10 Best Things To Do In Lynn Haven | Florida

Lynn Haven is a city in the state of Florida, USA. Now, if you’re traveling across the States and Lynn Haven happens to be one of your spots and surely you want a little preview of what’s in store for your upcoming Instagram posts. Here are 10 best places to go during your stay in this tranquil city.

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Best things to do in Lynn Haven, Florida

1. Apalachicola National Forest

Apalachicola National Forest
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This 600,000 acres forest is a hotspot for nature lovers in Lynn Haven. Apalachicola National Forest is home to lush flora and fauna. You can hike, bike, fish, and camp out. But due to the forest’s rustic appearance, the crowd is lesser than the more lucrative attractions of the area. Many campsites, both rugged and accompanied by electricity and water, are available. The park is often swampy and full of insects, so you should pack an insect repellant to avoid becoming a feast for them.

2. St. Andrews State Park

St. Andrews State Park
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Nearly 1200 acres long, St. Andrews State Park is situated at the edge of the peninsula that is jutting into the water between St. Andrews Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Many guests stay after nightfall to camp out under the sky full of stars. The campsites at this park are often booked quickly, so you should make reservations as early as possible.

3. Shipwreck Island Waterpark 

Shipwreck Island Waterpark
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Opened in 1983, Shipwreck Island Waterpark is a popular place for fun in the water. It has a 500,000-gallon wave pool, a lazy tubing area that stretches more than 600 feet, and a variety of slides. The waterpark can turn into a bit of a circus during peak hours, considering the fun activities involved. To avoid any ruckus, you should consider going there in the morning or on a weekday.

4. Signal Hill Golf Course

Signal Hill Golf Course
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The Signal Hill Golf Course has been popular for its picturesque and well-maintained course. The course with 18 holes stretches over 5000 yards, meaning that it is shorter than most nearby courses. Hence, amateur golfers can try out their luck in this golf course. Since 1962, the course with 71 par is open for everyone, offering a stocked shop, a restaurant and a bar alongside the golf field.

5. Museum Of Man In The Sea

Museum Of Man In The Sea
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They say there is an enigmatic connection between man and sea. The Museum Of Man In The Sea is a one-of-a-kind museum that is dedicated to safeguarding the enigma of the interactions that men have had with the sea. It is situated on Panama City Beach Parkway and was found by former marine scientists and Navy divers. The museum exhibits a submarine as well as several clunky decades-old underwater apparatus that look like props of some old science fiction movie.

6. Russell-Fields City Pier 

Russell-Fields City Pier 
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The Russell-Fields City pier is located along Front Beach Road in Panama City Beach and stretches 1,500 feet towards the Gulf of Mexico. This pier is a popular place for tourists seeking serenity and calmness. You can stroll around, go fishing, and view the sunset and sunrise while looking at the varieties of aquatic life in the water.

7. Martin Theatre

Martin Theatre
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If you’re in Lynn Haven and you happen to be a film enthusiast, this is the place for you. The ancient building now homes the Martin Theatre that was constructed in the early 1930s. But it eventually became useless and, until the 1990s, it remained closed. At present, the Martin Theatre is a prime venue for enjoying live music, stage plays and movies from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Guests buy tickets and they can also enjoy a meal during the show.

8. Race City 

Race City
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Race City is an amusement park, a track for go-carting and a course for mini-golf – all in one. So, this is a must-visit place if you’re in Lynn Haven. It’s one of those where you might end up spending more time than you originally planned. The Ferris wheel, video games, and bumper boats are always the center of attention. You can catch the food stalls as well if you do not want to leave on an empty stomach.

9. Island Time Sailing

Island Time Sailing
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Island Time Sailing’s cruises are highly popular as its 50-feet catamaran can hold up to 80 passengers. You can view the stunning Florida coast which you might not be able to see if you’re on land. Island Time Sailing has been running safely for a long time, and the cost is comparatively inexpensive.

10. Places To Eat 

Place to eat
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If you are looking for some of the best places to go to for an eating spree while at Lynn Haven, check these out:

Simply Seafood and Oyster Bar is the perfect first stop if you want to try some quality gulf seafood. The restaurant is well-known among both locals and tourists for its comfortable, family-friendly environment, ample portion sizes, and reasonable prices. The menu includes fish, shrimp, lobster, clams, oysters as well as non-seafood items.

Located in a building built more than a century ago in Lynn Haven, Wild Root Zen Bar and Apothecary is more than just a restaurant that deserves a visit. You can tell by its name that it’s a fusion of multiple businesses; a natural pharmacy, a restaurant, and a yoga center. Their menu features a diverse range of options, including locally grown organic fruits and vegetables and fine coffee.

There are many more places to go and many more fun things to do in Lynn Haven. But for a better travel experience, you need to find those out for yourself by taking the time to roam around this city.


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