10 Best Things to Do in Labuan | Malaysia

Labuan is believed to be one of Malaysia’s largest financial hubs. Although many individuals solely visit Labuan for work, this place has recently gained traction among vacationers due to the variety of things it offers. Complete with turquoise beaches, thriving shopping districts, and jaw-dropping parks, this city has something for everybody. Without further stalling, let’s look into 10 things to do on your visit to Labuan.

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10 Best Things to Do in Labuan | Malaysia

1. Tour the Financial Park – Things to Do in Labuan

Tour the Financial Park. - Things to Do in Labuan
Source: fpl

Originating in 1996, the financial park of Labuan is perhaps the busiest location in the city. This popular landmark is situate in the town center and is home to some of the biggest local and global banks and financial institutions.  However, this sprawling trading hub is popular among tourists for its wide array of cafes, restaurants and shopping malls.

Other than that, this place also has some of the most remarkable hotels and residential complexes. Furthermore, visitors are also please to find a serene park in the vicinity that offers an outstanding view of the cityscape.

2. Be amazed at the Labuan Bird Park.

The outstanding Labuan Bird Park is one of the city’s main attractions and is frequented by both tourists and locals. This refuge shelters about 580 birds of different species, including parrots, kingfishers, hornbills, cockatoos, ostriches, and much more.

A significant proportion of the birds are local to Borneo, but you will discover a few exotic birds as well.  To make the most of your experience, don’t forget to bring binoculars. Children are known to have a particularly good time here!

3. Explore the shipwreck sites – Things to Do in Labuan

Explore the shipwreck sites - Things to Do in Labuan
Source: Global Pics

If you’re looking for activities that would get your blood pumping, then this entry is for you! Labuan  have several astonishing diving sites close by. The four shipwreck sites, in particular, pose a significant challenge to professional divers.

If you’re up for the difficulty, you can sign up with a tour company to explore the beguiling sites. Not only can you observe a diverse range of marine life forms, but you will also obtain a better understanding of how these ships ended up sinking.

4. Purchase Duty-free goods – Things to Do in Labuan

Purchase Duty-free goods - Things to Do in Labuan

Labuan has plenty of duty-free shops where you can purchase a wide selection of commodities at significantly reduced prices. If you are good at the art of bargaining, make sure to visit these shops.

Since the natives are known to visit these places a lot, consult them before you make the trip. They can give you better insights into the prices of goods. You can find everything from designer clothing and handbags to an endless collection of cosmetics and jewelry.

5. Relive history at Surrender Point.

Relive history at Surrender Point.
Source: CEphoto, Uwe Aranas

If you are interested in the events that lead to the end of the Second World War, you will enjoy visiting the historic Surrender Point. During the war, the Australians were already winning the battle against the Japanese troops by invading their military bases and acquiring valuable resources.

Seeing no hope of survival, the Japanese troops led by Lt. General Masao Baba forfeited to the mighty Australian soldiers in this very location. On your visit, you will obtain a wonderful view of the South China Sea from afar.

6. Discover Labuan’s secret beaches – Things to Do in Labuan

Discover Labuan’s secret beaches -Things to Do in Labuan

Even though Sabah is more recognized for sporting flawless beaches, the city of Labuan does have its fair share of picturesque coastlines. These relatively unknown beaches are only a short distance from the town center and are truly a treat to the eyes.

Upon arrival, you will observe long-stretches of soft white sand and warm waters perfect for swimming. Furthermore, the numerous palm trees scattered throughout the beaches give off a Miami vibe. You can easily arrange a picnic by the beach with your family as the shorelines never become too crowded.

7. Find solace at the Botanical Gardens – Things to Do in Labuan

Find solace at the Botanical Gardens. - Things to Do in Labuan
Source: Tian Yake

The famous Botanical Garden, close to Labuan, is almost always pack with nature-lovers. This facility is completely open to the public and features a magnificent selection of several plant and flower species. Most visitors are taken aback when they realize how aged this garden truly is.

During the 19th century, the British Consulate was situated in this location. After the war took its toll on the building, it was later renovate as a public garden. Adjacent to this garden lies Labuan’s earliest graveyard built-in 1847.

8. Visit the historic An’Nur Jamek Mosque.

Visit the historic An’Nur Jamek Mosque.
Source: Muhammad Nizam Omar

Established in 1988, the praiseworthy An’Nur Jamek Mosque has now been turned into a museum boasting extravagant designs and structures. The mosque exudes a blend of Turkish and Bruneian architecture, and its shape resembles a humongous spacecraft from outside. Furthermore, the interior looks equally amazing, and the mosque openly welcomes people of other faiths.

9. Check out the amazing Labuan Clock Tower – Things to Do in Labuan

Check out the amazing Labuan Clock Tower. - Things to Do in Labuan
Source: Geoffrey-Liau

Constructed in 2002, it is hard to believe that the charming Labuan Clock Tower is nothing more than an imitation. Famous Chinese entrepreneur called Chee Swee Cheng in 1906 built the original Clock Tower.

Unfortunately, this historic clock tower, situated in Borneo, was subject to significant damage during the war and could no longer stand in one piece. To commemorate this piece of history, the replica had been built in Labuan.

10. Discover the secret behind the mysterious Labuan’s Chimney.

Discover the secret behind the mysterious Labuan’s Chimney.
Source: coachnvanrental

Labuan’s Chimney is perhaps the strangest landmark the city possesses. Standing at a height of 105 feet, close to 23000 imported red bricks were utilized to construct this marvel. The mystery behind this unusual structure remains largely unsolved.

The locals cannot completely recollect why this Chimney was originally built. Many believe it was a part of a factory, while others seem to think it was built alongside the coal mine. On your visit, you can also choose to visit the nearby museum to gain insights into the chimney’s origin.

In conclusion, Labuan is an interesting metropolis pack with numerous things to do. You can choose to shop and dine at some of the most luxurious malls and restaurants in the financial hub or explore the various historic sites.

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