10 Best Things to Do in Makati | The Philippines

MMakati is Philippines’ one of the largest metropolises, notable for being home to several international and domestic corporations. This bustling financial center is stuffed with a multitude of activities for both tourists and residents alike. You will find plenty of shopping malls and museums to explore, and the parks are equally fantastic. Without further stalling, let’s dive right in and see what this amazing city has in store for you.

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10 Best Things to Do in Makati | Philippines

1. Go on a shopping spree at Glorietta Mall Complex

Go on a shopping spree at Glorietta Mall Complex
Source: George Parrilla

Before the construction of the Glorietta Mall complex in 1991, the area used to be a public park where a renowned Filipino movie was filmed. At present, this incredible mall is one of the prime destinations for shopping and amusement among locals and tourists.

There are five separate sections in the main Mall. The first four sections are famous for organizing various events and festivals throughout the year. Contrarily, the final section houses several international stores known for selling designer products such as shoes, handbags, shirts, and so on.

2. Understand the Filipino traditions at Ayala Museum

Understand the Filipino traditions at Ayala Museum
Source: alayamuseum

Ayala Museum is a great place to visit if you are into the history and culture of the Philippines. Several Filipino artworks and art pieces are showcased on this museum’s first floor.

As you move deeper into the museum, you will notice fascinating objects and artifacts depicting the region’s traditions and lifestyle. Moreover, you have the option of getting a 5-hour audio tour of the entire museum to gain further insights.

3. Check out the amazing Farmer’s Market

Check out the amazing Farmer’s Market
Source: The Bright Spot

If you are always on the hunt for organic produce that comes directly from farms, then you will enjoy your visit to the marvelous farmer’s market held in Legazpi Park.

The market opens early in the morning, so it is an ideal place to visit for tourists who love to take morning strolls. Other than fresh fruits and vegetables, you will also find a variety of baked products and cooked meals. Additionally, you will also be able to listen to soothing bongo music as you shop.

4. Have a fun night out with your friends at the Finders Keepers

Have a fun night out with your friends at the Finders Keepers
Source: Philippines Primer

Finders Keepers is a popular bar in Makati city, hailed for offering a wide array of alcoholic beverages to customers. Located in a renovated warehouse, this is the perfect place for a night out with your buddies.

This establishment’s cocktail menu is vast, and you will find many unique concoctions such as Sangria. One downside to this place is that you’re prohibited from smoking indoors. Thankfully, you will be able to smoke on the establishment’s porch.

5. Applaud outstanding artwork at Salcedo Park

Applaud outstanding artwork at Salcedo Park
Source: RioHondo

Salcedo Park is an outstanding place for a morning or afternoon walk. There are several carved pathways, and the park itself is extremely beautiful. This park is famous for arranging art exhibitions throughout the year. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of wonderful art pieces, sculptures, and paintings upon your visit.

This park is also a good place to purchase affordable artwork. Furthermore, the Salcedo Community Market happens every weekend in this park, where you will find delicious gourmet cuisine.

6. Try out Rufo’s selection of breakfast items

Try out Rufo’s selection of breakfast items
Source: Speedman Construction

Are you looking for a place that serves Filipino breakfast? Come on down to Rufo’s to try out their wide selection of local breakfast items. You won’t be disappointed! One of their most distinguished dishes is the delicious tapsilog, which is composed of beef, fried garlic rice, and an egg.

Other than breakfast, Rufo’s also serves many Filipino dishes that taste like home-cooked meals.

7. Test your detective skills at Mystery Manilla

Test your detective skills at Mystery Manilla
Source: Rappler

Makati has plenty of outlets for visitors to have an exhilarating experience. One such place is Mystery Manilla, famous for arranging puzzle-solving games for people of all age groups to take part in. In addition, these mini-games are usually timed activities, and you will be required to solve puzzles with your friends to unlock different doors within the establishment.

These puzzles can be quite difficult, and you have to think out of the box to decipher them. At present, Mystery Manilla is composed of two themed rooms, but there are plans for expansion.

8. Become awe-struck at the sight of Guadalupe Ruins

Become awe-struck at the sight of Guadalupe Ruins
Source: Ronaldbunag

Many consider Makati to be a concrete jungle due to its various high-rise buildings and developed town center. Therefore, the presence of a 17th-century archaeological site amidst these skyscrapers never fails to astonish first-time visitors.

This place is home to some old churches that have gone through several shifts in the economy and power dynamics. Some historians have stated that the ruins date back to 1629, and have even sheltered Spanish soldiers and knights.

9. Visit the magnificent Greenbelt Chapel

Visit the magnificent Greenbelt Ch
Source: Badjo Badiola

The Greenbelt Chapel is massive in scale and comprises several modern artworks and a painted dome in the center. You will also notice a park with a tiny pond next to it. Furthermore, there are plenty of cross sculptures scattered throughout the park. The interior of the chapel looks magnificent, with countless little lights reaching the dome from below.

10. Have an exhilarating experience at Gaming Soft

Have an exhilarating experience at Gaming Soft
Source: Q Power Station

Do you love playing video games? If you do, then this place should be on the top of your list! Gaming Soft is a well-received arcade in Makati, frequented by adults and children alike. Other than video games, you can also choose to play a variety of board games with your friends.

This state-of-the-art arcade has several couches for you to kick back and play your favorite games on a console. Moreover, this place also has a good number of high-end computers for you to play multi-player games such as League of Legends. The coffee sold in this establishment is also pretty amazing!

In conclusion, the urban city of Makati may not be famous for its beaches and nature reserves, but it is a city with plenty of fun things to do. Moreover, the cafes and restaurants are spectacular, and there are numerous locations ideal for sightseeing. So, what’s your excuse for not visiting this lively city?

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