawk at beautiful colonial motifs is the famous Bishop’s House.

4. Gawk at the astonishing State Legislative Assembly Building

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On the Northern segment of Sarawak River, you will discover the awe-inspiring State Legislative Assembly Building, which is considered being the epitome of engineering prowess. 

The terrace of this immensely popular landmark boasts nine-pointed stars blended with a bunch of cultural decorations. The architecture of this building is unrivaled, and you would be hard-pressed to find anything similar to this place in all of Borneo.

5. Browse through a plethora of items at the Main Bazaar

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Nearly all residents and tourists of Kuching have been to the Main Bazaar at least once to browse through its vast selection of affordable commodities. If you want to flex your haggling skills, check out this amazing market. 

This place is mostly occupied by many family-owned Chinese Shops selling beautiful art pieces, crafted goods, and several vintage items. If you get hungry, you can also try out the nearby coffee shop in the vicinity.

6. Admire the marvelous design of the Kuching Mosque

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Hailed as the state of Sarawak’s primary mosque, the Kuching Mosque was built before 1847 and originally had a wooden construction. However, the mosque went through several structural changes until 1965. 

At present, the mosque boasts a colorful blend of pink and white decorations and possesses a gold dome that reflects sunlight. The distinctive architecture of the mosque makes it instantly recognizable from afar.

7. Take a long walk with your significant other at the Kuching Waterfront

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Kuching Waterfront has recently got widespread recognition for its scenic walkways ideal for a romantic stroll. Previously, warehouses occupied this segment of the city. At present, you will notice several couples taking a relaxing walk along the pathway and enjoying the light breeze.

You can observe the main landmarks of Kuching such as Fort Margherita and Astana. Finally, many amazing waterfront cafes and restaurants have been built along the walkway to attract hungry tourists.

8. Learn about the impact of Islam in the region at the Sarawak Islamic Museum

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This building was originally a colonial school that was converted to a well-liked Madrasa under White Rajah’s reign. In 1992, this place was developed into the Sarawak Islamic Museum boasting seven Islamic galleries covering themes such as history, science, weaponry, art and so on. 

As you move to the Central Courtyard Garden of the Museum, you will discover an assemblage of the Quran from different eras. To make things even better, this museum does not charge an entrance fee, and it’s a great place to learn about Islam’s influence in Malaysia.

9. Explore the astounding Bako National Park

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According to the locals, Bako National Park is the earliest national park in Sarawak and spans 3000 hectares of land. In terms of size, this park is small relative to many other nature reserves in Borneo, making it ideal for a one-day trip.

Lying in the next to both Sarawak and Bako Rivers, you can experience a diverse set of ecosystems on your visit, comprising dense mangrove swamps and cliffs. As you trek across the thick grasslands, you are bound to discover several wildlife species such as Proboscis monkeys, macaques, and bearded pigs.

10. Tour the Old Courthouse

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The Old Courthouse is perhaps the final landmark in this list that you should not miss out on your trip to Kuching. Established in 1871, this place houses the Sarawak Tourism Complex. History buffs love frequenting this place as it features several colonial structures, a clock tower, and an old Textile Museum. You can traverse the aged Round Tower, which was built to honor Charles Brooke. 

In Conclusion, Kuching has plenty of colonial buildings and landmarks for you to check out. Other than that, you will also find impressive mosques, lively national parks, and a crowded bazaar selling a wide selection of goods. Kuching is a great place for a peaceful vacation with your family.


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