10 Best Things to Do in Mandalay | Myanmar

Things to do in Mandalay Myanmar

Everything about Myanmar has such a rich history behind it. The very essence of it is understood through the brilliance of Mandalay, which renowned for a royal history tied with Myanmar. During the olden days, Burmese kings resided at this very city, and within the vicinity, you can see their magnificent palaces.

Mandalay as a whole has a very unique feeling to it. Other than being picturesque it has a royal heritage that differs from other areas such as Yangon. This city is also famous for having a diversity of cultures to represent it, such as Chinese and Indian locals. It also pays homage to a plethora of ethnicities who prepare mouth-watering dishes for you to indulge in.

The philosophy of an enjoyable holiday experience can be accomplished in Mandalay because many visitors have praised the incredible sites and majestic buildings.

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10 Best Things to Do in Mandalay | Myanmar  

1. Drop by Shwe In Bin Kyaung

Things to do in Mandalay Myanmar
Source: Flickr “maccdc”

A distinctive monastery situated in Mandalay, which is quite spectacular and decorated in an individualistic fashion. If you have visited other monasteries across Asia and Myanmar, you will understand how this one is different from the others.

The special patterns which have been carved on the monastery and the monument are built from teak making it an extraordinary landmark, and an awe-struck area. Moreover, the landmark was constructed around 1895, by prominent Chinese jade traders. Its first building was made from solid parts of a tree that represents large poles.

2. Visit Mandalay Palace – Things to Do in Mandalay

Visit Mandalay Palace | 10 Best Things to Do in Mandalay
Source: unsplash.com/kyaw zay ya

This destination has a history of its own because it is a reconstruction from the original Mandalay Palace from 1990! The area comprises of 40 divergent buildings that had been constructed from wood.

The true Mandalay palace of 1850 which was created around that time, was unfortunately destroyed. Its blueprints were preserved so that the new one utilized the same materials to be completed. If you enjoy scenic views then visit the wooden watchtower, because it will surely be a highlight for your trip.

3. Make the Trip to a Local Hilltop – Things to Do in Mandalay

Yankin Hill Mandalay Myanmar
Source: Travel Notes

Are you an avid hiker? If you’re passionate about trekking and long expeditions then this destination will surely excite you! Topped by an impressive temple, Yankin Hill overlooks Mandalay.

Making the climb to this monument will be a very special sight because you will be able to witness the clean views of farming fields that extend towards the roads of the area in Shan. Approximately ten minutes will be required to reach the top via steep stairs. If you encounter a deer, don’t try to settle and feed the animal because Buddhists consider it good karma.

4. The Jade Market is a Shopper’s Delight

Jade Market Mandalay
Source: Flickr “Jan Rockar”

Every traveler should have a mandatory mission to obtain authentic souvenirs that represent the holiday destination. The Jade Market is the most searched out place to arrive at if you’re in Mandalay. You will have an amazing experience here, and that is guaranteed.

If you’re a collector of unique stones, then this spot sells jade pieces! The elegance and determination of the artisans as they form the jade pieces are truly a marvelous sight to see.

5. Take a Stroll around the Moat and Fortress Walls – Things to Do in Mandalay

Moat and Fortress Walls Myanmar
Source: Flickr “ANJCI ALL OVER”

This immense landmark will surely amaze you. Stretching for 4 miles and soaring to a height of 26 feet, it will leave you in wonder, however, the walls can only be seen from outside.

Also, a 230-foot-wide moat exists here which is a reconstruction from 1857. There are monuments you should put on your checklists such as the gate towers and the wooden pyramids.

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6. Feast on some Amazing Street Food

Feast on some Amazing Street Food
Source: misstamchiak

There is a lot of buzz in the traveler’s community about various street food experiences around Asia. Mandalay is a popular destination as well for feasting on delightful dishes. With a plethora of items being served, be sure to try the bread stalls that offer roti with dipping sauce!

Several Chinese restaurants are established all over town and sell quality dishes such as chicken with cashews. Local tea shops scatters across Mandalay that sells drinks and local iconic plates such as tea leaf salad.

7. Praise the Peshawar Relics – Things to Do in Mandalay

Praise the Peshawar Relics
Source: ttnotes.com

Considered important items in Buddhism, it represents by three small shards of bone. Known as the Peshawar Relics, they were discovered by the British in 1908. You can see these relics in the U-Khanti Monastery, where many Buddhists faithfully claim it as a site for pilgrimage.

8. Roam around U Bein Bridge 

Roam around U Bein Bridge 
Source: indochinavoyages.com

One of the most iconic areas in all of Mandalay, even the entirety of Myanmar! It stretches from Mandalay to Amarapura. The bridge is constructed with wood and is renowned for possessing the longest teak bridge in the world. There are other ways to see this magnificent bridge rather than to walk across it, as you can rent a fishing boat and drive underneath the bridge.

9. Catch Sight of a Show at Mintha Theater 

Catch Sight of a Show at Mintha Theater 
Source: trip.com

Understanding culture is quite immersive, therefore to comprehend the beauty of Mandalay’s arts you must watch a show in the Mintha Theatre. Theatre is a very progressive form of art, and here dancers wear traditional costumes to perform famous dance rituals.

10. Take in the Brilliance of the Eindawya Paya

Eindawya Paya
Source: Flickr “Fergus Macdonald”

Eindawya Paya is built of a large stupa shielded in golden leaf, built-in 1847 as the possible throne of King Pagan Min. The monument is famous for its tranquil environment, so you can take a stroll and absorb in the history of this area. Also, make sure to take off your shoes as a sign of respect! Instagram users can take cool snaps here to bless their feed and followers, it makes for a nice setting!

Finally, there are substantial destinations in Mandalay to which you can plan your next holiday whether it’s with family or friends. It is best to conduct further research on how to reach places and travel guides. To have the best experience in Mandalay, consider this list as a tool to assist you!

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